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  1. btf4

    New nurse help

    what do u do while on the floor? do u search up the disorder? and what tool do u use to know what nursing interventions and assessments to look out for
  2. btf4

    New nurse help

    Hi guys i would like to know for anybody who is a new grade nurse or who has experience, have you ever been assigned to a patient with a condition or disease process that you did not go over in school? we are thought a lot but cannot be thought everything and certain diseases do not get tested on as much as others.
  3. btf4

    Hesi exit exam help

    Hi guys, i am currently on break before going into my 4th and final semester of my nursing program at Miami dade college, we will take our exit exam and we need a 900 to pass, i bought the Hesi comprehensive nclex-rn examination, the 5th edition with the online portion that comes with 700 questions, although i am not sure when the hesi exit will be (October or december) i want to get started now while im on break, i just need help and advice with how much i should study, how many pages or chapters a day to be productive and also not overdo it so i can retain information. thank you!!
  4. btf4

    you honest opinion

    I would like to ask people who have already started working as a nurse, we learn alot in nursing school, but obviously we cant learn everything there or we would be in school forever. How much of what you know now is from working at the hospital? in terms of diseases you "know about" but did not cover in class, or any other situations where you were not taught in nursing school that you had to learn in the hospital. Also how do you bring up this conversation to your fellow experience nurses? that you just do not know how to deal with a certain illness
  5. I currently attend a "community college" RN nursing program, i am not "struggling" my average for most test tends to be around 82-86 with a few higher grades in the 88-92. during my clinical hours there are many other major nursing programs such as the University of Miami among others that also experience their clinical in the same hospital (Jackson memorial hospital), and i just cannot shake the feeling that when i graduate nursing school i will be incompetent in comparison to the new grads in other major nursing programs in the sense that those students graduated from a harder program than i did.
  6. btf4

    Fluids help

    ml/min * 30ml/hr * 1hour/60min = 0.5 ml per minute?
  7. btf4

    Fluids help

    Order: IV, 500 ml of 0.9 NS to be administered at 30 ml/ hour. Using 60 gtt/ml dropper how many ml should be administered per minute? i tried not using the dropper in the calculation but it does not work out, also there is to many "ml" in the equation to make sense, please help
  8. X GTT=min * 60.5ml/20min * 10gtt/ml= 30 gtt/min
  9. X GTT=min * 50ml/20min * 10gtt/ml= 25 gtt/min for the second part of the question
  10. ok so i will disregard the 3 doses, so i have to give 1 mg every 8 hours, the vial has 2 mg that was recocnsituted in 21 ml, does that mean i add around 11ml to the 50ml bag
  11. ok so i will disregard the 3 doses, so i have to give 1 mg every 8 hours, the vial has 2 mg that was recocnsituted in 21 ml, does that mean i add around 11ml to the 50ml bag?
  12. if you can help me with the actual problem i would appreciate it
  13. drug order: cefoxitin 1 mg every 8 hours for 6 days. the available vile has 2 mg of powder, which you are to reconstitute in 20 ml of sterile water. the reconstituted volume is 21 ml. you are to administer this medication IVPB in 50 ml of D5W using 10 gtt/ml secondary line. how many ml of cefoxotin should be added to 50 ml secondary bag? what should the drop/min rate to be administer the medication within 20 minutes. for the first part of the question i am confused, since i give 1mg q8hrs as the order says, that means i give a total of 3 mg a day, but the vile that was reconstituted only has 2mg, please help
  14. btf4

    IV question please help

    for the second portion of the problem is it, 17drops per minute as the answer? x gtt= minute * 50ml/30min * 10gtt/ml * = 17gtt/min