co-requisite problem

  1. How many of you would leave your current job to take A&P before the nursing program although you can take it during ? My employer will not allow me to leave twice a week for 1 1/2 hrs. (corporate office) nothing to do with nursing. I am contemplating finding another job in order to do this that will work around my class. Am I insane ? Can you really handle A&P and nursing classes at the same time ? I was scheduled to begin nursing classes next month however the new program did not accomodate corequisites and now I am back to January 04. I am discouraged but not giving up. Thanks again.
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  3. by   Bevi
    I would not do A&P with nursing.... i know women who've done it and ended up flunking first semester nursing...

    Of course, it CAN be done.... but omg the stress...eeek
  4. by   twarlik
    Your employer doesn't sound very supportive. Can't believe they won't let you leave for an hour and a half, twice a week for the class. Geez...
    From what I've heard, you should definitely try to get A&P out of the way before the nursing program. However...if you have to take it with the nursing program than just do it. You wouldn't be the first that had to do this, so it's not impossible. Just be prepared for a lot of work. If you want it bad enough, you'll just do it.
    Good luck with what ever you decide.
  5. by   bob007cat
    have you considered a night class?
  6. by   kat57
    Unfortunatley there are no night classes at either campus. I'm really unsure what to do. Hey I could always get a job at the grocery store as a checkout person, whatever it takes. My husband says I should sign up, ask my employer one more time, let them know I WILL be taking this class then let the chips fall where they may. They can either keep me there until December and train someone else or I can leave. AAAAAAGH ! Thanks for your help.
  7. by   colleen10
    In my A&P II class last semester I had a couple fellow students that were taking A&P along with their nursing classings instead of in advance. Most of them were doing pretty well although, I don't think they appreciated the extra stress.

    I will say though, that at my school A&P I is a lot harder than A&P II because you have a TON of stuff to memorize like all the bones, muscles, etc.

    Personally, I think I would want to get A&P out of the way BEFORE clinicals mainly because I think it would make things easier to understand and you would have a better understanding of the lingo that is going to come up in your nursing classes.

    I don't know what your financial situation is but you may want to make sure you can find another job before you quit your present one. Here in Pittsburgh, you can't even get a job as a grocery bagger, the economy is so poor.

    If you can and do want to quit your job, then I'm all for you telling them to stick it where the sun don't shine.
  8. by   kimtab
    I would take it before January. It will let you concentrate on the nursing classes alone and it will be helpful to you to already have that knowledge going in. The people that I know that took A&P as a co-requisite didn't do well in either class. You're going to quit in December anyway, right?
  9. by   Momto2Boys
    I am taking A&P right now and my job does allow me to leave 1 1/2 early to attend class on Monday's only but I make up my time. May talk and see if there is anyway you can make it up
  10. by   Coldfoot
    How about self study or online? I start mine in September. PM me if you want more info
  11. by   Shiva_Las_Vegas
    Sorry to hear about that. My employer (also nothing to do with nursing) has been very supportive of taking classes.

    Sounds like at least your husband is supportive, maybe you should do as he suggests. I would still try to give a 2 week notice if possible if you do end up leaving the job for another one....
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    do it through home study and clep it or as mentioned above, online.
  13. by   kat57
    Good news, I spoke to my employer and told them I am signed up for A&P this fall, which I am, I will work late. skip lunch whateve to attend. I also stressed that I want to stay there until December. She was very supportive and said she thought we could work something out, will get with her boss and discuss it next week. Persistence pays off !