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I was just wondering how many of you in School has found a click and how many people are loners.. Do you think it is normal and ok to be a loner or do you feel that since you spend most of your time... Read More

  1. by   Jennerizer
    My nursing class gets along very well with one another. We are always encouraging each other. We started with a class of 30, but are now down to 20 going into second semester. The only time I've seen it rather competitive is when they combined my campus' class with another campus due to our instructor having a baby in the middle of the semester. We are always sharing notes, helping one another to study, giving a shoulder to cry on....whatever it takes.
  2. by   FutureNurse2005
    I tend to have a couple of close friends, but I wont alienate myself from everyone else. I find I work best on my own, and when I start nursing school, I will probably find a friend or two and keep it at that (for studying!).
  3. by   rnnurse2be
    Im an a EXTROVERT~~
    Had loads of friends last year. We didnt just have our "clique" but always were asking others who were loners to join us.

    This year will be different, everyone has moved to different colleges for the most part. Some will still be there, but it wont be the same.

    Im not real shy... LOL :roll
    So Im sure I'll find more friends to study with.
  4. by   suzy253
    Haven't even started classes yet but I could see from our orientation over the summer that cliques were already forming. I'm a very outgoing person but I don't tend to join in cliques. Just not for me. I have found several other students who I get a long with very well but certainly not 'cliquey'. I envision myself in school being friendly with several others but will want to study on my own and not be distracted by others.
  5. by   Mariannsi
    When I attended school back in 1999, I had met three other girls and we formed a study group together, our test scores were always 2-4 point within each other. We were solid B+ students. I was married with one child, one was a single mom, and the other two were both single and living at home. We would take turns studying out each other's homes. We each brought different views to the table. In cases where one of us didn't get something (e.g, acid/base balance) we would all try our hand at helping that person (and it always worked). Well, back in 1999 after my third rotation (L&D/Peds), I left school. Each of the girls I had met and studied with are now RN's and are working in the real world. They love it. Well, now, I'm back and ready to finish up. I laugh and say that I'm going to be a loner, but I am a people person and will probably hook up with someone to study. My point is this: Do what is right for you and believe it or not until this very day these three girls remain my best friends. If it weren't for them pushing me to return to school, I don't think I would have had the courage to go back. But, now I'm I'm happy I did and am greatful for meeting them.
  6. by   pedi-RN
    I'm probably considered to be in a "clique". My group formed when we were together in Micro. Three of us are moms, so we understand the difficulty of doing this with small children, and how to juggle schedules. The three of us are going to be together everyday this semester, we got into the same lab/clinical section. And the other member of our group will be with us in lecture.
  7. by   ShelleyERgirl
    I would have to say that I guess I am part of a clique although unintentionally and we definitely don't alienate people. We help each other out in class and share notes, but when it comes to serious study time, I am definitely a loner. I can't concentrate around a bunch of people because with us, studying would just not get done! I think it makes school a little more bearable when you have a close knit group of friends to be a "sort of " second family.
  8. by   hobbes
    Well, I'm definitely not a clique person and although I really don't like to consider myself a loner, I can easily study and do fine by myself. That said, I think I prefer a study group provided everybody is bringing something to the table - it just makes things a bit more enjoyable. That shared feeling of struggle.

    I just finished my first year of preqs and looking back on things I can comment on both perspectives. During my first two semesters, I really didn't have a study group per se, but I was "recruited" to "tutor" each semester. If someone genuinely approaches me for help, I usually do. However, most of my real studying was done on my own and I did great in those classes. This summer while taking Micro, I studied with a group of focused classmates and I really enjoyed the interaction. I also noticed that it forced me to be prepared and ready to answer questions and explain concepts that I didn't have to do as much previously. This is a important point, because the ability to explain a concept to someone or to teach someone something forces you to really know and understand what you're talking about. So, although I can easiliy study on my own , give the right circumstances I'd prefer to study in a group.
  9. by   TinyNurse
    i'm a new grad but i wanna post,
    freshman year i was in a clique, but people ended up dropping, then senior year even more dropped which made me sort of a loner, i talked to like 3 people my senior year seriously.
    It's ok though, as long as you know your info and you can pass NCLEX and get into the job world you are ok.

    Jen, RN
  10. by   RN2B052004
    I am fortunate enough to have a girl in my classes that I went to high school with. But I have also formed friends in nursing school. I think that having a click helps in a way. Because we tend to study together and help each other with projects. But I think it is also ok to be a loner. Some people work better by themselves and that is ok!
  11. by   Jen2
    When I took my Chemistry class, I didn'y really want to speak to anyone in there. I was a loner and had tutoring. I was doing great on exams, but having diffuculty in the lab, because we had take home assignments that we had to figure out and turn in for the lab grade. What we did in the lab was just practice for our asignments. My professor told me that I needed to get with the people in my lab and discuss my assignments since they all seemed to be doing better than me. This was great advice, I began to be more social and go over my assignments with the people in my class. We all found that where one of us may have missed a certain point, the other may have gotten it and so on. I made alot of friends and we all even went out for dinner and drinks after the two hour and ten page (front and back) final. The best part is that alot of these people will also be starting the nursing program with me this fall. I found that I am an only child and have always been a loner. I have the same friends now that I had in grade school, but it didn't kill me to mingle with my classmates. I was better for it, and the best thing was that most of these people had the same values as myself so I didn't have to worry about them copying my work which I think was my biggest concern. You will find that most nursing students are there to learn and have the same values as you, so give them a chance, I did and I'm very happy about that.
  12. by   GPatty
    I am definitely a loner. I am my own clique and I don't care what others think or what they do, as long as I do my job and take care of my patients to the best of my ability.
    I had a friend in school, but after school, we drifted apart, due to extreme circumstances (she failed in nursing school and came to work where I was as a CNA, so I was technically her boss....that didn't go over well).
  13. by   JnJTyson
    Neat Post!

    I'm in LPN school. So there are/were 32 of us to start..and we are in one classroom all day. I found it pretty amazing out the group split up. Its almost like being back in high school. VERY dissapointing.

    We have the designated "latin corner" everyone calls it. All of the folks from mexico, Cuba, PR, and I think 1 from columbia. They all sit together in a group and don't really talk to the rest. A few do. And they are REALLY nice.

    Then we have the group of people from Haiti. They sit together, study together and don't really talk to the rest either. Of course, there is one or two that do...

    Then there is the study-a-holic. Mad at herself if she gets a 98 on a test. Goes to school, comes home and studies, studies on break. She's hard to talk to because she's so worked up about studying.

    The typical wierdo in every class that no one understands why he is the way he is..says odd things in class, makes unappropriate comments adn the like.

    And then theres the rest of us. We all talk to eachother, we have the table at lunch that there is barely any room at because we cram about 12 people into a table for 6.

    But the girl I sit next to, I knew in high school. We do things on the weekends, double date, things like that. I study alone. If I study with other people, I tend to get off topic and we end up chatting for 3

    So I must say its pretty sad that the class kinda ended up in cliques by race. But it is very nice to see that some of the folks talk to everyone. Our "clique" if you want to call it that....we have a little bit of everyone. Most of us are white, but I guess we are the group of people that don't have a group to latch on to.

    Our group has an asian woman, an african american woman, and a gay em all! But we also have a woman in her 50s, a girl fresh out of high school, and guy in his 40s...From all different walks of life, at different points of life. I love it. I'd rather hang out with a variety of people rather than 1 defined group.

    But I wouldn't be able to make it through class with out my one real friend. We keep eachother entertained during the boring lectures..=0)