Complete Head-to-Toe Physical Exam...

  1. My first semester of my BSN program is coming to an end the the last 25% of our grade is based on our technique and sequence of a 174 point of a complete physical of an adult. I am scheduled for tomorrow at 10:15A.M. Was this required of anyone else in their first semester? I am desperate for any tips on how to remember all of this crap. I blew it off all semester and now its the night before and though I am doing ok, I'm not confident. I currently have an 88% in this class. This exam can drastically lower my grade. I'm so worried and really want to do well.
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  3. by   Tweety
    I had to do the same thing a year or so ago in my RN to BSN Assessment class.

    I practiced and practiced with a pillow and a stethescope and did it until I did it right. Then did it once the day of the demonstration.

    We were allowed to bring one note card and refer to it a couple of times. It was nerve wracking.

    I think you can do it, it's just a matter of putting together what you've been doing piecemeal all semester.

    Your proscrastination needs a bit of work though.
  4. by   Jules A
    I didn't read your whole thread before I went hunting for this website and since its tomorrow I'm not sure this will help but I guess if there are any areas that you are weak with check it out. This is one of my favorites.
  5. by   sumthnspecial
    I had to it in my first semester fundamentals class. I wrote out all the steps of the assessment and tried to memorize them in the order that I did my assessment, but I also practiced with my partner(the person I would be testing with). THis isn't really something you want to put off until the end. We practiced several times before the big testing day.

  6. by   Freedom42
    I've got a similar oral exam coming up on Friday. The instructor will have us draw one of four body systems out of a hat. Then we'll have to perform the exam for that system. With my luck, it'll be neuro. We will be allowed to referred to notes on a single index card.

    At this point, my husband is sick of being assessed! I talk my way through each portion, trying to anticipate what the instructor will ask about abnormal findings, lung and heart sounds, etc.

    For me, an oral exam is much tougher than a written test. Fortunately I have an encouraging instructor, and I asked her a couple of weeks ago how best to prepare for this exam. Her suggestions: Write everything out as many times as you have to, and repeat the assessments again and again until you're comfortable. Also, be sure to note whatever instruments you'll need on your index card so that you're not fumbling around for them during the test.

    Good luck. Of course, I'm writing this as I put off studying for my own finals. I'm just so sick of reading text. At this point, I've paid careful attention in every class, taken careful notes and done all the reading. What will be will be.
  7. by   pinkiepie_RN
    It was required of me for my Health Assessment class this past semester. The assessment itself was pass/fail, with completion of so many items being passing, but our write-up of said assessment was 20% of our final grade. Good luck!
  8. by   Alternator81
    We had to do the same thing. We didn't have a particular order to do it in, so I did it literally from head to toe, and did it the same way over and over again.
  9. by   southernbelle08
    We didn't have to do this at my school. I don't have any helpful tips, but I want to wish you the best of luck!
  10. by   Eirene
    remember to palpate the thyroid and listen for carotid bruits.

    i forgot that on my assessment skill check-off.

    you'll do great! good luck!

  11. by   Daytonite
    Yes, this was a requirement of my physical assessment course in my BSN program back in 1984. Too late to give you any memorization tips now since the practical is tomorrow. You should have been practicing on a regular basis throughout the course, but as you said, you blew it off all semester. Live and learn.
  12. by   MiaKeaRN
    We all tend to slack on one thing or another....don't let anyone tell you that they went through school and did everything perfect (because no one I know is perfect).

    I'll bet that you'll pull it all together and do just fine. Good luck.
  13. by   Jules A
    Interesting to me that the OP didn't even stop back to update us or... gasp, say thanks.

  14. by   RNMeg
    That's terrifying. My instructors took a pretty common sense approach to the Assessment real life, we're going to have an exam form to prompt us to remember what to assess. So, she gave us a form with all the points we needed to hit listed, and graded us on how efficiently we were able to perform the assessment, as well as time and correct placement of the stethoscope during the cardiac, pulmonary and abdominal parts. We were to dictate our findings to her during the assessment. We had 30 minutes..I completed it in 19 minutes and got a perfect score It's not as scary as you're imagining, I'm other posters said, it's just putting together everything you've already learned.