Am I wrong to feel this way?

  1. Hello,
    All throughout ns i had a group of friends that did everything together. Same class, clinical, and studied together. In our last semester I didn't pass a class and had to sit back (i have to retake the class inorder to continue on) while my friends moved on to their last class/clinical. They all just passed their exit exam, and eventhough i am happy for them i cant help but be a little upset. Not at them, i just can't celebrate with them. They invited me to go out to dinner with them, i knew it was to celebrate them passing their exit exam but i could see myself there. I'd feel too out of place. Their celebrating the fact that their done, what am i going to celebrate? The fact that i have to take a class over! Am i wrong to feel this way?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    No. It's perfectly normal. Don't feel bad about it.
  4. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I would feel the same way you do. It is not that you are envious, you will be sad if you celebrate with them because you should have been celebrating too if it were not for that small road block. Just relax and take it a day at a time, your time will come soon..
  5. by   CL86
    Thanxz. I thought i was being a little selfish, and not being a good friend to them.
  6. by   Lovelymo79
    I'm going to play devil's advocate a little bit. I don't think you're wrong per se for feeling bad..but you need to push those feelings aside for a bit. You need and SHOULD want to celebrate with them. These are your friends, right? And you were there when they went through their classes, right? The struggles..the late nights...the cries..the were there with them helping them along. So, why wouldn't you be there to help them celebrate getting through it? You were a part of that. If I was your friend..yes..I would understand how you feel..but I would want you to put your feelings on pause..just for a help me celebrate. It's almost like the jealous older sister who is single..who doesn't want to celebrate that her younger sister is getting married.

    Now is there them celebrate that. Because you will want them to celebrate when your time comes!
  7. by   VM85
    you could be celebrating the fact that you have such great friends that you still keep in touch with and that they still involve you. Yes you may feel awkward-which I think anyone would. I think explainging that maybe another night would be better if you guys could go out as a girls night out....or some food for thought you could go out because your happy for them! You shouldnt feel stupid(even though it obviously it hurts, it would for me anyways) because your not the first person that has had to take another class over- and oh well your still trying and you too will be graduating too-i say do whatever you feel is right!
  8. by   lyndsay1985

    From personal experience I had to take a class over and didn't move on with my friends.. i know the feeling you bring up, because I was there and it wasn't a good one. but you do get through it i mean what else are you going to do? it justs sucks! and as far as nursing wise don't let it bring you down that way because if anything it actually makes you a Better Nurse b/c your understanding is there and your really refreshed and know what to expect the second time around. so don't let anyone drag you down because you are not dumb in any sense of the word. so thats my soap box of the day! i did celebrate with my friends and we are still in good contact as well, and you know they celebrated with me, and we would do study groups together of course they had there own thing going on and also helped me with mine but i looked at it as a positive outlook because now i got to learn some Rn nursing functions as well and knew what to expect that way instead of all three of us being "somewhat in the dark" that way. so in that sense very very cool!! its all on how you want to perceive situations negatively or positively. so i hope this helps hang in there! you'll see the benefits

  9. by   motivated2nurse
    Dont feel bad, it's normal. Just make it the next time around. Good luck