Desktop vs laptop

  1. Hi all. I'll be starting first year nursing classes in Aug. and will need to buy a computer. I was wondering how many of you have desktops and how many have laptops? If you have a desktop do you really wish you had a laptop? What are the draw backs to a laptop besides cost and potential for leaving it on the bus?
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  3. by   teeituptom
    Makes you wonder how we survived without these puters..
    Anyone still remember besides me how to use a sliderule
  4. by   kats
    We have a desktop and a laptop. My hubby uses the desktop and I use the laptop. We also have DSL so we can both be online at the same time. Anyways, I would use my laptop over his desktop anytime. They actually have the same memory, speed, everything. I think the laptop is more convenient though. Everything is right in one place and it is easy to plug things in the back without having to crawl under the desk with a flashlight. Also, I can take it with me wherever I need to take it. I definately recommend a laptop.
  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    i have both. during nursing school, i used the desktop maybe 10 times. the other 720 days, i used the laptop.

    pros of desktop: can't think of any that can't be accomplished with a laptop

    cons of desktop: you are limited to when you can work on the computer because you obviously canNOT tote the destop to the park or dr. office if needed.

    pros of laptop: in addition to everything a computer will do, it's portable. you can work in the bedroom if everyone at home is getting on your nerves. you can take the puter to school and work in the hallways between classes. if you forget to take your homework with you to school, chances are that you have it stored on your computer somewhere.

    cons of laptop: compared to the weight of your nursing textbooks the added weight of a computer can be a bit much. but a nice backpack on wheels takes care of much of this. they are a little more expensive than a desktop IF you get top of the line stuff. there are laptops that sell for around $900 from dell that are great for students. another, printing. if you don't have a small portable printer, you will find that it's hard to find a compatable printer. (i countered this by taking my laptop to the IT dept at school and they installed everything i would need to print on the schools printers. all i needed was a cable that i already had.)

    so the long and short of it, get a laptop. it's much nicer surfing from the recliner rather than sitting in a stiff backed office chair in the computer room. :chuckle
  6. by   Rena RN 2003
    Originally posted by teeituptom
    Makes you wonder how we survived without these puters..
    Anyone still remember besides me how to use a sliderule
    what's a sliderule?

    j/k tom
  7. by   Gampopa
    Sliderule- don't lock your knees when coming down the slide
  8. by   iliel
    I've had both. Currently I have a desktop and don't really miss my laptop, but there are certain advantages like the posts above say. I have had no probs with my desktop...I wish I could say that for my laptops. You do have to be careful with a laptop. I also find that now that I sit at a desk and work I get things done a little more efficently, I'm not sitting in front of the TV trying to write a paper. Plus my desk top comp is fast and the screen is huge and I have a printer/scanner. It's really about what you perfer. If you think you'll have the computer at a desk in one spot and prob won't take it out, then I say save the money and get a desktop.
    I'm sure this didn't help you a bit!!! I think I just confused myself!
  9. by   shyne
    It depends on what you'll need it for. I have a desktop and love it! I'll probally buy a laptop sometime after I finish school, since they're very expensive.
  10. by   renerian
    I had a laptop for five years and just went back to a desktop and I love it. Bigger screen.

  11. by   maire
    Originally posted by Gampopa
    Sliderule- don't lock your knees when coming down the slide
    Or "Don't go down headfirst upside down."

    Back on the subject, there have been times when I wished I had a laptop, but only so I could go curl up on the couch or in bed instead of sitting here at my desk. I have 3 desktops in the house. My family is full of geeks.
  12. by   marilynmom
    I have a desktop and a laptop and they are both good. I dont prefer one over the other really. I do like the bigger screen of my desktop monitor better though. I guess it just depends on how "moble" you need to be.

    One thing to, *everything* about a laptop is more expensive as well. Just something to think about when comparing.

  13. by   camkib
    I have a desktop, but I would really like a laptop for those times when I'm sitting outside of the classroom (early mornings) and the computer lab isn't open. My husband says that I can't have one, that I wouldn't know what to do with a laptop...He has dumbass tatood across the top of his forehead. (he's reading I had to post it! rotfl :roll:
  14. by   TinyNurse
    I use an old 133 desktop that my mom gave me. It works fine to surf the net, and to use MS word to type nursing papers.
    I would like to buy a laptop now that I've graduated, but I need to research them a bit more before I get into anything like that.

    many students I graduated with don't have any computer, they used the computer lab. ( my school had very convenient hours)

    A friend of mine asked me today how the Mouse worked with NCLEX, haha. gotta love her.