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Greetings! I'm new to this forum, but sought y'all out because I need a pep talk. I'm 42 and have decided to go back to school for nursing. I'm working on my pre-reqs now and I wonder if I can... Read More

  1. by   NCINDASUN
    Thanks to everyone!!

    It's a tough road for all of us. I'm in the enviable position of not having to work while I'm in school, but the strange part is that working is where most of my self-confidence and positive feedback came from.

    I am truly enjoying school but I hyperfocus on trying to know EVERYTHING. I work myself into such a frenzy before a test. I guess I need to spend more time looking at the studying tips posted in the forums.

    Thanks for all of the virtual hugs. This forum is really a godsend.
  2. by   Mkue
    I once met a woman pursuing a bachelors degree at age 72, she was actually giving me tips on which instructors to take and which to avoid.. she was awesome.

    Good Luck NCINDASUN !
  3. by   RNConnieF
    I'm 48, finished the ADN in May 2002 and am about to start the BSN in March. If all goes well I'll be a BSN by the time I'm 50. Some of us are just late bloomers.
  4. by   FullMoonMadness
    I'm 44 and with any luck will graduate with my ADN this December.
    I'm not the oldest in my class but I'm not the youngest. Ans Essarge is right. Life experience has offered me more than one correct test answer. Good luck,you can do it.
  5. by   illeniccup
    I certainly hope you aren't too old, since I'm nearing 39 and have been persuing this nursing thing for about 7 years now, and STILL haven't been able to quit my job and go to school (it's a full-time DAY ADN program, plus there are my four wonderful children to take care of). ANYWAY, it will probably be another few years before I can reach the promised land of school and a L&D career, but I'm up for it. I used to think that I "wasted" my time earning a degree in civil engineering--yes, that's right--but I see now that there was a reason for it...I just hope someday that I'll be able to look back and be oh-so glad I went into nursing. Best of luck to you--we "seasoned" students need to stick together!
  6. by   DebsZoo
    42 here and in my second semester. I start the actual nursing program Sept. this year.
    A lot of the May '03 graduates are over 30, several, including my best friend, are over 40.
    I was afraid of the challenge, at first.....and still have concerns of being successful in the program, but watching my friend (she's 6 months older than me)
    (no laughing allowed, 6 months IS 6 months ), I have realized it's very possible.
    She said to me that as older students, we tend to be more focused, with our eyes truly on the goal. We've either waited later, and raised our families, or are coming back to college seeking to further our education and don't have the "spreading our wings" deal that so many younger students do.
    Se has been such an encouragement to me.
    Find some other students your age, they'll understand the need for more study.
    Best of luck to you as you follow your dreams

    Oh, by the way.....Welcome to the board!!
  7. by   jude11142
    go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was 40 yrs old when i went back to school for lpn and i am now almost 44 and enrolled with excelsior(going for rn). don't get discouraged, i have found that there are many students that are in their late 30's all the way to late 50's. it's never to late to learn and if this is something that you always wanted to do, then by all means go for it. i haven't regretted my decision on going back to school at all. i only wished that i was able to do so when i was younger, but you know, we all have different circumstances and can't always do things when we want. once you get back into the swing of schooling, it's not too bad. it is alot of hard work, but well worth it. also, it was such an accomplishment on a more personal level and my children were so proud of me. good luck and if you need any help/support etc....feel free to email me at the following:

    so, good luck and keep us posted.

  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    are you too old, no way! 42 is young! [at least this is what i keep telling myself since this will be number 43 for me this year!] hehe and i am in my second semester of a 5 semester rn program [clinical].

    keep the faith!
  9. by   suzy253
    I just turned 50 this month and am finally pursuing my life-long goal to become a nurse. I have had a lot of support from hubby, friends & family and the instructors I have met at the nursing school. I'm preparing for my HESI exam next month. We'll see what happens but I'll keep forging ahead. I'll never know unless I try. Good luck to you!
  10. by   Rock
    Many, many years ago, you had to be younger
    than thrity-five (35) years of age to enter RN
    school, and fifty-five (55) years of age to enter
    LPN school.

    You had to be single and of good moral character.

    Times have changed !! I believe you can be a good
    nurse if you have compassion, are caring, and want
    to serve your fellow man.

    If you meet this criteria, and are age ninety (90), you
    can become an excellent nurse.

    :chuckle :angel2:
  11. by   fnimat1
    If I'm 30, a wife, and a woman who just became a mother to 4 (8wks ago) can definitely do it!!!! . I plan on returning to school in Sept. and I've had lot's of interruptions, but I won't let them stop me. My main worry was my age...I kept thinking well most of my 30 year old friends are in their careers or advancing their's too late for me. But I now know it's not....any age is a wonderful age to seek knowledge...Good Luck in your educational endeavors.

  12. by   rosemadder
    Hey, You will do great!!! I think that being an "older" student definitely has its advantages. I am 41 and have absolutely LOVED going back to school. When I was in high school I hated it and didn't want to go, but when you get older and really want to go--it makes a world of difference. I love learning!!! I will definitely miss my classes when I graduate in May. I will take the summer off and start back the following Fall to work on my BSN and then on to my Masters. I tell everyone that I will have my Masters in time to retire:chuckle . Anyway, education is a good thing and a good way to spend your time. We have quite a few "older" students in our class--one man who is retired and is in his 50s and a few in there 40s. You will be fine!
  13. by   suzy253
    This is all great advice and support. All I have to do is my first step of passing the entrance exam. I'm already worried sick about that! I'm brushing up on my fractions and decimals. I hated them in high school and still hate them.