bizzaro speech today in school

  1. I'm currently working on my last co-requisite (speech & communication), and start nursing school in the fall. My speech class has been doing persuasive speeches. "Why you should vote" was mine, which I gave yesterday.

    Well, today, this guy (who asked me out for coffee last Thursday, but I declined), gets up, and says, "Today I want to talk about intuition, and why you should listen to your intuition, even if you can't find a logical reason to do so." And precedes to tell us about how, when he was 16, he had a BIG PLAN to lose his virginity. How and why he selected the lady (a widow in her 30s in his village), how he tried to seduce her, what happened, yada yada yada. Also WHY he planned to NOT USE protection. (Yes, it's the reason you are thinking.) At one point, he was trying to describe who this "sexy lady" looked like, he was scanning the room, and someone said, "Hey, don't go there!" :chuckle

    So he goes on with the tale of the seduction, going to her house on an errand, her neglige, complete with the word "foreplay" (all this in front of people ranging in age from 18, to people in their 50s). Guess he felt pretty comfortable! Punch line was, in the heat of the moment, his intuition told him to get out of the situation, and he did. Two years later, he hears that the woman in question died of AIDS. :stone

    While this was a riveting story (IMO) , I'm not exactly sure it least not with lascivious details. What do you think? Is this common place now, in a speech class? Feel free to disagree! (Hope I didn't offend anyone just now!):imbar
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  3. by   klone
    And you didn't go out for coffee with this fellow? Whyever not? :chuckle
  4. by   IMustBeCrazy
    It must have been your intuition, lol.
  5. by   Gator,SN
    His story sounds like a bit of macho fantasy to me. A widow in her 30's wanting a 16 year old, that just sick. :stone Maybe the professor should have screened the topics before the presentation.
  6. by   Nikki730
    I agree, it sounds far-fetched. Maybe this lady was some sort of outcaste in their village. I was talking to a friend of mine today, and she couldn't understand why a 30ish lady would want to be with a 16 year old. Maybe she was friendly, he interpretted it as flirting, then wove the whole story out of her "percieved interest". But something about it, I don't know... had the ring of truth. Like his corny details ("I had decided it was time to do this, and was determined. It would have taken a whole lot of money to change my mind! I started hanging out places I knew she would be...") Someone the previous day gave his speech about adaptotion, infertility, and their inability to conceive, so maybe he thought it A-ok to tell his "Mrs. Robinson-eque" story.

    But then again, this guy is strange. For instance, he asked me out, and ealier, he was playing up to this other girl, (asking if he could walk her to her car, etc), chatting up a third girl right after his speech, etc. If you come onto enough people of any age, you might get some takers. This is a 5 week class, so he has to move fast. LOL.

    Thanks for replying. I was about to start replying to myself, such as "Hey Nikki730, I've read all your posts and your problem is you're a PRUDE!!"
  7. by   Gator,SN
    LOL, Nikki, I don't think your a prude! My husband and I were talking and he said it sounded like something out of Playboy............maybe this guy likes to read!
  8. by   IMustBeCrazy
    This guy has seen one too many 'reality' TV shows and wants to be part of the drama methinks. Of course, on the other hand it's possible he's a psych patient as well...the behaviors you noticed seemed pretty strange to me.
    i for one believe that your classmate's not lying & probably's scared to death. i feel sorry for him & the women he plans on sleeping with & possibly infect in the near future. what i do find amazing though is him approaching/hitting on women after making this speech. was he really trying to hit on them or was he simply asking them for coffee to discuss the lecture? or do ya think he gave this speech to shock & observe responses? may be he's doing some sort of thesis on people's reactions to it....for his sake/health i hope so. i know people don't like being an unknown participate for a study...that's unethical to involve people like that but ~

    what i'd like to know is just what was it he'd said that's so unbelievable, shocking, or far fetched? i've just met j.l. king only the night before last for a book signing. his the author of: 'on the down low: a journey into the lives of "straight" black men who sleep with men'. this man was one of those so called "str8" men who just happened to have sex with other men & infected his wife with hiv. thousands of women...particularly young black women (according to this month's 'ebony mag'...are contracting hiv from their 'down-low' spouses/boyfriends. it wouldn't be far fetch at all....did your classmate say what the 30 something y/o widow's husband die from? and further more...from what village did she come from/lived? i know that many african men are obligated to marry their brother's widows & take-on many of the rights & responsibilities including satisfying them sexually. hiv has spread like wild fire within these kinds of communities there. these people aren't iv drug users...nor are they permissucous....this is just their tradition/way & millions are dying as a result. many people are dying from hiv/aids in romania too...i could go on & on. what i'm so surprised is that many poster have dismissed him so quickly....specially being in the medical field 'n all.

    so you see...this isn't so far fetch nor should what he had to say be taken lightly. perhaps a little reality that's not sugar coated is just the thing people 18-50 something should hear...after all...if they're old enough to vote, be drafted, & have risky sex...then i think they're old enough to handle his speech...graphic 'n all.

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  10. by   caroladybelle
    Not mentioned is the patients ethnicity.

    In Florida, I ran into a number of recent immigrants to this country that had serious problems with interpretting actions of the opposite gender. They also were what I would deem very pushy with displaying intentions to those that they were trying to hit on, very inappropriately so.

    And as you did not display shock regarding his story, may have felt it okay to push the barriers.

    Perhaps those of you that have been hit on, can get together and confront him regarding this issue..or have the professor do so.

    (please tell me that he is not a nursing student)

    He will continue to have difficulties until someone makes it clear what is and is not appropriate behavior.
  11. by   traumaRUs
    Having lived for long periods of time overseas (3 different countries) I can honestly say the customs of others are to be respected. There are completely different opinions as to personal space also in different countries with the US requiring more personal space than say in Korea or Japan where it is extremely populated. However, the caveat here is that when one comes to another country - one adapts. The visitor can not expect the country to change to their standards - they are the ones that need to change. I am certainly no prude but I would have gotten up and left the classroom! The poster who said it read like something out of Playboy is right - get a grip and grow up. If it was a cultural misunderstanding (as another poster alluded to) then the instructor should have interrupted and given the student another chance to present a more appropriate topic. Either way - it was in poor taste.
  12. by   maire
    Well it was ceratinly not the typical run of the mill speech and hey, he did get his point across!
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    I think it was too much information and a bit inappropriate though it was pretty original and took guts for him to do it!
  14. by   alexillytom
    Quote from CNM2B
    I think it was too much information and a bit inappropriate though it was pretty original and took guts for him to do it!
    Ditto! Although, I don't think it is that unbelievable. Remember the 30ish teacher who had two children by her student. Also, I was watching Oprah, and there was another 30ish female teacher who was "seduced" by her 16 year old student. They are now married.