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Hey yall! Just wondering if there are any of us out there still working on pre-reqs - hopeful nursing graduates of 2006? Roll call! :) I'm the 26yo mama of two boys (5yrs and 18mos). I... Read More

  1. by   agent
    its tonight and like I said at SDN.. I ordered my book through work and it didnt come.. im so sad!
  2. by   AmyLiz
    Gawd I hated stats. I took stats I & II for my psych degree. That was a thorn in my side. Hate, hate, HATED stats. Just couldn't wrap my head around it. I took up through college algebra II/trig back then. I got a B in that class & understood it a lot better than stats. I know stats is required for the RN-BSN program I'm looking at taking after I finish with this ADN. I'm hoping & praying that my old stats classes will transfer.
  3. by   agent
    I better not have to retake stats ill tell ya!
  4. by   manna
    Originally posted by agent
    its tonight and like I said at SDN.. I ordered my book through work and it didnt come.. im so sad!
    Yeah, I double-posted the question. Doh!

    I was getting a little terrified - I ordered my Lit book from Amazon about 10 days ago and it FINALLY got here today. Bought it used so was worried I got a bad seller or something.
  5. by   Dublin37
    I know how you feel agent, I ordered my book for physio, and I'm STILL waiting, and I ordered it a week ago. I went to library and photocopied 2 chapters. I hope the police don't come after me! Heather
  6. by   Paleobug
    At my second day of lecture, our A&P I instructor also said that the textbooks haven't come into the bookstore yet. He said that he ordered them in May. Apparently, the publisher hasn't shipped them yet.:imbar
  7. by   manna
    I'm unbearably tired today.. thank goodness I don't have a class.

    I felt flu-ish last night, and wanted to go straight to bed once I got off work, but my stupid husband decided to go to a friend's house out of town to watch a movie (and didn't bother to call and tell me until around 9pm).

    Also been a crappy morning - had to take our new chihuahua puppy to the vet. She has a big pocket of infection right over the soft spot on her head, and the Doc believes she is hydrocephalic.
    Our options are either lots of invasive shunts/antibiotics/etc or put her to sleep. My 5-year-old is heartbroken.
  8. by   AmyLiz
    Aw. That's terrible, manna. I'm sorry you're having a bad few days. I hope you feel better soon and things start turning around for you.
  9. by   agent
    That sucks manna.

    My class last night was a joke.. a lot of the pre-nursing students were *****ing about the entrance exam and how hard it was... i wanted to comment but i bit my tongue
  10. by   manna
    Thanks guys. I'm going to talk to my husband and we're going to decide what to do about the puppy tonight.

    Things can only get better from here - got a long holiday weekend coming up!
  11. by   agent
    My work is going really bad, bad customers, ******** work getting dumpd on me etc.
  12. by   AmyLiz
    It's just been a bad couple of weeks all around in my opinion. Looking forward to the weekend off. Hopefully some R&R will be just the ticket. (We're going up to the UP of Michigan - yay!)

    Sorry to hear you're having a bad time at work, agent. Mine has been up & down. Our owner comes back into town next week & I'm hoping that the stuff won't hit the fan too much.
  13. by   Dublin37
    Sorry for the bad week guys, I feel for ya ! Hope it turns around for you.
    Well I feel better about Physio, now that I've got one week under my belt, and we only meet once next week with NO lab, so yay! I will get a little break. Also, next week starts the applications (once again! :spin: ) for the RN Program. Although the good news, is that they let 50 people in this semester because of a state grant!! More than they ever have in past. I don't expect to be in, in the Spring, but darn it they'll HAVE to let me in next Fall! As long as I pass Physio II that is! Heather