BSN to PA or MSN to NP

  1. Hey guys

    I was wondering if you were furthering your career in the Medical field which would you choose. I know I'm working on my RN(ADN) b/c of my situration is better to take the short cut. But I always wanted to be a doctor and PA/NP is close to it. Here in Minneapolis they have GREAT PA program but I don't know about NP.

    Just personally which one and why?
    Just curious.....

    Thanks from the twin cities
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  3. by   janetrette
    PA AND NP???


  4. by   twinmommy+2
    I want to go on and become an NP because of their independance, but we will see what the road has in store for me in the future.
  5. by   Aneroo
    Go with the NP. At a local university here, one of the specialities you can get with a MSN is the Nurse practioner (family or neonatal). There is also a CRNA school, nursing educations (the one I think I'm going for), CNS, community health, and some others. Best part...they have a RN-MSN program. -andrea
  6. by   HU_nurse
    Of course everyone is going to say NP on here b/c we are all nurses!
  7. by   HU_nurse
    Also, I think its kind of harder to go the NP route with an ADN. Unless you find a BSN/MSN program...just a thought...
  8. by   kimhaw
    Also, I think its kind of harder to go the NP route with an ADN. Unless you find a BSN/MSN program...just a thought...

    Not necessarily nearly all of the programs I have looked into have a RN to MSN program where you just take a few extra courses.
  9. by   dorisemoore1
    Thanks I'm just a curious cat...I think I will go with my PA. PA is the closest thing to a medical student in my book.

    Thanks guys
  10. by   suzanne4
    You hit it right on the nose, you will always be under the license of a physician. As a PA-C, you get certification, but not actual licensure. There is a difference.

    But if that is what you prefer.................
  11. by   shyne
    I've always wanted to be a PA, but since nursing school is wearing me out, I don't think that I ever want to go back to school again after that.
  12. by   Jengirl18
    It may be "politically correct" to say the NPs are INDEPENDENT and PAs DEPENDENT, but it really means nothing. The comparison you want to make instead of the one stated above is whether or not you want to learn clinical education in the nursing model (taught by nurses) or the medical model (taught by physicians). If you have always wanted to be a physician, it seems like the PA route would be more for you, but I would advise you to shadow both...."simply said"
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  13. by   labman

    Good responses everyone. For RN to PA or RN to NP. Here is my 2 cents. Jen girl had a good one. Everyone thinks that NP and PA are pretty much the same thing. Here is the difference I see.

    PA: work of the medical model. Treat the disease. If you love anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology and the anatomy stuff. I would say go for PA. PA also has more flexibility. When you get done you can go into any field.

    NP: This works off the nursing theory of holistic care. You treat the body, mind and spirit. Go for non-pharm. measures first and a continous process I would say go for nurse practioner.

    Two are pretty much similar to a unsuspecting person. Good luck with your decision.