Clinical hours!!

  1. Do you actually get paid when you do clinical hours? I am taking my prerequisits to try to get accepted into the nursing program. I heard that is better if I apply to the BSN than Associates? WHat should I do? I know comm college is cheaper but I don't mind paying more if it better if I go to a private school? Any sugestion? I also live in FL, anyone from here?
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  3. by   Ohmygosh
    I have never heard of anyone getting paid for clinical--not in my neck of the woods anyway
  4. by   tsmith9031
    I am also here in florida and no we do not get paid for clinicals. After your first semester you can get a job at the Hospital as a nurse intern.
  5. by   Coloradogrl
    I have NEVER heard of ANYONE getting paid for clinicals....they are part of school so you will work your arsh off not get paid but you will learn

    I have heard of some people attempting to get jobs while in school but it is best if you can just not to work because nursing school is intense
  6. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Getting PAID for clinicals, ya right! One thing I was told about student nurses, is that unlike in the past, hospitals can no longer count students as part of their staffing.....therefore any students on the floor are extras. Whether you are there or not, the staff is available to get the work done.

    It really sucks when I talk to my friends in other university/college programs who have co-op work terms and actually get PAID for it! They can't believe all the work nursing students have to do for clinical, with no financial return.
  7. by   Jules A
    Yeah, no pay and I really felt for the people that already worked in hospitals or nursing homes because they had to do mostly the same stuff they usually get paid for gratis.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    A clinical experience is a learnig experience, not something that you should get paid. That said, yes, you do work. However, the clinical experience is where you should be asking questions, learning new procedures, learning assessment skills.

    When you work at a paid job, there is the expectation that you know what you are doing and can produce the same amount of work that another employee can.
  9. by   nubiafl
    Thank you for all the answers. I was curious about.
  10. by   MegNeoNurse
    hahaha, paid for clinicals... I WISH!
  11. by   Daytonite
    hi, nubiafl!

    only you can decide whether a bsn or associate degree will be better for you, or if a private school is going to give you what you can't get from a public school. i would just like to tell you, however that any school is going to first and foremost teach you basic nursing. that is what will allow you to take the nclex exam. when you pass the nclex exam you become an rn. beyond the basic nursing, each college nursing program also adds it's own particular things to it's nursing curriculum that it has decided that it wants to teach. this is one of the things you need to look at when you are looking at and comparing schools. some schools will focus on community nursing, others on training managers of nursing. in general, associate programs are giving you basic nursing preparation. bsn programs because they are longer will have "extra" coursework that you will most likely be required to take to earn their bachelor's degree. in the end, if finances are not a worry for you, then i would encourage you to look at other factors such as nclex passage rates, the quality of the nursing professors teaching in their program and the type of research they are actively involved in and the reputation of the nursing school. i am posting a link to a list of all the approved rn nursing schools in florida from the state board site for you to have. also, i am providing you with links to information about nursing where you will find information about the kinds of degrees and training that are available in nursing. you should study all these materials. my best wishes as you make these very important decisions about your future career.

    welcome to allnurses! - a very nice information page from the association of women's health, obstetric and neonatal nurses on being a nurse, salary you can expect to make, types of nursing degrees, nursing specialties with weblinks to some of the major professional nursing organizations, the nurse reinvestment act, and some information and how to search for scholarships and financial aid.