Advice needed: EMT training or CNA training?

  1. Which would you suggest for a student working towards career in CRNA? My thoughts are that EMTs also get jobs in ERs and other critical care areas...CNAs do get direct patient care and floor nursing opportunities. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   Mkue
    Welcome Notanurse !

    I don't have much advice for you only that I think they both would be good but I'd have to go with the EMT, no particular reason.

    CNA- do you mean certified nursing assistant?

    Sorry I'm not much help on this subject !
  4. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    Welcome notanurse,
    If you are hoping to become a CRNA, both paths would be beneficial.
    1. EMT Tr - you learn a lot about the body, more in detail than a CNA does. Each body system is broken down and how it works and what are the main dieseases and truama related injureis that can happen to it and what an EMT can do to stabilize it for transport to the closest trauma center vs local ER. Also you can advance quickly in some states as a EMT, ususally only after 1 year of being a EMT you can move on to become a Cardiac tech , Intermediate, or Paramedic, and in some states a Paramedic is almost equally trained as a RN and same goes for Cardiac tech or Intermiate. You are able to do some more specialized procedures out in the field as a EMT-CT, EMT-I or EMT-P that even a RN or CRNA can't do in the hospital, it just depends on your state and local EMS protocols, check with your local Rescue Sqad or Fire Dept. if they have EMS affilantion.

    2. CNA tr - you will learn more about one to one with the pt. and have more of a chance to get to know your pt. better (sometimes) and this may help as well with you goal to become a CRNA.

    Either way you choose having either or both of these certifications under your belt will make you and anyone else a better helathcare provider in the hospital or out in the field.
    Hope this helps and let us know what you are going to do. I fyou have anymore questions you can PM me or just post it on the board.

    David LPN & EMT-CT -VA
  5. by   Notanurse
    Thanks for the advice....I am leaning towards the EMT program. Class meets on Sat/Sun and works out well to compliment next semesters heavier load. Plus, I know working on an ambulance and possibly part time in the ER will help me in the long run.
  6. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    No problem, if you need anymore help just PM me or post it o the board.
    David LPN & EMT-CT
  7. by   gotosleep
    I'm a first year SRNA and I would highly recommend that you do the EMT thing. I was a paramedic before I became a RN. Trust me, EMT school is much more interesting than any CNA class you'll ever take. You must realize that there are three levels of EMT(EMT-B/A, EMT-I, and EMT-P). I would venture to guess that a anesthesia school admission board would look more favorably upon a EMT license than a CNA. However, in my class of 15 students I am the only one who has had any EMT training. Also, I don't believe that EMT training would provide you with any special expertise for aneshtesia school. Anesthesia school is a totally different animal as you will see when you start.

  8. by   Burnt2
    Do both; I did

    it doesn't take that long

    you'll probably get a job easier as a CNA (possibly earn more money too). The EMT-B junk is a blast to do, and good to know.
  9. by   Thedreamer
    I found EMT school trainned me very very well and has helped me ALOT with my nursing classes. It also allowed me to clep my first term of my program.
  10. by   avery157
    I think the CNA is the place to start. You can get the training in a short amount of
    time with the least amount of money. You can then start working and making money
    while you go to school for other stuff. EMT is good but there will not be as many job
    oppertunities. CNA jobs are everywhere.
  11. by   CT Pixie
    I am trained for both..CNA and EMT. Both are beneficial in their own way for your path to nursing. CNA is very helpful in terms of it helps you learn direct pt care.

    Since I have been both and I am currently a nursing student (6 months to go..wahhhooo) I have to say for me the EMT was more helpful. I learned the body and its "workings" during my EMT training. I also learned a lot of hands on skills that nurses do. So I had a huge lead on some of the other students who were never in healthcare in any facet or those who were CNA's.

    You do learn many airway skills in EMT classes. The various tubes used to maintain an open airway, the different type O2 delivery systems etc.

    I was much more interested while doing my EMT classes. so much more you are taught, capable to do and allowed to do vs. a CNA who is very limited in their scope.

    Here in CT there are 3 levels of EMT's.
    EMT-B (basic) is the lowest level and the limited of all in what you can do.

    EMT-I (Intermediate or IV..depends on who you are talking to) but either way, these people have the same skills as the B but have done additional class (not very long) in order to start IV's in the field.

    EMT-P (paramedic) The "doctor" of the ambulance. These are even more trained..most here need an assoicates degree. They can do everything the above mentioned can do and they can administer meds, the can intubate in the field, etc.

    I would have to say that EMT benefit you more in terms of nursing. And for your dreams of CRNA, I'd think that the powers-that-be that admit the CRNA students would value the EMT class and experience over that of the CNA. Thats NOT to say a CNA isn't valued. It is, just in a different way.

    Hope that helps.
  12. by   Conrad283
    As an EMT you would have more of the book knowledge for if you were to become a nurse, and if you were a CNA, you would know how the nurse works.
  13. by   SUPERK
    I am new to the site and a unemployed Goodyear employee. I would like to know where I can get my certification for CNA and EMT B or EMT I. I am currently a EKG Tech. I found some messages saying Dunbar and Paris Junior college offer CNA classes, do they still offer this course?
  14. by   ACCG
    Hello Everyone! I'm a EMT-B, I got my license a few months ago, but did not work as an EMT because the salary is so low, I'm acually making more money at my customer service job..... I'm starting LPN classes in August and just want to know if anyone here did the same ( EMT and then LPN). EMT program as intense, but I LOVE it, and Would do it 10x again, to sad the salary is so low. I'm wondering if having this emt school experience would help me in any way while in LPN school. I'm excited abou LPN, but a little nervous, ince I'll be doing full time, and for all that I've heard... it is a lot to learn in such a short period of time ( 12 months) !