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I currently attend a "community college" RN nursing program, i am not "struggling" my average for most test tends to be around 82-86 with a few higher grades in the 88-92. during my clinical hours... Read More

  1. by   wondern
    If you're so concerned just transfer. Do yourself a favor.
  2. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    Quote from kbrn2002
    Those BSN programs are likely not any harder than your ADN program, at least from the clinical training standpoint. It may if fact be the opposite. The nursing programs where I live are pretty well known for graduating nurses from the ADN programs that are better prepared clinically than the BSN program.
    This line of thinking is just as harmful as the OP's line of thinking, IMO. There's no reason to compare the two and try to say one is better than the other. We're all working hard and we all chose the school/program that best fit our needs.
  3. by   canoehead
    In school, if you don't feel incompetent, they aren't pushing you hard enough. That's how you learn. That feeling of total incompetence is going to follow you through AT LEAST your first year of nursing, and after that at least the first six months of most new jobs. Get used to it, embrace it, it will make you work harder and learn faster.
  4. by   Apple-Core
    In terms of clinical, hands-on skills - a BSN student and an ADN student learn EXACTLY the same thing. The BSN portion of the degree includes theory classes such as ethics, nursing history, and so on.

    I'm in a unique program that offers a BSN thru the community college. We have some students in our class who are on the ADN track, and then there are those of us who are taking additional classes to get the BSN. The ADN students are doing the exact same classes - there is no differentiation between us in the community college.

    I feel just as incompetent, if it helps. I honestly feel like I'm just playing at being a nurse most of the time.
  5. by   Serhilda
    Typically, a BSN program involves more nursing theory and leadership education while an ADN program puts much more emphasis on clinicals. To pretend there are no differences would be silly, but to act as if both ADN and BSN nurses aren't equally as incompetent upon graduating would be even sillier!
  6. by   future_acnp
    There's some things that you know, that others may not. Focus on building yourself. Use your skills lab if you have one. Make the most of your education and you will be okay.