Child care for students

  1. I was just wondering If any mothers with student loans, did the amount cover daycare. I have been checking into the cost and its about 800 bucks a month OUCH! In order for me to be able to go to school my loan will have to cover that. So just wanting a little info on how this all works for mothers. Thanks!
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  3. by   manna
    Does your state have any childcare assistance programs that you might qualify for?
  4. by   PCGrad06
    We have programs to help with this. My sister is an unwed mother and she gets over half of her child care paid for. The rest she pays in a payment plan. Or if you are a dislocated worker there is help there too. In KY you can even get money for gas and supplies. A check every two weeks will be mailed to you. You are paid to go to school is the way I see it. It is not a loan of any kind. It is a way to help people get back on their feet etc. The catch is if you want to call it that is you must be accepted into a program. Check with your local unemploy- ment office they can help too. Kentucky is a great place to get an education!
  5. by   klone
    Yes, you can use student loans to cover child care expenses. It's going to cost us about $500/month (all day preschool for my 4-year-old, and before-school care for both kids).
  6. by   HisTreasure
    Like the previous posters said, look into childcare subsidies through your county. I get a subsidy from the county for child care (I have three babies, and the assistance is not only yearly income based, it's also based on what you are doing, ie school, trade, type of employment and whether it is feasible for you to pay your own child care fully). Also, some associates of mine receive childcare "scholarships" through the local day care centers because they are going to school for nursing. The local universities/colleges with an on-campus daycare center also allow you to use financial aid for payment, or they subsidize payment based on your grant/financial aid package. Check with your local Department of Labor, because they will also refer you to different programs that will pay some or all of your child care. As for the question of loans, when I was in CC, loans where paid through the college in the form of a check that you cashed. You used the money for tuition, transportation, housing, whatever. I would suppose that means child care also. Hope I helped.
  7. by   sagelola
    My school has you fill out an extra verification paper. You have to take it to the provider and they have to sign and verify that you will be paying for childcare and how much it will cost.

    Also, for those of low income, my school has a subsidized program. My son qualifies for that, but my 2 daughters are in school, so I have to pay for their care. The community college I came from did not offer these options, but the university does.

    Good luck to you...I know how you feel, and it is too bad that it is SO expensive for childcare and there is nothing we can do about it because we HAVE to have it!
  8. by   fourblessings
    Yes, I will be putting my 2 youngest in childcare (ages 1 and 4) college has a spererate childcare grant application, which i believe is covered by the state. You have to make a certain amount to qualify, tho, it isn't that bad, you just can't be making $80,000 + a year when you fill it out. So i'm going to for comes out in July. Yes, your student loan $$ could cover childcare, our chilcare is $3.00 an hour per child (little rural town, here!) Good luck!
  9. by   sunshinenor
    I had to write a letter to my school requesting more $$ in aids to cover day care.

  10. by   studentnurse74
    My EFC is pretty high, so I don't qualify for any "free" money. I'm just wondering if they'll loan me extra for daycare, b/c like many, I can't go to school without having daycare money!
  11. by   txspadequeenRN
    My EFC is high to and Im the only one working my husband is a full time student just like I am. We have 5 children 3 are toddlers and I havent had daycare in 2.5 years it is 1300.00 a month ,who can afford that. I make to much for the state program, or so they say. Im the one stuck in the middle make to much to get help and dont make enough to make ends meet. We do get loans ,I guess I should quit gripping at least Im in school and dont have far to go.

    Quote from studentnurse74
    My EFC is pretty high, so I don't qualify for any "free" money. I'm just wondering if they'll loan me extra for daycare, b/c like many, I can't go to school without having daycare money!
  12. by   sunshinenor
    My EFC is high too, I only qualify for student loans, but I wrote a letter explaining my situation and they increased my student loans to 'fit in' day care. It wouldn't hurt asking. They worst they can do is tell you no. )

  13. by   TLC RN
    Also ask the program you child will be in if they offer assistance. I know the YMCA offers assistance to people in need. I am planning on sending my son to a half day kindergarten and asked the school to consider the fact that I will be a full time student and would they lower the cost of attendance for him. I may not get any help with the K program but the before and after care maybe lowered for me.