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Is it just me or is anyone else obsessed with school? I am losing interest in about everything else! I guess it started before I thought about returning to school 2 years ago, I was tired of... Read More

  1. by   Motivated, SN

    No, you are not the only one. See my reply to Eat, Sleep and Breathe nursing.
  2. by   SusanRN2004
    Originally posted by mkue

    I start Monday with 2 classes M-Th, then in Sept we start clinicals, so then the colored nail polish will have to go, but that's OK.

    Marie, How was the first week of classes? Are you buried in homework yet?
  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Ok, so my Psych class has been over for an entire 48 hours and I just got my $540 worth of textbooks...................and I notice that the package came with an orientation booklet I struggled not to pick it up. I knew as soon as I did I would be headed down the slippery slope of "study addiction". I knew it couldn't be long before an innocent question like "I wonder what days I'll have to schedulue work?" and the very dangerouse "what other resources should I aquire before class?" would slither into my volcabulary like the viper in the Garden of Eden.

    Here's how it all went down............................I looked up the schedule in the orientation booklet, but there were a bunch of guidelines I thought were important so I,..........I,.........highlighted them .........then I thought "just going over one schedule won't hurt", so I wrote the entire clinical schedule into my dayplanner, complete with test times and dates all highlighted. As I was going over the entire semester of lectures and clinicals I noticed to my dismay that the assignments for each week are handed out in a packet in theory class

    I installed all the cd-roms in my hard drive and will now be forced to wait until August 26 for my first assignment.

    Uhmmm.................I wonder if they are in thier offices at the college yet?

    information sponge....going dry.
  4. by   Debbie5
    Oh Peeps....I feel sorry for your instructors!! He He. My good friend and study buddy is the same way. She wants her grade the minute she hands in her tests. She practically beat the doors down at the book store and was very upset when they didn't have two of our lab books priced yet. She was willing to wait for them to do it but she wasn't allowed to stay overnight.

    I am just as excited as her but she shows it enough for both of us. I let her look like the fanatic. Ha Ha Ha.
  5. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    :chuckle Debbie,

    I wonder how your friend would handle the bookstore of mine not having the books on August 1st, as the nursing packet stated?

    They claimed they didn't have them until August 12 when all the other books were in.

    It actually caused me to lose sleep over the injustice of it all! I was so freaked that some lazy clerk was hosing me, and there wouldn't be enough books for the "rush", then they would have to backorder them while I waited 6-8 weeks or something silly like that.

    I am such a phonebone