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Hi, My name is Lyndsay I am an Lpn as currently as this past fall and I am continuing my education into the Rn Program this fall.

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  1. lyndsay1985

    Master's in nursing education...now what?

    Thanks for the Insight! I'll be sure to look into these pathways as well Thank You!!
  2. lyndsay1985

    Master's in nursing education...now what?

    Thanks Everyone for the Advice and listening to me irrationally vent for a minute its been stressful especially undergoing COVID-19 lately. I understand the need to crawl before you walk with a clinical nursing instructor position so Ill be looking/working towards this.
  3. lyndsay1985

    Master's in nursing education...now what?

    Im in the Same Boat... l have my Masters degree in Nursing Education... looking for Online Work and having a hard time getting my foot in the door. So, here's a question: In order to teach an adjunct position that is not nursing like psychology, sociology, computers.. etc. I am seeing the qualifications state: A masters degree with 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline. Can we apply for those positions? or how do we obtain the 18 graduate credit hours to be able to qualify to teach a different discipline other than nursing? Is that an Option? They claim High teaching shortages but they do NOT make this an easy transition from bedside to classroom at all! As far as "experience" goes I thought that was what we obtained from our capstone course we paid for in our MSN programs really???- just venting.
  4. lyndsay1985

    PhD horror stories- Thoughts?

    Thank You! everyone for the really great advice! I WILL be doing a lot more investigating/researching into these programs!! this has been wonderful help!
  5. lyndsay1985

    MSN Leadership - Is it worth it?

    Yes, a Masters in nurse leadership is well worth the effort as it will open doors to any type of management position you are looking for unit manager, project manager, CNO, etc. I believe soon all managers will be required to have thier Masters degree. So, if your hearts in leadership it would be the way to go! I obtained mine through Chamberlain and its helped me tremendously.
  6. lyndsay1985

    PhD horror stories- Thoughts?

    Thank you! I am looking for guidance regarding PhD programs, what to expect, how to feel about it because it is a commitment and life change. I am paving the way as I do not know of anyone who has achieved their PhD. Perhaps, I did not understand the meaning behind the term "defending dissertation." From my understanding I am hearing stories of students who were not able to complete their dissertation in a timely fashion and then therefore were kicked out of the Phd program, with no degree, and paying thousands...?? I was not sure if a PhD program spouting that one could be completely finished within 4 years is a plausible idea? from hearing those horror stories?? or if they were not getting the approval from the review board in the necessary timeline? or if that was something i needed to worry about at all? I can definitely understand wanting to be in a brick and mortar building and having that rapport with committee members/panel and gaining feedback from previous year students - that makes perfect logical sense and something I shall strongly consider. Whats difficult about that is I am currently living in a remote area and that would consist of a move, etc. but I will research further. Thank you again!
  7. lyndsay1985

    PhD horror stories- Thoughts?

    Hello. I am really contemplating beginning a PhD program specifically PhD with a nursing education concentration from Capella University. I have heard the horror stories of many people havening to defend their dissertations or being bummed out with no degree in the end. Quite frankly this scares me. Capella University claims the program can be completed as early as 4 years. 3 years text book 1 year dissertation - when gauging their breakdown of courses. Does this Seem Plausible? How long has it taken someone to gain approval from the Review Board? Is the review board panel timely on their approval process generally? I would be completing this program full time as I do have the help of my parents and what not to help get me through this if I choose to go. I really like the idea of finishing in 4 years but I want to make sure this is the standard time that most people complete in and are not in hot water after the said fact. I am really interested in hearing feedback! about this or even about Capella Universities phd program!! Thank you, Lyndsay
  8. lyndsay1985

    Am I wrong to feel this way?

    hey, From personal experience I had to take a class over and didn't move on with my friends.. i know the feeling you bring up, because I was there and it wasn't a good one. but you do get through it i mean what else are you going to do? it justs sucks! and as far as nursing wise don't let it bring you down that way because if anything it actually makes you a Better Nurse b/c your understanding is there and your really refreshed and know what to expect the second time around. so don't let anyone drag you down because you are not dumb in any sense of the word. so thats my soap box of the day! i did celebrate with my friends and we are still in good contact as well, and you know they celebrated with me, and we would do study groups together of course they had there own thing going on and also helped me with mine but i looked at it as a positive outlook because now i got to learn some Rn nursing functions as well and knew what to expect that way instead of all three of us being "somewhat in the dark" that way. so in that sense very very cool!! its all on how you want to perceive situations negatively or positively. so i hope this helps hang in there! :) you'll see the benefits lyndsay
  9. lyndsay1985

    HESI exam

    Hi, I'm sorry I won't be able to help you, this is the first time I will be taking the hesi lpn test. march 11, @ 10 am. Im not really sure what to expect on it. I do know however, that if I don't pass this with a 900 or higher I will not be accepted into the Rn program at my community college and i am only allowed to take it once a year. So i know what you mean about it being crunch time. If you could help me that would be great like what was your hesi like, what type of questions, how hard or easy was it?, is a score of 900 a ridiculous goal? thanks so much!! and i hope the best for you!! lyndsay
  10. lyndsay1985

    Forensic Nursing (FN): Programs

    Hi, My name is Lyndsay I just currently recevied my Lpn licensure and as of this fall i am entering my RN nursing program. This is a field I am interested in as well and i was just wondering exactly how would one go about getting into this field? or what classes to take? thanks so much for all your help lyndsay