anyone studying while on summer break?

  1. Just wondering if you are studying while on summer break? If so, please share how you are fitting it in, and what your study schedule has been. I thought I would be able to get more studying done, but I have been VERY busy...trying to clean out clutter, family time, getting ready for vacation, church work, any adivce you have would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   ErinJane
    I've been fitting in short (like 10-20 minutes) study sessions throughout the summer. I am relying on my Saunders NCLEX prep book. Even if I only have enough time to work on 5 questions, at least I am getting something done. Also, If I come across a condition that I am unfamiliar with I research it and make notes on the pathology/treatment in a special notebook I have.

    Good luck. I don't have a family but I do sympathize with the church duties and I also work.
  4. by   Nepenthe Sea
    Well, I've been taking a state government class, so I have had to study some for that. But in my spare time I have studied a little pharmacology and some med-surg stuff, and worked on dosage calculations. Just trying to get a little bit ahead for next semester! I plan to also review some fundamentals stuff, and maybe watch some of my skills videos, so I'll actually remember how to give a bed bath when the time comes. I just fit in a little bit here and there when I can.

    Also, I put myself to sleep at night by reviewing the steps to some of the skills we learned last semester!
  5. by   XYcsccSN
    If only I had a summer break!!
  6. by   DolceVita
    I don't have the NCLEX coming up but I am trying to do some reading every day. I asked a couple of my instructors for next semester for an advanced copy of the syllabus for each class.

    Any chance to get ahead -- or not fall behind.
  7. by   TheSquire
    Break? You get a break? All I get is three weeks between Summer and Fall quarters...
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  9. by   Cherish
    I will once I'm done moving next week . I'm taking Chemistry, Pathophys., Theology, Equine (love horses), and 2 nursing classes (with drug calc.) so I need to look over A & P and math for the next month since I'm taking 17 credits! I'm just going to study about an hour a day and THAT's IT! It is summer time and I need to recuperate before I start I don't want to feel drained emotionally and mentally because I was focusing on studying.

    I'm not working right now since I was laid off so I think an hour a day will be good. Then back to sitting on my butt or working out LOL. That's my goal this summer sit on my butt and go to fitness classes.
  10. by   8jimi8ICURN
    in my downtime, during nursing school, I took, ACLS, PALS and EMT-B. Now that i'm out of school, I am volunteering with a 911 EMS station and a Fire Department, i am spending my time working on my EMT-I, reading Marino's "The ICU BOOK" and listening to Dr. Vonfrolios CCRN Review Cram.

    If you are interested in a specialty, learn about it, take advanced certifications and volunteer. Volunteer work is an AWESOME way to get patient contacts, experience, and network... not to mention what a great resume builder it is. The advanced certifications that I took forced me to learn materials for my later semesters early, which subsequently made my learning curve much more gentle when we covered those topics in lecture.
  11. by   EleniRN
    I am.. I have an NCLEX review book.. as well as reading some ahead for my next term.. which is Chronic....
  12. by   CrufflerJJ
    Quote from TheSquire
    Break? You get a break? All I get is three weeks between Summer and Fall quarters...
    You got three weeks? Why I remember back in the winter of 19-ought-20-three when we had to walk UPHILL both ways coming & going to/from nursing school before we were allowed our 5 minute break. And that was through 14 feet of snow. In mid-August. During a hurricane.

    Breaks are for RELAXING. Review coursework or prep for the next quarters' classes if you absolutely need to, but take your well deserved break to RELAX.

    This includes the relaxing 16 hour "break" you may get between some quarters in an accelerated BSN (yes, 16 hours - true!).
  13. by   CherryAims
    I am reviewing the things we blew through last semester that I really didn't GET! Endocrine, Cardiac, practicing Dosage Calc. I'm trying to organize my house because I know that September is coming..................I'm already nervous. One way to remind myself to study is leave my books on my dining room table--the place I spent that last 7 months studying!
  14. by   Lennonninja
    I know I should be working ahead and stuff like that, but I'm having far too much fun reading books for FUN and only working full time. Working full time without school at the same time is almost like a vacation after last semester lol!

    Basically, I know that if I don't enjoy the summer before nursing school starts, I'll really regret it about... October or so