Books being stolen......

  1. Anyone had experience with thieves at your school? So far I have had two expensive books stolen from me.....last semester, my A & P II book and now my Micro Lab Atlas is gone! I'm a very organized person and I'm positive I didn't just leave it somewhere. I always put it back in the same place (in my bookbag). The only thing I can figure out is that someone unzipped my book bag and snatched it out. My Micro Lab teacher makes us put our bookbags, etc. in the back corner of the Lab because our Lab is so small. I sit on the other side of the room with my back to the bookbags therefore I cannot see or guard my items! This is rediculous. From now on, my stuff is staying with me under my desk! Am I going to have to worry about books being stolen from me in nursing school? I hope we will have lockers or something......anyone have any suggestions about how I can "lock" my bookbag (or get one that locks) for now?
    Frustrated.....thanks for letting me vent.
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  3. by   locolorenzo22
    Personally, I use a rolling catalog case (which can be inconvienent at x's, but is handy for when I have to bring a lot of items to school). It has latches and a combo lock for them...
    I can fit about 4 binders and 2 textbooks in there, plus it rolls, so I don't really care if everyone else thinks I'm a big Donald Trump dork, it works for me! I have not had a problem with books being stolen, but I never let it out of my sight. Clinical bag is same deal, I never take anything there I can't afford to lose or that I don't HAVE to bring.
  4. by   CHATSDALE
    i like the idea of keeping it as close to you as possible

    also i use to mark with permanent marker my name on the leaf of the book
    [clarify: not the spine} all the books look alike so you can see yours across the room

    hate that you have to attend school with people like this
  5. by   Lovely_RN
    That is really sickening but I can see how it happens. Those books are really expensive, paid $92 for the lab manual for A&PI forget about what the actual textbook cost. Some jerk likely hasn't purchased a book of their own or will sell yours, even at half price it's likely worth a fast $50 or $75. If you use a backpack they usually have two zippers. I would put a padlock on my zipper, it sucks but it's better than being continually robbed.
  6. by   Scrubz
    Think you could go to the school board, tell them your story? Maybe they'd help you out. Worth a shot anyway.
  7. by   cjudesaenz
    aww... that stinks... this has never happened to me, i usually keep everthing practically on top of me and if anyone tried i would most likely bite them... People can be so mean, c'mon you have to use your hard earned money to get by and these people get by by ripping off others... Im really sorry but remember everything comes back three folds... But hellzz ya i would padlock my bag...
  8. by   Race Mom
    Schools are having problems with this type of theft. Mostly out of cars in the parking lot with books in view. These scums steal your books then bring them to the bookstore for a buyback. Our school has caught on and now requires photo ID which is crossreferenced in their computer, before they will buy it back. Who knows if it has cut down on the thefts, but it must be a deterant.
  9. by   Achoo!
    I always write my last name on the side of the book, on the pages with a big Sharpie. That way at least if they brought it to class you could find the culprit.
  10. by   NaomieRN
    Did you put your name in it?
  11. by   BouBou
    I would suggest getting a lock( the small ones for suit cases) or putting a small bell(like for cats) on your zipper. The unsuspecting thief probably won't notice the bell but will be caught red handed.
  12. by   CityKat
    Quite honestly, putting your name on your books isn't going to matter because the thief will just mark out your name and put his/her name there and deny anything further..
    One of my friends back home was having a problem where someone was stealing her books out of her book bag during lab class in anatomy. In the middle of the semester, she ended up locking it with a small "key" lock and kept the key in her pocket and locked it during class. I personally thought it was crazy, but she never had anymore books stolen
    You can buy a tiny lock to stick through your zippers. Her book bag had three pockets that zipped and she just put everything of worth in the two biggest pockets and locked the zippers of the two pockets together and it worked fine.
    Good luck, people can be sooo messed up, I swear.
  13. by   RN BSN 2009
    Wow that's really awful, The lock sounds like a smart investment though!
  14. by   natrgrrl
    We have had a problem lately with a few homeless men who come into the buildings to warm up. There are so many students, so no way to keep them out. One guy was caught in our classroom while we were in lab. He walked in, picked up a backpack and walked back out. Instructor confronted the guy and called security. Luckily, the student got her backpack back because her keys were in it.