Class of 2013 anyone?

  1. Are you graduating in May or June, 2013? We have 7-8 more months to go! I would love to get a thread going to see how many of us are 'here' and see if we can keep each other encouraged till we see the finish line! We are almost there!
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  3. by   ORnurseCT
    May 2013!!
  4. by   Katie71275
    I graduate in May and so ready and excited!
  5. by   Certifiable
    September 2013 (4yr BSN program)... *drumroll please*
  6. by   Lizzyru
    @StudentnurseCT, @Katie71275 and @Elisheval, we are almost there. What classes are you all in right now? How's clinical going? I am doing mental health. I'm enjoying the theory portion but clinical experience has not been the best. Anyways, I'm so glad you all wrote in! Let's keep the excitement going & our spirits up till next May!
  7. by   Certifiable
    We start here in two weeks. First up is my pediatrics clinical *gulp*
  8. by   ScottishGoddess04
    December 2013, AASN Here we start in January
  9. by   OB-nurse2013
    May 2013 hoooooray!!!! finishing 3 year BSN In ped's now and actually don't mind it What else is everyone else in? Do you guys have a preceptorship in your last semester and if so do you know what kind of unit you'll be on?
  10. by   Witty3RN
    May 2013!!! I'm in Peds right now with just a couple weeks left then OB. Last semester is critical care.. Starting to get excited!!
  11. by   Katie71275
    Im in OB now, and then Peds in the Winter, and the Spring we do Critical Care and Preceptoship. I can't wait!
  12. by   ORnurseCT
    Just finished Peds, in Med/Surg II now, then Psych Nursing II. Pharm II. Clinicals are so much more fun now!! We are going to a job fair next month. It's starting to feel real, and I saw a nurse at clinical that graduated from my program in May and is already off orientation.
  13. by   prettymica
    May 2013!
  14. by   Lizzyru
    Wow, most of you are doing Peds/OB rotation this semster! We did Peds/OB during block 3 (this past summer) and this semester we are doing Mental Health/Community health & Home health. I really loved OB!!! I hope you all enjoy it. When I finally got to help with the delivery it was such a wodnerful experience. I was so afraid that families wouldn't want a nursing student in there coming to observe but after working with the patient and her family all day, they insisted I stayed and watch the baby's arrival. Even though I have kids of my own, it was still very moving experience each time a baby was born. Something for you all to look forward to. Peds was great. I love working with kids but med math really got to me. lol I don't hate math. It was just confusing! Have you all done the calculation for reconstituted meds? I actually enjoy math... but this one was really tricky!

    Anyone in Mental Health, Psych yet??? I didn't love Pharm and boy do we have lots of drugs to learn in this class! If you have any great learning tips for learning meds, please share.