Feeling Guilty

  1. I have sooooo enjoyed my break from school!!! But, now I am feeling guilty that I haven't done any studying at all.:innerconf Please let me know there are others like me who are not doing anything of worth on their break... (I even read People magazine the other night--talk about brain candy!)
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  3. by   moongirl


    I have read three books-real books like you know NOVELS, I have watched Ellen, today I took a nap. Productive wise I have cleaned my daughters room and organized from top to bottom. I have played video games with my kids while they are on break too.
    I have even- get this- painted my toenails and shaved my legs.
    I am NOT touching ANYTHING r/t to school until the MINUTE i have to walk back in those doors for my final semester, no way no how.
    My notebook is still full of stuff from last semester, cant even bring myself to clean it out. If I touch it, I may break out in spots
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    Well, I kind of cleaned out notebooks and my texts from my first semester, have read a couple of chapters in the Nursing Made Incredibly Easy Fluids & Electrolytes, and picked up my Calculate with Confidence last night and kind of eyeballed a few chapters while the TV was distracting me....

    Otherwise, I am feeling guilty as heck, but very relaxed....I leave for CA on W and won't return until the 11th....that'll give me 4 days to review and be ready to hit the books on the 16th!! Hopefully, that will be enough!!

    Happy New Year all!!
  5. by   kharing
    I'm in the respiratory therapy program....but all I've done is flip thru one of my new textbooks on PFT's! After a few minutes I threw it down and returned to my life of leisure. Spring semester starts in eight days - eeewww!!!!!
  6. by   BoonersmomRN
    Ha..yep...I did nothing. NOTHING. I vegged out and slept a lot and daydreamed a lot.

    I go back on Tuesday and I'm still not ready..
  7. by   bamwife06
    So what you took a well deserved break. Why should you feel guilty? When you go back you will feel so relaxed and your brain will be eager to learn.
  8. by   OnTheRoad
    No guilt here, but I have accomplished nothing. I spent part of the break with one family member in the hospital. Part of it in and out of my docs office for medical testing on myself. The rest being sick and caring for my hubby and kids (fun with bronchitis and pnuemonia in my house for the holidays).
    I haven't caught up on housework, I have read a couple of novels ,I have gotten myself on a beta blocker, and I have relaxed a little. Now I could use a break from my break LOL!
  9. by   NurseyBaby'05
    I used to do that and not feel bad one iota. One of the best studying strategies is knowing when not to. No sense in burning yourself out before the semester even starts. You'll do better if you go back refreshed.
  10. by   oktravelnurse
    I agree, you should not feel guilty. I used to wonder why college students got over a month off between semesters.....now I know......they need it. I never touched any of my books until I had to. And don't you just love those professors that say you have to have read an assignment by the 1st day of the semester? I really appreciated having to study for a unit test over Thanksgiving. Trust me, there is a life after nursing school.....you will feel the pressure soon enough, rest for now and enjoy the time off! Good luck in your next semester
  11. by   bsugaRN2b
    Studying? What's that? Ohhhhhh...you mean like when I had my head buried under a 224,000 page Med-Surg book that I thought was trying to eat me alive during finals?

    Yeah, about that...that's not happening during this break...I plan on doing what my mentor said: "Just relaxxxxxxxxxxx..."
  12. by   rhenmag9
    hi..dnt feel bad or guilty....just enjoy ur vacation and organize stuffs at least 2days before d' school starts...reward your self and have fun...
  13. by   Scrubz
    I'll probably start looking through my OB and Peds books during the fews days I have them before school starts back up. And then I plan on getting all my supplies organized for next semester. And I might start studying some pharmacology on my own free time just for the sake that it interest me. Other than that I'm not doing much.

    If you studied from day one until the last day of your program you're brain would probably explode, so don't worry about it!
  14. by   SoulShine75
    I told myself I was going to study, but I haven't. I'm pretty burned out so I really needed a break.