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Do any of you have a teacher that is completely innapropriate? My psych teacher is plain crazy. She has a reputation for writing tests that no one can pass. She will tell you this right up front, and... Read More

  1. by   maureeno
    sounds to me
    many of you
    have had the opportunity
    to see personality disorders
    up close and personal!
  2. by   nurse2be in ny
    I worked as a psychiatric technician for four years, and we always used to say that there was a fine line between the patients and staff...
  3. by   FullMoonMadness
    Thanks for the replies. Finals are next week. After I take all my tests, I am going to make an appointment with the department head. She is a very fair person, and even if things don't change, I at least want to let her know how I feel. (She has even said negative things about department leadership in class, so that should go over well)
    I guess my biggest problem with this woman is this: For some reason, nursing school is very competitive. By pitting (or trying to) us against each other, she is perpetuating this. Her remarks to and about me don't have even the slightest effect on me. I feel pretty strong about my ability to learn. But, there are others in my class who are nervous already, and she has several of them believing this knowledge deficit crap.It has really messed with their minds.The first day of her class, she said no one would pass her tests because no one had ever taught us how to think.
    She is always talking about nihalistic(sp) personality, I think she is an excellent example. Two more classes with her and I'm outta there
  4. by   teeituptom
    Those can work
    those that cant are crazy and teach.
    or they teach and they become crazy
    or they are crazy and become teachers

  5. by   VickyRN
    Those can work
    those that cant are crazy and teach.
    or they teach and they become crazy
    or they are crazy and become teachers
    Gee.. thanks for your encouragement, Tom! Sometimes I wonder if I AM crazy putting up with all of the endlessly tiresome work and low, low, low pay and bennies. But then when I see a student's face light up in clinical or see a student succeed in understanding a difficult theoretical concept, then it makes it all worthwhile Teachers, mostly unappreciated, are VITAL. Without us, there simply will be no future nurses.
  6. by   Nurse_RaRa
    100 years ago , my Psych Prof was a biker dude. I remember laughing through the class and just "giving back what was given". Best advice from him: Every person should go through a divorce BEFORE they get married!!! Got a B.

    There was one person that got so upset - he left the class in a rage - I think the material offended his QWP with religion.

    I'm keeping the B - luckily (seems like from the other posts) it transferred. Sounds like I didn't want to take it nowadays!!!:chuckle
  7. by   Carolanne
    Sounds like the teacher has some definite control issues .. telling people who they should and should not hang out with, etc. This is not her job. I like ESSARGE's suggestion, to tape the lectures. If anything inappropriate is said, this is solid proof to present to a guidance counselor or dean, etc., whoever you would approach in your particular school. Do this a few times and bring in a little collection of such episodes. Someone like this should not be being paid a salary and wasting people's time. She sounds controlling and unfair and basically not playing with a full deck herself. She is probably very intelligent, but not using it appropriately. The best news is, the course will be over eventually and you can get the heck out of there! Hang in there and good luck!!
  8. by   Briern
    I also had a crazy psych teacher. He boasted that he would be flunking most of the class and really worked to do it. I took it as a personal challenge and passed all of his tests with 98%or higher. This really upset him and he began to following me around campus to see how I was passing his tests. He would catch me in the library and interigate me on my study habits. In the middle of the quarter, I got ill and missed 3 days of class. This teacher made the midterm test entirely about the 3 days I had missed. Fortunatley for me I had taken Sociology and already knew the material from the quarter before. This really ticked him off! Anyway, the guy got more weird. He got a really bad student evaluation (I wonder why) and kept me in his office for an hour ranting and raving about how hard he worked and how unappreciated he was. (It was scary!). After I had passed the class and thought I was done with him, he started to stalk me in the library and make sexual advances toward me. Fortunately I left soon after that. I was a week away from leaving to go to nursing school. The scariest part about this is that this guy is now the head of the psych department.
  9. by   essarge
    OH MY!!!! Did you file charges against him???? Sounds like this is a dangerous character that needs to be dealt with not only at the university level but also, possibly, the legal level also!!
  10. by   Jennerizer
    Don't audiotape the professor without his's against the law! Find out if taping the class lectures is allowed.

    I think you have a better chance with strength in numbers...meaning the more students that band together & report this professor is a lot better than one student speaking up. Talk to your classmates, see what their take is on it.
  11. by   Nurse Ratched
    Well, I wish I could dispel the notion that ALL psych profs are a little "off," but my experience was not dissimilar to those already noted. All three of the psych profs/clinical instructors in my school were unbalanced. One was a (barely) functional alcoholic. Two were control freaks to the extreme and apparently needed to have their existence validated by feeling that their class was the one the students sweated the most.

    I came out with an A only because I happened to excel at the weird question format my prof wrote. I think it irritated her because I participated minimally d/t not wanting to get on her radar and draw her attention.

    Originally posted by John Coxey

    - Psychology is such a blow off course - that I would immediately transfer to another class.

    - In most universities - Psych 101 & 102 are incredibly easy classes. You should not have to study more than 1 hour per week and perhaps 4 or 5 hours for the final.
    I don't believe a number of folks were referencing the standard general education intro to Psych courses, but the psychiatric nursing courses - a different animal altogether.
  12. by   colleen10
    I have been relatively lucky in that the Psych professors I have had have been very nice people in class and relatively good instructors. Although, I understand that the one guy I had, who was perfectly fine in class, had issues in his personal life - was caught in a relationship with a student and when it went sour was accused of stalking her.

    Anyway, I wish I could say that Psych was a blow off course for me but I found the subject matter so incredibly boring that I had a hard time studying the material and really had to rack my brains to get a good grade. Plus having to remember all those psychologists and then explain all their theories, eeks. I didn't enjoy it one bit.