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Age you will/were graduated? - page 17

Im just wondering (If you didnt mind saying) what age you graduated or will be... Im kinda sad how old i'll be when im done..and jw what ages are graduating... Thanks in advance!... Read More

  1. by   desertdogs
    Currently 27 and I hope to graduate by the time I am 31-32. It gives me hope to see people who are graduating at the age of 50 and higher. It doesn't matter the age as long as it gets done.
  2. by   danh3190
    If I graduate this June as planned I'll be 56!
  3. by   NoahNS
    Hello dan... I was a little intrigued by what may have prompted you to pursue a career in nursing when you were already a paramedic... particularly at age 56

  4. by   danh3190
    A couple of reasons. I love taking care of people so want to continue in that area.

    Probably the main one is that I'm really tired of the heavy lifting and carrying. A lot of the time it's just me and one other person and my back and elbow hurt. Yes I know nurses lift, but I figure I've got a better chance of having help when I need it.

    It's great being outside from late spring to early fall. I'm going on shift in 45 min and today where I am the weather is shifting between rain, sleet, and snow and after almost 27 years I'm tired of that. I want to work under a roof in a place with heat and air conditioning.

    Another big reason is I want to learn more medicine. Paramedics know a lot about a rather narrow area. Nursing school has given me an opportunity to learn a lot more about what is going on medically.

    That said, as I've progressed through school I've come to realize that nurses don't give paramedics the respect they deserve for what they do know. When they call a "Condition C" in our hospital and this big specialized team comes running up to deal with the situation I realize that at least half of the calls we get are "Condition C" type and we deal with them in a house and ambulance, just me and my partner or maybe if I'm lucky two medics and two EMTs.
  5. by   NoahNS
    Thank you dan for responding to my query. I've gained a lot of insight from this forum. One of the things that disturbs me most about this new career I've embarked on in nursing is all the collegial conflict that seems so endemic in the profession. There are so many posts where this lack of appreciation and sometimes open "warfare" seem to be so rife and pitched. I have friends who are now working as RN's and the stories they tell make my hair stand on end. I would have thought in a profession where one of the main motivations in pursuing such a career was reaching out to others and sincerely wishing to be a true blessing in the lives of those who really need some serious help, that you would find more mutual care, devotion toward, and genuine appreciation for each other among colleagues. In a critical service where teamwork is so crucial and people's lives are literally at stake it's really kind of scary to see/hear the way people openly attack each other, and even sometimes seek to sabotage each other's work and reputation. Your comments about the respect that paramedics do not get was just another case in point. I'm still pretty new and ignorant, but my understanding is that paramedics go through a pretty extensive (up to 2 years?) and rigorous course of training, and as first responders are often called upon to address some pretty serious situations. Why there would not be a certain mutual respect and appreciation among health-care providers charged with such a magnitude of responsibility... working together... to me, is quite baffling. If you have any comments or observations relating to this I would be very grateful for any insight you may be able to offer. I don't know if it's appropriate to offer an e-mail address in this forum, but I'm at NoahLivingston@yahhoo.com.

    Again, thank you very much for responding to my post.

    Noah Livingston
  6. by   kangashere
    I will graduate in Dec '09 and will be 35 years young.
  7. by   I want to be a nurse
    :spin:i will graduate in may '09 with an adn and i will be 23 (almost 24)
  8. by   TeleNurse2010
    I'm 31 now, but will be 32 when I start in August of next year and 34 when I graduate. Whew, I can't believe I'll be that old! Like others on here, I wish I had began years ago, but at least I'm doing something now. My pre-req classes so far have included people of various ages, and I commend all of those who, like me, have decided to embark on new careers and are actually doing it. Kudos to you all!!!
  9. by   oneofHIs
    I will be 39 in 2009 when I finish with my ADN, then I plan to get my BSN and even my masters. When I graduate in May '09, it will be almost 20 years to the day I graduated High School. Life has a funny way of taking detours!!!
  10. by   foreverLaur
    I will be 23 when I get my BSN-RN and probably between 28-30 when I get my MSN.

    I'm amazed at all of you who managed that schooling so much later in life, from an academic standpoint! Two thumbs up to you!
  11. by   gt4everpn
    graduated from lpn school in '06, i was 17
    will graduate with my rn-bsn at 22!!
  12. by   FionaSophia
    I will be 29 and proud of it!
  13. by   mzstacia
    I will be 33 yrs. old when I finally graduate, in 2012. But that is so far away from now.