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  1. nubiafl

    LPN degree!!!

    Where did you go for your LPN degree? Thanks
  2. nubiafl


    Thank you guys. I love this board.
  3. nubiafl

    Anyone in Ft Lauderdale?

    I am Palm Beach area but Fort Lauderdale is pretty close. I am a pre-nursing student.
  4. nubiafl


    I am very confused. I am pregnant with my due date on Feb/07. I want to go to Nurse School very bad, 1st because I always want to work and be in a amedical field and 2nd the money is good. I've been doing some research online and some schools req. pre requisits. Do you know any school in south FL that does not? How about scholarship? I am currently a PBCC student working on my AA and I went to a nurse prog orientantion and learnt that 200 people apply to 40 space. That is crazy. Any school you would recommend? What should I do? Maybe become a LPN first? If I have to pay to go a private school, so be it (student loan...hahaha). HELP!!!:spin:
  5. nubiafl

    im giving up..;( any advice? please

    why do you guys say: stay way from keiser? i ant to become a nurse and also don't know where to go. i know pbcc is very competitive and i might try a private instituitions. do you guys also know of any program or scholarship? thanks
  6. nubiafl

    Clinical hours!!

    Thank you for all the answers. I was curious about.
  7. nubiafl

    Clinical hours!!

    Do you actually get paid when you do clinical hours? I am taking my prerequisits to try to get accepted into the nursing program. I heard that is better if I apply to the BSN than Associates? WHat should I do? I know comm college is cheaper but I don't mind paying more if it better if I go to a private school? Any sugestion? I also live in FL, anyone from here? Thanks