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Before I got into nursing school I was an A student, not A-, but A. So far I have not gotten a single A. I got an A- in pathopharm and am going to have an A- in Peds/Ob with the rest of my classes... Read More

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    Quote from lizzyberry
    First of all as far saying nursing students need to be A students there are over 75 students in our program not one getting an A. I believe if you are passing Nursing school you are trying very hard you would have to be like a genious to slack off in Nursing school and still pass. Half of the people in our program failed out and I believe some of these students studied thier butts off. So I hate it how people say you have to get an A sometimes that is not possible. I put my life into this program and I was once an A+ student during my prereqs now I am getting high B's. Am I going to be a bad nurse because Im not getting A's? No! Like my teacher said "Some of the best nurses are C students."
    I agree. I have a previous degree in Finance and graduated with a 3.7 GPA whilw working a full time job. When I took my sciences I received A's in A+P and Micro while working 60 hrs a week. Thus far I have received a B for Nursing 1, and a B- for nursing 2. This semester ids yet to be determined. I am hoping to get a B. Our school has an integrated curriculum where a test can have psych, med surge, and OB on it. The questions are submitted by 5 to 6 different teachers. It is a tough program. There may be 1 or 2 people who are getting A's. I know personally that my work ethic is extremely high and I still don't make A's. I think that most of the students in my program work really hard and some still only make C's. Usually the ones that make A's are the ones who don't work and don't have children. Just because someone does not make an A does not make them a slacker.
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    i just finished my first semester of nursing classes yesterday. we had to take 8 classes, 16 credits, and every week felt like an 80 hour work week. i have a previous degree, and i felt like this is the hardest semester of school i've ever done in my life! i worked my butt off, and managed to get a's in all eight courses. i do have people skills, i do manage to have a bit of homelife, and i am extremely proud of my work and what i have learned this semester. i think part of my success was based on the fact that i didn't allow myself to stress over a's and b's, and concentrated on the idea that this was material that i was going to need to know to help save people's lives. i was perfectly ok with getting a b, as long as i understand the material! also, aside from ya'll on allnurses, i haven't told anyone my's not their business!! (maybe my mom....:spin why do they need to know? nursing students are too competitive already, and grades are a sorespot for many people. exemplify your accomplishments through leadership and in clinical.

    our program started with 140 students, and not all of them got a's. not all of them have good "people skills". not all of them are going to pass the first semester. but, there are a lot of them that are going to make great nurses. just because you are not perfect on every test, or perfect in clinical each day doesn't mean you are going to be a bad nurse! if you get a b, so what! that's great! i had a friend miss an a by 0.5%. she was so disappointed, but i pointed out to her that her patient's aren't going to ask if she got a's or b's, or even c's in her classes. their going to want to know if she can help them get better, and do so competently and with dignity. sure, it sucks right now, but she's going to make a great nurse.

    if getting great grades is really important to you, it can be done. just make sure you don't sacrifice yourself or your family in the process. there are a few students in our class that get near perfect on every test (and i'm not one of them!). but i'll be honest, they can barely function in clinical. one guy barely saw his wife and kids the entire semester, because he was at the library for three months. another girl barely passed her clinical because she couldn't interact with patients. you have to really look deep and say, what is important to me: perfection on paper, or competency in real life. another guy barely passed his clinical because he couldn't interact with patients. i'd choose the latter any day!

    best of luck to everyone!
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    Quote from cinqly
    her patient's aren't going to ask if she got a's or b's, or even c's in her classes. their going to want to know if she can help them get better, and do so competently and with dignity.

    you rock!!!!!!
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    Nancynurse08, dont get so worked up... I was just trying to make an example. No one is asking you to stop getting A's or even to stop being proud of them. When I get an A, I dont hide it from anyone and it definetly does not stop me from being compassionate. So, if your class mates have a problem with you getting an A, its there problem! You should not let it get to you so much.

    I mean, someone that would rather shun you for getting a good grade instead of talk to you and figure out how they can do better, certainly is not one of those C students I was referring to (the ones that try there hardest). So my example was ot to offend you or any other straight A student. More power to you and keep up the good work!
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    I had A's in all my pre req's. Bio, Chem, Micro, A&P I, A& P II, psych, developmental psych- all of them. Just took my 150 point final- it was worth a third of our grade. I got a 121 out of 150. I had a B going into the final and now I have a C. IT SUCKS. I have an 83%, a B is an 84%. But you know what, I work FT, have three kids- I'm my dd's girl scout leader, plus the kids have CCD and gymnastics, and I have to be on call for work so I work way more than 40 hours a week. Could I study more? Yea I could, but I am not willing to sacrifice two years of my life and my children's childhood to study nonstop- I'm just not- I need a life too. As it is I never see my husband- but I refuse to have my schooling negatively impact the kids- so I sit and do 6th grade math with my daughter for two hours in the evening because she needs help- should I be doing my own homework or helping her with hers? This weekend I have a third grade science project that needs done. I'll do the best I can with what time I have. & Do I like C's ?-hell no. I'm competitive- I'm used to A's- is the material incredibly hard- no- it's the huge amount of material that they cover in such a short time that does you in. I already have a BA- and no it was NOT like nursing school at all- and lets be honest some of those NCLEX questions- OMG are they stupid- what's the best position to sit in to take a dump, and in which direction should you wipe your ass? How about the question about the proper way to use a scale- should the person wear socks or stand barefoot on a piece of towel placed on the scale. ***** That question was just ridicules.

    As far as transcripts- I interview and look at resumes at work all the time- I do hiring- where I work- & it is a care provider type agency- transcripts are never asked for until after you have been offered the job- and then they are only held in HR to prove that you have the degree- I never even see my staff's transcripts- I just know if they have a degree or not.
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    Quote from NancyNurse08
    Okay, this is the anecdote that really chaps my behind! The "A student who has no people skills" anecdote.
    Usually such statements are made by someone trying to make themselves feel better about their average grades by tearing someone else down.

    Most of the A students I've come across were also good clinically, they were committed to nursing and blessed with good brains.

    It's so hard to make a generalize statement about someone based on grades, or those few nurses with good book sense and little common sense hands on skills.

    My approach to both my ADN (3.8 GPA) and ADN to BSN (3.97 GPA), is to do my very best, learn the best I can and let the grades be what they may.

    But I also understand the op, I'm used to making A's, that's just me, so that when I don't, I take pause, and sometimes I'm frustrated with it, but I move on and don't loose sleep over it, and I'm more material and learning focused than grade focused. Some days are better than others.

    We should never judge one another by our grades, because we're all different. Like someone said one person might be studying their tail off and making C's, it doesn't mean they will be a bad nurse. I think as long as someone is doing their best from day to day (and that varies) we should just relax about it all.
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    When I received my first grade in nursing school and it was a C, I flipped as I am used to As. A few months later, my philosophy is to do the best I can and accept the grade and move on. It is futile to compare person vs. person - we all have different responsibilities in our lives that take up time and some more than others, some have more support from our significant others, etc. We have had different school experiences previous to nursing that have prepared/not prepared us for certain classes and learning styles. It is futile to compare school vs. school - grading scales are different - if my school had a 10 point grading scale I would have many more As, classes are different, some schools harder than others, some teachers better than others. My grade dropped from A to B because I was tutoring another classmate who was failing and now she will pass, I didn't study as much as usual for my tests because I was helping her...was it worth it, yes I think so.If you honestly do the best you can to try to understand the material and be a good nurse, you will be one whether or not you get As or Cs. You do need to master the NCLEX type of questions if you want to be able to practice as a nurse - to pass the exam, so do get a review book if needed.
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    Sometimes yes I do think A's are a thing of the past, and let me just make a little comment to the person who said something about settling! I have a personal experience with actually getting a 76% in my psych class when I needed a 77% does this mean I'm just down right dumb or didn't study no, so if you are an A student, well thank God and keep it moving but don't judge someone else just because they're not. I also wanted to comment on a lot of the A nurses that I work with nursing school doesn't teach you everything sweetie so you come out knowing the theory, but common sense and basics are what you need to survive, not trying to figure out how to answer instructors questions, why? because they're not there. Some A nurses don't even know how to introduce themselves to a patient or don't even bother explaining that they're going to assess the patient, they just go in and rip their gown off, and some physicians don't even know how to speak so don't give me that "I know what it takes to do it right," because when you come out nobody gives a hoot if you got an A, B, or a C, as long as you do your best and can hold your own and take it from somebody who's been working in the medical field long enough.
    Good Luck to everybody and don't beat yourself up if you don't get an A, just do the best you can and keep it movin!!!!
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    I just gradiated with 2 AB's, and the rest all A's. It was extremely difficult, and the only reason I killed myself for those grades was to get scholarships and get into a direct entry MSN program.
  10. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    I have been nursing for 18 yrs and I can tell you that I have seen many nurses that are very book smart but do not have the best critical thinking skills.

    I am in a transitional program and I made A's for my pre-req's in order to get in. Now? I am an A/B student and it is fine with me. I made a couple of C's on finals.

    I can tell you that school is NOTHING like floor nursing Your ability to critically think, manage your time and prioritize will tell what kind of nurse you will be- not grades.

  11. by   2bnursenikki82
    Here at WT you have to have a 74 to pass, an 84 for a B and a 93 for an A in clinicals as well as lecture classes. Most of the girls/guys in my classes are THRILLED with their B's. It is VERY hard to get an A in the classes here. It's hard to get a 90+, let alone the 93 you need to get an A. A lot of the girls "on the bubble" who end classes with a 91, 92, 83 and end up getting the lower letter grade have their professors write letters To Whom It May Concern stating that the student got an 83, a solid B, in their class but because of the grading system they end up with a C and their GPA reflects that. It's frustrating to not get that bump up to the next grade, but we lose kids every semester because they fail and have to we're pleased as punch to be moving on every semester!
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    I feel very compelled to respond....

    just because a nursing student is bringing home a B or C does not mean that they will be horrible nurses, and it doesn't mean that they aren't studying either. Some people who used to be A students are now C students...not because they don't care, but because they are busting their butts and still don't make an A. I myself am a former A student, now making B's in nursing school. I bust my butt and still can't seem to bring that A home. You can learn the material however you want, but if you don't test well or can't seem to grasp the "application" type questions, you'll never succeed in nursing school. I'm tired of hearing that C=RN is a bad statement. C does = RN and the grades you make don't matter. As long as you pass the NCLEX-RN you can be a nurse. And you'll be the type of nurse you want to be regardless of whether you made A's or C's.

    So, my question to you nurz2be, do you ask each and every nurse that you've had what kind of grades they made? and then if they say something other than an A, do you refuse them?? cause that's crap...and you know it just as well as I do.
  13. by   bulldoggurlie
    Actual nursing school is soooo different than the prereqs. In my class there are students that make cs/bs that are awesome and I would trust with my life and students that are anal straight As that I would let near me and of course A students that are great all around. I don't really have a problem with Cs=RN....sometimes a C in a certain course if very hard to come by and that course might not even really identify with real situational nursing. I do have a problem with people who are not motivated to do the best they can. I think in the long run it sells the patient short and the perception of nursing short.