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CNA working, nursing student mom to 3 cuties!

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  1. kangamangus

    gave my notice, may need to cut it short

    I'm on a short break at work but the first thing to think about is slander. It's illegal for an old employer to call a new employer and you know that this is going on and are accepting of it. Basically aiding and abetting slandering. Alright I gotta go but I will try to type more this weekend and post links regarding employees and the laws that protect them. You could end up, if this employee found out they were not accepted because of slander against them, facing a civil suit. Good luck to you.
  2. kangamangus

    gave my notice, may need to cut it short

    Well I guess if one can sleep at night knowing they have been involved in shady dealings then more power to them. Some of us still have ethics and know that what goes around comes around. I'm grateful that I'm one of those people.
  3. kangamangus

    gave my notice, may need to cut it short

    79 Tango since you are aware of this practice happening and you have done nothing to stop it, if a lawsuit were to ever be brought up you too would be liable. It is illegal.
  4. kangamangus

    Yeah!! I Passed!!!

    All the worry for nothing....the PVT trick worked for me and I got my results I am officially an RN!!!!
  5. kangamangus

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    PVT WORKED FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM AN RN!!!!*wine:hpygrp:
  6. kangamangus

    Does ANYONE know if issue date is your exam date?????

    What makes me worried is that my friend who took in on the 27th had her results within 22 hours.....we are going on almost 48 hours. (2pm Tuesday I took it)....I am definetely paying for the quick results at 2pm...if they are available and I hope they are!
  7. kangamangus

    Does ANYONE know if issue date is your exam date?????

    Because I have a job lined up....if I didn't pass I will be devastated. So I sit here worried that if June 2nd testers are already issued then I must be out:crying2:
  8. kangamangus

    Does ANYONE know if issue date is your exam date?????

    The thing is they can be the same. My friend sat for her exam on May 27th at 8 am and on the State board her issue date is also May 27th. This is what has me very, very worried.....
  9. kangamangus

    Does ANYONE know if issue date is your exam date?????

    Thank you for letting me know...I am here in Maine...the date my friend was issued was May 27th and then there were no issues again until June 1st (the day I took the exam) however there are issues for June 2nd...it makes me a little worried that the PVT is not correct in my case or my classmates:uhoh3:
  10. A couple of my classmates and I took the exam on June 1st. We went home and all got the good pop up through PVT. We have been eagerly awaiting to see our names on our BON state website. A good friend of ours who took the exam on May 27th had her results within 24 hours on our BON website. We however have not. Not one of us. When we check to see when the last license was issued it says June 2nd but does this mean they sat for the exam on the 2nd? To everyone who has licenses is your issue date the SAME day you took your exam? Please let me know?? Pearson vue still won't let me register I have checked 100 times and get the same pop up that says contact your member board ect...please let me know!!
  11. kangamangus

    what to do after graduation? any suggestions please!!

    I have to agree that I would stay and get the experience...there is hardly any jobs here never mind new grad jobs....it's only 6 months...and then you would have experience and could find work much easier..just my two cents:twocents:
  12. kangamangus

    So, has hiring picked up for everyone else??

    I'm right there with you and yes I live in New England where you can't even get a job at a facility that has no DON and a criminal record:banghead: Never mind a nice reputable hospital....I feel your frustration and too have wondered why did I go to school for all of this? To have a degree with no job? It really bites.
  13. kangamangus

    New Grad Prospects

    Not good at all right now....it's really kind of discouraging to be a new grad:crying2:
  14. kangamangus

    Health Insurance & Nursing School

    My school actually has decent health care coverage that you can purchase through them. Thats what I did and it was 337 for the year. I have used it twice, once for a trip to the ER and once to get a prescription filled. No cost for ER visit and prescription was $12.00....its much cheaper then even enrolling in my husbands plan which would be an extra $70.00 per week to add me.
  15. This poem was great!!! Thank you so much for sharing!
  16. Yikes....I was just trying to vent not start world war 3.... How sad for me?? I can't think of a single student in my class who is happy to be there....maybe we do go to a tough, ****** school but we know in the end that we will be nurses because our school has a 100% nclex rate..... Also I stand by my statement.....other programs at my school can actually do things with their life like play soccer at lunch.....our students....ALL the nursing students....are studying, running after the teacher to challenge a question...fretting over whether we are going to get a 75 this past test.... Anyway sorry for venting...thanks for everyone who understood and I will promise not to bring up any situations like this again.:spbox: