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HI! I am currently in my mat rotation and i am wondering if anyone knows any websites or other great resources for teaching new moms breastfeeding and baby baths and stuff. I am mostly interested... Read More

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    Check in the Blue Pages of your phone book, there should be a local BF support group that would be willing to provide you with lots of BF information, support, and may even let you sit in on mother's meetings. The group I was with always did.
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    Thanks everyone! And oh ya, please remember this oge old saying "TO EACH THIER OWN!" am I right! LOL! Well I think all your suggestions are wonderful and very very helpful!!!! Thanks ya'll you ROCK!
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    I'm a neonatal nurse, and these sites have been invaluable to me: has video clips as well as printable PDF guides that you can print and copy to hand out to parents. and both have wonderful FAQ's and resources/articles regarding breastfeeding.,00.html all have various links and articles about newborn care, including but not limited to breastfeeding, bathing, circumcision care, etc.

    And finally, is a free magazine published by Parenting magazine. It's for new moms, and what you can do is fill this form out with your information, wait until the issue arrives in the mail, and then save the pull-out cards to hand out. If you need more cards, you can either contact the publishers or simply type the information up, print it out, and hand it to the moms. It's a really nice little magazine- we keep it stocked on the unit. Has ads, freebies, articles, etc. pertaining to new moms and topics/products that they may be interested in.

    If you're looking for something more specific, let me know. ;>) Hope these help.

    Kristi, Co-Moderator NICU forum
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    Feel free to PM me if you need additional information. My only experience with breastfeeding is with my son, but I read almost every book out there (including all of the ones mentioned above) before he hatched, and even more since. There's not much to do when you're breastfeeding, so you end up reading a lot.
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    I found "the motherly art of breastfeeding" along with other books mentioned to be very helpful. The only thing that bothers me about some of the books "the leche-league"(I think, its been a few years) is that they throw in a bunch of parenting advice that isn't called for in a breast feeding book.
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    You could also check with the Lactation Consultants at your local hospitals.