Anyone taken ERI or ATI tests in your program?

  1. Has anyone taken the ERI or ATI tests in preparation for NCLEX? Our program required us to pass the ERIs last year, and we had a lot of complaints about how effective they were in preparing us for NCLEX. This year we've gone to ATIs as a replacement. If anyone has had experience with either one (or both!), do you feel that they really help with NCLEX? I'm curious to know if one is better than the other.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I took the ERI several weeks prior to completing an LVN program. In my honest opinion, the NCLEX was quite easier than that darned ERI. The ERI did not prepare me for NCLEX (or anything else, for that matter).
  4. by   HokieNurse
    We did ATI thorugh our whole program, 2 yr AS degree. I passed the NCLEX just a few days ago and everyone that I know of in my class has passed so far. As far as ATI helping... I don't know about that, but I guess it didn't hurt. You do get used to taking computerized tests though and that might have helped a little if you were unfamiliar with that style before. I think your classes and the way that your instructors test have more to do with passing the NCLEX. I also recomend a good NCLEX review book to get used to answering the questions.
  5. by   midcom
    So that's what they're for! We had to take 3 of them at the end of 1st term, communication, critical thinking, & Nursing Fundamentals. Most of the class scored too low on them & had to watch videos & then retake the tests until they passed.
    I pass them all the first time but still felt they were a crock. Most of the questions in the fundamentals class covered things we're doing in 2nd term, not this term so much of it was just guessing or using test taking skills. Those who didn't figureout how to do that are the ones who had to repeat & repeat, ... The part that frustrated us all is that we had no idea what we missed or what we were low on because you coun't see which ones you got wrong, just a score.
    We'll be taking then at the end of each term, from home during break.
  6. by   Achoo!
    I found them helpful. I found the videos especially helpful. The question setup is the same, so you are at least familiar when you go in to NCLEX. As far as question content, I can't really say one way or the other.
  7. by   Danish
    We're doing the ATI system in our program too. I just finished the Nutrition test. Im preparing for the Fundamentals of Nursing next week. I like the format (similar to NCLEX). Every answer seems to be correct, you just have to decifer the MOST CORRECT answer. It took a lot of critical thinking. You cannot just memorize the material and pass, you have to be able to apply it to a situation.

    Good luck.
  8. by   BonnieSc
    It's easy to figure out which questions you missed--look at the "topics for study" at the bottom of your scorepage. Each one of those represents one question you missed, so you just have to think back to the questions in your memory. That is, each "subheading" is one question. So, for instance, it might say CARDIAC and then the next five lines will be "Anatomy of heart" "cardiogenic shock" "cardiac myopathy" and so on.

    I've been through the whole ATI program and did well on the NCLEX predictor comprehensive... but haven't taken the NCLEX yet... we'll see if I feel like it helped or not.
  9. by   nurse4theplanet
    We did the ERI. It was used as an assessment tool for us as well as the program, but we were not required to pass.

    I didn't even realize that it had review content and lectures and that we had access to it throughout the entire program until right before I graduated. I simply took the assigned assessment test at the end of every semester.

    I felt like the ERI test questions were closer to actual NCLEX questions than my NCLEX review books. The ERI questions were much harder and had a lot more unfamiliar content...Just like the NCLEX. The NCLEX review books focused more on core content that was familiar, which is best for studying in my opinion. I mastered the core content that allowed me to apply those concepts to unfamiliar content. If I had simply used the ERI, I don't think I would have mastered was too broad in content.

    I would not use the ERI to prepare for the NCLEX, but it would be a great way to assess the areas you need to brush up on. For me, that was always maternity/peds (uggghhhh).

    Good luck!
  10. by   marilynmom
    We do ATI for my BSN program as well. I do fine on them and always pass them.

    I really like the ATI study books and I use them for my lecture exams as well, for a different perspective and I think it helps.

    I have taken the Critical Thinking, Fundamentals, Psych ATIs. At the end of this semester we have to take OB, Pharm, Med/Surg, and Peds ATIs (geez that is a lot eh?).

    I have no idea if they prepare you for the NCLEX or not. I think it helps you get used to it in a way....on the computer, weird questions, questions you have no clue about but still need to make an educated guess, etc.
  11. by   tookewlandy
    I am in my second semester nd we are in Med Surg( last semster was fundamentals of course) We have to take either the HESI or the NLN exam at the end of this term( we are considered LPN students until 3rd semester so i am guessing they will be LPN exams) has anyone heard or taken either one of these exams? Is there a study guide for either one or both?
  12. by   Brookenicole84
    I had to take an NLN exam and an ERI exam. If i score above the 70th percentile on both does that mean I will have better chances at passing the nclex?