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  1. CL86

    I failed

    I know exactly how you feel. I finally passed last month on my 3rd attempt and almost 3 years after graduating. Not to mention 8 months pregnant. It is possible! Just hang in there. If I can do it, anyone can! Just take a little break and get back to it. Don't waste time like I did. Wish you the best! Don't beat yourself up about it! Good Luck! :loveya:
  2. CL86

    Finally Passed NCLEX!

    Thanks everyone. Well since this was my 3rd attempt..I had lots of sources. But yeah this time I mostly used Saunders comprehensive book as well as the CD-Rom it comes with for questions. I used their calender option, it gives you a 6 week schedule/calendar with what chapters to read daily with 2 days off a week. After reading each chapter I would answer the questions at the end. And do additional test questions using the CD-Rom. I also used notes I've taken over time. Good Luck to Everyone!
  3. CL86

    Finally Passed NCLEX!

    Hello Everyone. I finally did it! And couldn't be happier. I just wanted to share my journey to maybe motivate or give others hope. I graduated in June 2009..all my friends passed, but I didn't. I first took the NCLEX in Oct 2009 and failed with 84 questions. Then took it again for the 2nd time in June 2010, got all 265 questions but still failed. I was bummed! And was scared to fail a 3rd time so I kept putting it off, wasting time. In September 2011 I found out I was pregnant again with Baby Boy #2, so it was time to get on it! I needed to retake again and pass before the new baby came, otherwise I knew I really was never going to do it. Once again I noticed I was sort of putting it off. Finally I paid all necessary fees, no turning back now. I started reading the Saunders comprehensive review chapter by chapter and doing questions. At 33 weeks pregnant, last week, I sat for my 3rd NCLEX attempt, got all 265 questions again, and finally PASSED! I was in no rush to find out the results. My friends kept asking me if I had checked and I would tell them no. Finally 2 days after I took the test my friends couldn't wait anymore and they checked and then let me know the good news..lol. If it wouldn't have been for them I probably still wouldn't know the results. I was so scared that I had let too much time pass by and that I wouldn't be able to pass. So to anyone in a similar situation, just put your mind to it and you could also do it. GOOD LUCK to everyone!
  4. CL86

    In need of a Study Partner.

    Hello..i'm new to the area, little rock, and am in need of a study partner to study for the NCLEX. Is anyone interested? -Carla
  5. CL86

    Nclex Tutoring

    I live in the Fort Lauderdale, Fl area..and was wondering if their was anyone that does nclex tutoring or knows someone that does. Thanks.
  6. CL86

    Near Passing Standard...

    I know exactly how you feel. I feel that no matter how much you study there are still going to be some meds you dont know. Its frustrating! I also have a 4 year old and spending time with him is hard..you have to choose one or the other..son or studying...some times.
  7. I took the NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time yesturday morning and i think i failed again! The 1st time i took it was back in October of last year. I got 84 questions. Before the test, on my practice test i was getting between 50-55%. This time around on my practice test i was getting 60-69%. So i thought i was going to be ok. I got 265 question and i decided to check on my state board of nursing and it said FAILED! All my friends already have their license, and those that failed the 1st time passed the 2nd time. But not ME! I feel so stupid! Like its never going to happen for me. Not good enough. Its so upsetting! Has any one gone through this? Any advise?
  8. CL86

    Am I wrong to feel this way?

    Thanxz. I thought i was being a little selfish, and not being a good friend to them.
  9. Hello, All throughout ns i had a group of friends that did everything together. Same class, clinical, and studied together. In our last semester I didn't pass a class and had to sit back (i have to retake the class inorder to continue on) while my friends moved on to their last class/clinical. They all just passed their exit exam, and eventhough i am happy for them i cant help but be a little upset. Not at them, i just can't celebrate with them. They invited me to go out to dinner with them, i knew it was to celebrate them passing their exit exam but i could see myself there. I'd feel too out of place. Their celebrating the fact that their done, what am i going to celebrate? The fact that i have to take a class over! Am i wrong to feel this way?

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