Feeling the mid term stress

  1. i am really feeling the mid term stress ....we had an instructor tell us that its normal to feel this way at this time a year ....she said she sees this every year ....and named some other times that she sees the stress to .....but what this all boils down to is that i been thinking of stopping at the LPN level for one year and then returning ... i was wondering what everyone elses thought are about all this ....so what do you all think ....
    thank you
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  3. by   nrselisa
    That's exactly what I am going to do. I plan to take the LPN & then go back & take the RN. I think it would be less stress on my family & an easier short term goal for myself. I hope you stress eases up soon.
  4. by   live4today
    Do what feels right to you. If you want to stop and take a breather while you work as a LPN, then follow your heart. If you are just getting nervous with fear, don't allow the fear to freeze you into thinking something that you don't really want to do. Listen to your heart, your gut responses. It often doesn't lie to us if we really "listen" and heed the feeling it gives us. Good luck!
  5. by   delirium
    Of course no-one can tell you what to do, but I'm feeling the stress, too. I'm in the second semester of an ADN/RN program, and I am stressed to the maximum. Its compounded by the fact that I'm taking the microbiology lecture and lab this semester (another 4 credits).
    I actually had to take yesterday and today off from clinical because of a potentially serious medical problem (I have to go in today for an outpatient transfusion... long story), and that's given me some perspective. Maybe you just need some time... wait til spring break.
    Plus you'll have all summer to recuperate.
    I am not going to do the LPN summer they offer here at school. I'm going to take the summer off, relax, and then go back for some more fun. :roll
    I have some goals that cannot be reached with an LPN license, and so I plan to continue on until I graduate or am committed.
    But you pick. You know what's best for you.
    Try some relaxing things like hot tea, and lavender aromatherapy, or other goofy things that will make you feel better in the long run. Break your schoolwork up into manageable chunks. Mark off the days of your calendar. Look at everything you've accomplished so far.
    Take care of yourself.
  6. by   moni rn
    amen, sister! i feel your pain! this mid-term stress is killing me! i don't think i have had a good 8 hours of sleep per night since i have started.

    tiggur, i wish you the best in reaching your ultimate goal! good luck!
  7. by   Tiggur
    well i wanna say thanks for the replys ... i guess im not the only one feeling the midterm stress,,,im still in the air about what to do ,,,,, my family and finaces are feeling this stress also .....although my goal is to get my RN ,,,,,,i just never really have put a time limit on that so maybe i just need to think about that where i wanna be and when and how that effects the big picture ,,,,,,thanks all Tina
  8. by   duf
    we all feel stressed out particularly around this time, do what is right for you and take a break if you feel you might need it. You'll come back fresher, stronger and more determined than ever... either way, all the best..
  9. by   stevie b
    Hey Tig.
    Please dont do it. I was feeling the same way you were and gave in,stopped with my LPN.I cant tell you how many times I have regretted that particular decision.Just remember,school is hard,and when you add all of lifes other flavors into the pot,weell, it can seem unmanageable. Dont get me wrong,I have had positive experiences as an LPN, but I have really been held back by the lack of RN behind my name.Hold on,spring break is right around the corner.
  10. by   meownsmile
    I agree you have to weigh your own stress. I have worked as a LPN for 8 years, and am in the middle of my last semester in ADN program now.
    I took a couple classes in the evening for 3 years to get the pre-reqs and core classes out of the way while i worked fulltime as a LPN. Not that it is best for anyone else but through working as a LPN i learned what i really wanted. Sometime things digest easier if they are taken in smaller bites.
  11. by   rosemadder
    If you are passing the semester--HANG IN THERE!!! Take one day at a time, you have come this far!