Care plans + finding Nsg articles: 2 really good websites everyone should know about!

    This website is highly recommended by all my friends if you have problems writing care plans. It is actually a care plan generator, all you do is pick what applies to your patient and out pops a complete care plan. I would like to stress DONT RELY to heavily on this website because in my own personal exp. you may have to write a care plan whenever and wherever you instructor see's fit. Make sure you know how to become a generator yourself before using this.
    If you need a nursing journal article, heres your place. It cost money for most of the articles but some are free. In my exp using it I was always able to find a free article for just about any topic I needed. Make sure if it says it cost money for a article to click on it and scroll down, because sometimes it only cost money if you print the article. Great for Nursing research papers.
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  3. by   J-9TylerTexas
    Thanks! I bookmarked for future use ~grins~ not in nursing school yet but I'm enjoying collecting as much info as possible!

  4. by   Imafloat
    The Gulanick careplan book is the one I use and it has been very helpful to me.
  5. by   MickyB-RN
    I'll have to check out the journal article website.

  6. by   Maisie
    Thanks. I am just learning how to write care plans. I'm sure this will be a help.
  7. by   trustsupplyguy
    Thanks for this post! The care plan constructor mentioned is great! Also, here's a link to another care plan constructor I discovered:

    It's based on the highly regarded Nursing Diagnosis Handbook by Ackley & Ladwig. You'll be asked to register (no biggie) and as a result you'll get your own page. It may take a little poking around on your page to find the link to the constructor, but it's worth it. It's similar to the Gulanick careplan book constructor mentioned in the original post, but it seems like there are more diagnoses listed. I had trouble getting it to work when I first tried it, but the next day it worked fine. They also have support which promises to return emails the next day.

    Both constructors offer printable care plans from which you can easily copy and paste into a text or word processor file for editing and formatting.

    Happy care planning!
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    :blushkiss :blushkiss
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    Thank You!
  10. by   clfewtrn
    THANKS A MILLION. I checked out the web-sites and WOW. I just started with care plans and you don't know how great this is.
  11. by   skyyhiflygirl
    Just a piece of advice on care plans for those of you just starting to do these. Always think of INDEPENDENT NURSING INTERVENTIONS before the dependent ones. The dependent ones are the most obvious (i.e. administering meds, IV's, etc as ordered), and therefore the easiest ones to put on a care plan. HOWEVER, I understand that on boards, they really stress the INDEPENDENT nursing interventions. Just a bit of advice from one struggling student to another. . .
  12. by   Sue7573
    I used these and they are great but you have to be very careful. one thing I did that caused problems is that I forgot to go back in there and give time frames, something measurable. BOY that is stressed in my class. Good Luck

  13. by   zuludot
    This was really good for a first time view. I am definitely going to make use of these Thanks heaps.
  14. by   rtaz315
    Thanks the sites will be very useful. Do you know of any sites that offer drug card downloads or information? I have had trouble getting the clinical drug card information required for some of the medication. I am a first year student doing my first clinical rotation now. I currently use Lippincott's 2006 drug guide and Mosby's 2005 drug cards but still can not find all the medications I need cards for.