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I posted my B grades and it seems like I am the only one? Am I or are all of you B students out there made to feel ashamed of your grades? It seems lately there has been an aweful lot of talk about... Read More

  1. by   Heath82371
    i just had to add my 2 cents worth. while i don't think gpa is the most important thing in the world i think it is a good measure of academic ability (not necessarily nursing skills but academic skills). i too am looking at an accelerated bs to bsn program that receives as many as 200+ applicants and admits 12 students once per year. my husband is a bsn-rn who is in crna school so i can say without question gpa is important if you plan to continue to your education. like many of you, his gpa declined some in nursing school but he passed the nclex his first attempt and he was accepted into an anesthesia program. statistically speaking, gpa is an accurate predictor of academic sucess bottom line.......... and the more applicants a program has the more selective they can be.....unfortunely for some of us!!
  2. by   CalvilloSN
    B grade Congrats!!! I have always been an A student in School. The nursing program is totally different than other classes. Currently I have a B avg in Nursing 100 and have worked my butt off to get that grade. Most of the 64 students in my class has a C average, with about 8 A's, 6-8 B avgs. So don't sell yourself short just because some people are better test takers than others. All my teachers tell the class they would rather have a C student taking care of them then an A student anyday. Besides no one is going to ask you what grade you got in school, only that you are capable of taking care of them is all that is important besides making an average of 75% to pass the class. Good Luck
  3. by   Catma63
    To pass any exam in any of the nursing courses, we have to make an 80. Combining all exams per course, again, we have to maintain at least an 80. My score right now is almost 88. I started out with a 4.0 GPA. I cannot imagine what it will look like once all of this is over...and I don't care.
    There's a student in my class, older lady like me, who beats herself up if she doesn't get an A or at least a high B on every exam. Those number scores mean so much to her.
    Me, as long as I pass, I'm happy.
    I can't imagine one patient (or co-worker) caring what my exam scores or GPA was when I was a student. They won't, you know.
    I'm like the first one who posted C=RN...That's good enough for me.
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  4. by   Nurse_Ben
    I am a straight "c" student. Books don't make you smart....you do. I'm in the top of my clinical class and proud of it.
  5. by   Mithrah
    All my teachers tell the class they would rather have a C student taking care of them then an A student anyday.
    This just bothers me that a teacher would say such a thing. Does that mean he/she wishes the A students would purposefully miss test questions? I would think that an instructor would want a competent nurse regardless of their grades.

    Shame on that teacher.
  6. by   smk1
    i have a different slant as in still in the prenursing phase. My schools program is SO competitive that people with 3.5 gpa and a mix of a's and b's in their sciences are being turned down! So grades mean a lot to me right now! I am pushing for a 4.0 every semester (hopefully i'll make it) if i somehow don't get in at least my grades will hopefully be high enough to make it into one of the private BSN programs around. (thought they are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive!) Oh well back to studying
  7. by   pcelest2003
    Mostly Micro C, and proud of it. This intructor must have thought well all wanted to be microbiologist!. currently taking AP I, almost the end of the semester. This has to be the longest drawn out course that I have ever taken. Looking forward to APII? Yah, great. However, I need to bring my sci gpa to at least 3.0, in chicago metro area. The city colleges are pretty competitive for admission!