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I was just wondering how many of you in School has found a click and how many people are loners.. Do you think it is normal and ok to be a loner or do you feel that since you spend most of your time... Read More

  1. by   Jaggeddoll
    I'm pretty much a loner, but there are a few people in my classes that I really like and talk to. A lot of the people that are in my classes are the type that whine and miss class, then beg to copy my notes.. I DON'T think so
  2. by   marilynmom
    I am like most of you. In each class I do normally make some "friends", but I do not hang out with them outside of class. I prefer to study by myself cause most time that I have been to study groups NO ONE studies, they just talk and

    I have always been just on my own so to say. Even in high school I just had 1 or 2 close friends.

    I go to class and then come home to husband and kids basically.

  3. by   marilynmom
    Originally posted by Born2BAnurse
    well IM the type of student who doesnt say much... But I do ask a lot of questions and for some reason that irritate some of the students... I try to get as much information that I need to get about what Im learning, what Might be on a test, etc, etc. I notice that a lot of students pair off in groups and basically hangout with the other students
    I get the same crap to! Just this summer semester one day in Chem lab I was asking some questions because I did NOT understand what he was telling us we had to do for lab. So, hello, I was asking him questions about it- what is wrong with that? And I took up maybe 2-3 mins of time asking them (titration). So during lab some of my lab parteners were complaining about me asking questions because "we just want to get done and go home" And then of course they did not understand the lab once it had started and I did and they were trying to copy off my lab notes!!

  4. by   nursebucky
    I feel at home on this post.
    I am a loner, but as soon as someone even thinks you are smart or your notes are perfect, you start to gain 'friends'.
    I study alone and make my a's and b's on my own. I don't care for all of the whining and complaining or blatant 'Mr. Teacher, what exactly will be on the test' type of people. Just study all of it and know it is my philosophy.
    I am 33 yrs old, so maybe that is me setting into my ways. Who cares?
    This, too is my last chance to obtain the career of my dreams, and NO ONE will get in my way. They will be removed.
  5. by   twarlik
    Glad to hear that many of you don't use study groups. I've never liked studying in groups, but had heard that they were pretty much a necessity in nursing school (don't remember where I heard that from).
    I was a real loner this last year. Most the students are a few years younger than me, so I don't really have much to talk with them about. Also, I didn't really like a lot of the younger students I met. They just seem to be living in a never ending haze. Most of them also don't seem very serious about school. I met a couple of older students who I really liked and got along with. Hope to meet some more when classes begin next month.
  6. by   Carolanne
    I think I tend to be more of a loner - I'll find a couple of people that I kind of team up with to practice labs for clinical, etc., but I've found in the past that the more involved I get with people, the more favors and phone calls I got, help with papers, etc. Not that I mind helping people, but I find I stay more focused if I keep my nose in the book more and keep socializing to a minimum. I'm part time too, so I'm not on campus as much as a full timer would.
  7. by   zebnkee
    WOW, you guys are right up my alley too. I don't "hang out" with many people either. I tend to have only a few "friends" in classes also. The first 3 pre-reqs I took I had the same two people I studied with and that helped a LOT. We quizzed each other and were there for support along the way. One of the girls and I started studying alone without the other becasue she started using our study times as time for US to tutor HER! This past semester, when I took Micro. neither were in my class so I met two new "friends" and did 3-way calling with them to go over obj. and homework. That worked really well.

    I just finished a nursing seminar-orientation course this summer that orients you to our schools nursing program. The school highly recommends nursing students to form study groups with 4-6 people. They say making "rules" like specific study times and sticking to them as you would a class, and having expectations for what you will accomplish each mtg is key, otherwise a member should be asked to leave the group. I think that I'll try that and see how it goes for me.
  8. by   LauraLou
    I like to be friendly with the people in my classes, but I really don't have time to hang out on campus or make runs to Starbucks.

    I have never been in a study group. I can't imagine exactly how one works. Before class we all sit in the hallway and everyone complains about how hard it is and how much work they have to do. It's nice to have a chance to vent with others who understand, but I don't think it would be a productive way to study.
  9. by   NurseDixie
    Gee, I'm sort of a loner, too. I live about an hour from college and my car is old, so I leave extra early in case I have any problems w/car. So I get there at least an hour before class starts and most of the rest of the class get there about 5 minutes before class begins. But I like getting there early, and do some extra studying, reading or whatever. I don't smoke and a lot of the students take smoke breaks together. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against smokers, I just can't stand the smoke. LOL. I like to tape all my lectures and write it out later at home. It helps me remember things. I tried studying with a group, but we all just started talking about everything and not much about our studies. So I'd rather be alone. Also I'm a lot older than the rest (46) :-)
  10. by   shyne
    I usually study with 2-4 people who are very focused in only doing that.
  11. by   justjenn
    Ok, well, here is something to add to the original post.

    Say your an extrovert, have you considered changing to be more introverted. OR, are you introverted & want to be more outgoing?

    I feed off of the energy of people. I thrive in it, especially in school. But, I am considering not being so outgoing. More like a loner. A whole new career, a whole new me. I want to be taken seriously by my instructors.

    But, I also know that I will need a study partner. There is not a lot of people like me. Being 33, very happily married & w/ no kids & no plans for kids makes me a horse of a different color. (green or violet) LOL.

  12. by   happystudent
    If you've never tried a study group , you should with 1 or 2 people that are focused......I have two friends that I study with and I find it soo helpful because we get into discussions about the material we are studying....It helps me retain more info.......and stuff I missed
  13. by   Nightcrawler
    I am about to enter second semester, and I found that our class of 30 really grew close really quickly because of the stress of the program. We seem to mainly be splitting along age lines, with the younger students grouping together, and the returning students forming their own, more diverse group. The nursing program just FEELS like it is a school unto itself, a different world from the rest of the CC. We are only on campus 2 days a week, we have a different and more strict grading scale (91% is a A, 82% is a B and 74% is a F), and we are slammed by work ALL of the time. I have found it to be a bonding experience. I think that most of us already feel like family, even if we aren't all in the same study group.