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  1. CherryAims

    1st RN job interview... TIPS???

    Thanks for that link ZellRN!! I also have an interview tomorrow and am so nervous! Trying to calm down by doing a little deep breathing....don't feel prepared! But I'm working on that this evening! Wish me luck.....
  2. CherryAims

    Sample Resume and Cover letter for New grad

    Hi All! Really appreciate all the great advice on resumes and cover letters! Now I don't feel like the only one with these kinds of challenges (6 mos post NCLEX, Stay @ home mom for 16 yrs, new grad)! Wish me luck... Will post if I come across further good advice.
  3. CherryAims

    Spouses/Visitors In Patient's Beds

    When I first started reading this I had the opinion, "No way!, get off the bed"! But you have changed my mind a little. I still have the opinion that we must advocate for the patient, the one who needs rest and won't say "I'm tired, sick and need rest, go home or sit in a chair." We must keep in mind they are there to get well, there's plenty of time for cuddling after discharge!
  4. CherryAims

    I witnessed something and can't do anything about it

    I know as students we are hesitant to say or do the wrong thing, but I really think you should have stepped into the room and offered her help or offered to watch over things while she took a break. People have a way of cleaning up their act if they think someone will tell on them or caught them doing wrong. Next time, step up! That child could have brain damage and no one would ever know how it happened. Be confident enough to right the wrong if you can. What's the worse that could happen??
  5. CherryAims

    bumex vs lasix

    Hi there, I am a student nurse and this subject came up this past Friday. It was explained that Bumex was given when high doses of Furosemide were not working.
  6. CherryAims

    Dear Student Nurse - a mentor's lament

    Dear Mentor: What a horror show! I am in my 3rd semester and although it's a small community college, my instructors are strict about our appearance, right down to the white socks on our feet! I agree wholeheartedly that what you witnessed needs to be addressed, because if that person is taking liberties now with the rules.....it will only get worse and the patients will suffer! One other comment: Fellow students watch what you put on your skin before you get to the floor. Some skin lotions smell even more when you heat up. I woke up to that fact when one patient told me I smelled like "cotton candy"!! It was my skin lotion that I applied that morning. These scents can make a sick person sicker! Thanks for your post.
  7. CherryAims

    Frustrated with clinical experience

    The best advice: Watch that nurse and if she is agreeable, try to ask any and all questions you can think of. I had some very good "teaching nurses" and I learned amazing amounts from them. I did have one professor that pulled meds with us then said, "go do it"! That was scary! Try to be where things are happening. For example, if you hear of a complicated dressing change, ask to observe. When you see a nurse with meds, equipment ask if you can watch. And then really watch! Good luck!
  8. CherryAims

    anyone studying while on summer break?

    I am reviewing the things we blew through last semester that I really didn't GET! Endocrine, Cardiac, practicing Dosage Calc. I'm trying to organize my house because I know that September is coming..................I'm already nervous. One way to remind myself to study is leave my books on my dining room table--the place I spent that last 7 months studying!
  9. CherryAims

    New Nursing Students age 50 and up

    Hi All, I am going to be 49 shortly and have to admit I was intimidated by the thought that I would be the "old lady" in my class. But as i meet all of my fellow students I know now that there is quite a mix of ages! I feel that I have advantages of having heard it all and experience of just living life I know more than an 18 year old...........which helps unmeasurably in dealing with patients. Life experience--you can't buy it! But on the other hand--the 18 year old has the stamina! I need a nap when I get home from clinicals.
  10. CherryAims

    Gift for Clinical Instructor

    Our clinical instructor was great! She is very tiny and has trouble finding things small enough. There was this place that makes custom made scrub tops, jackets and pants to match. We chipped in to get her a gift certificate. But there is always a few sour apples in every crowd. One student said she would give me the money later -- she avoided me everytime I saw her after that. Then one just refused to chip in with no reason. She told someone later that the instuctor made more money than all of us put together. And that was the student that took ALL of the instructor's time!! But definitely don't buy anything BEFORE you get the money if you can't afford the whole thing yourself. People are funny!
  11. CherryAims

    Has any one felt like quiting

    I hate the floor I'm on! I hate my clinical instructor! I hate my fellow students (most)! I hate bedpans! I hate the heat! I hate isolation and all the little germs you can catch! But I'm not giving up.................. It takes an hour to get home and by that time I've had a good cry, with the window down in below zero temps, have called my best friend who just listens and I mark another day off the clinical calendar! When I'm thru with this, I can choose where I work. (And I really am getting very good with bedpans!) SO HANG IN THERE!
  12. CherryAims

    Assessment in 20 mins?

    Do you think it may be a time thing for your instructor? Does she have 7 or 8 other students to watch while they do their assessments. We have assessments coming up this week too. I'm taking the weekend to practice on my two boys--that way I get a little time in with them too! I find that if you act confident, if you left something out they will think you did so on purpose. If they say you forgot something, reply "I'm just getting to that!" in a nice way of course.
  13. CherryAims

    So what do you absoulutely LOVE about NURSING SCHOOL ? !

    Okay pollyanna's here's what i love about clinical: Pre-conference and post-conference. Period. Everything else in between is either boring, confusing, hurtful, or uncomfortable! Did i say boring? I can't wait to get off the floor i am on right now. I made a list of things i hate about nursing school but that is for another time. Sorry so negative -- it's been coming easy these days!
  14. CherryAims

    Doctor's Visit a Pain for Overweight Women

    Hi there! I witnessed 1st hand some pretty horrible attitudes regarding a very large woman. The CNA's warned me right away that "shes a big one" as soon as I came on the floor. When the time came to transport her to another facility, the EMT's brought this stretcher that was 12 inches wide. I asked if they thought that it would be able to hold the pt and they said it hold's 600 lbs. (Why do they make them that way?) Anyway, the CNA's and the EMT's were having a great old time making cracks about weight, grunting and groaning when they slid her over to the stretcher. But even sadder, the woman's daughter was either embarassed or disgusted she wouldn't even hug this woman, her mother!! I just held her hand while she cried. She didn't feel safe teetering on this stretcher 4 feet in the air, held on by two straps with her arms and 1/2 of her body hanging over the sides. I am not a small girl myself and I told myself that I would never want this to happen to me. And this kind of attitude is never, ever going to change. Someone should have been her advocate, maybe her nurse. She could have easily been transported in a larger wheelchair. I still can't stop thinking about this lady and hope she has an easier time where she's going.
  15. CherryAims

    I think I'm being treated unfairly...

    Dear MZ: You've gotten alot of very good advice here. I would try to put the whole thing behind me and just do my best the next time I went in. There is a time to talk and a time to listen...............do the listening! If your teacher is avoiding you - that's okay, then she doesn't have a chance to be mean. And when she does talk to you, listen to every thing she says, carefully. Don't be thinking of what you need to ask or of what you are going to say next.....you miss too much of what you really need to hear. Keep a notepad in your pocket and write things down after she leaves you. Isn't it dangerous to try to do something that you don't feel comfortable with doing, say so. Aren't you there to learn?? Are you expected to do something you don't know about? Do the other nursing students know it and you don't? Watch your conduct at all times. When everyone is chitchatting, get out of the huddle and go find something to do. I hope everything works out fine.