Decided to keep going

  1. Thank all of you for your encouragement. My adviser called me from home. She stayed late and looked up my grades, looked at the tests from last years class and figured out that right now I have a 71 and I would need to get a 70 on the next test to be passing. Also, we have 2 projects coming up and I got A's on my last semester projects so she feels that I should get good grades on them since I know how to do them. Also I am in the middle of the class as far as my grade. I have to not think negatively and I should read my notes one hour a nite and tape the lectures. I also had 2 of the girls that I emailed call me to and said they won't let me give up. They are both in my same boat. I don't want to regret guitting down the road. If I end up failing at least I gave it my all.
    Thanks again
    Lee, SN
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  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    So happy to hear that you've reconsidered!!

    There were so many times my first semester that I considered just throwing in the towel from being overwhelmed with information...but there were a handful of us that just kept telling each other that they were going to have to drag us out of there kicking and screaming before we would give up!!

    I wish you the best...I think your advisor gave you some very good advice...also see the post that mentions getting a good NCLEX book to aide in your studying...I also use the Incredibly Easy series of books for some things...I'm pretty visual so those help....don't forget any CDs or websites that go along with your texts...

    Hang in there...
  4. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    I am glad that you decided to change your mind. I know that I would probably feel the same as you and want to give up, but ultimately, my dream, my passion is to be a nurse, and I am determined that nothing is going to stand in my way. You can do it. Let nothing stand in your way.

    I think that you have a good instructor that cares about her students, and that alone is such an encouragemnet, when reading on here about others who have some very negative instructors.

    Please keep us all posted on how you are doing, and know that you have our prayers~
  5. by   RNfromMN
    umpiron: Yay!!! I read your post earlier today & my heart sank a little. I didn't feel comfortable commenting, but I was thinking about you & I'm so happy for you! Awesome advisor too, by the way!

    Good luck & keep at it!
  6. by   JaxiaKiley
    I'm so glad you reconsidered. Hang in there! Sounds like you have access to an awesome support group. I'm in my first semester, and I know it's rough.
  7. by   moongirl
    keep the faith
  8. by   shock-me-sane
    I just had read your other post and I am glad you are deciding to hang in there.

    Don't give up the fight! Overcoming is an awesome thing.
  9. by   CT Pixie
    Thats great!!!

    I think if the advisor really didn't think you could pass, she would not encourage you to keep going. Obviously you aren't so far into failing grades that you can't pass with a little more work. You CAN do this. Buckle down, study hard, chin can get those grades you need!

    I think its great that the advisor took the time to help you. And its awesome that you are going to stick it out. Nothing worth gaining is ever easy!
  10. by   Achoo!
    Glad to hear it. Best of luck to you!
  11. by   muffie
    hang tough !
  12. by   shellsgogreen
    Just wanted to send an internet hug:icon_hug:
    and wish you the best of luck