A Post about Odoriforous Emanations

  1. Well, not really lol. I'm a brand new nursing student (only 16.5 months to go) and I'm a meticulously clean person. I shower before AND after clinicals. I use Soft n Dri antiperspirant/deodorant aerosol that I've used since I was 12. But now it's like it doesn't work, I mean I do NOT smell but I notice a difference. We work hard on our clinical floor, many of us girls are dripping with sweat at the end of our 2 - 4.5 hour days. I figured since we have posts of 'what's the best black pen' I could ask 'what is the best antiperspirant/deodorant' that you all recommend. Please don't flog me for the question, I honestly what to know. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   MEO82
    My college room mate used a deodorant called Certain Dry that you have to ask the pharmacist for (not prescription). It supposedly keeps you really dry (hence the name, lol).
  4. by   locolorenzo22
    well, I usually start to notice my own "aroma" after 6 hrs of a 12 hr shift, and keep some right guard spray, axe, something not too bad, but enough to keep me halfway decent for the remainder...
    As far as with clinicals, I just use my red zone, and learn to deal with the fact that we're all human we sweat....more so when the doc is looking for you!
  5. by   beth66335
    If you want an antiperspirant Secret makes a clinical strength that you can buy OTC. My 14 year old uses it and for a nice smell she puts some flowery deodorant over it. You use the clinical formula right after you shower so my daughter does it at night before bed. It works great!
  6. by   justme1972
    ANY type of aerosal spray doesn't work for me...and I'm not even a "sweater". I will start to smell in 2 to 3 hours of hard work if I use a spray.

    I only use sticks...not sure why they work better..maybe the application is thicker...but it zaps it.
  7. by   Crux1024
    I love and SWEAR by Degree...I swear its worked the best for me! All day strong and long!!

    I can not stand Secret deodorant! Its like Im putting on water under my arms when I use Secret..But I have always and will continue to use Degree. All the scents and types are great. Also Degree, has come out with a Clinical prescription strength anti/deo.
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  9. by   fmrnicumom
    My husband and I both use Degree. He needs a good one with the work he does, and it has yet to fail him.
  10. by   southernbelle08
    I have never been a fan of the spray either. I used it when I played softball in high school and I found the sticks or roll-on worked MUCH better for me.

    As for what I use - I switch up ever so often as if I stick with one for a really long time, it doesn't work as well. I use some from Avon that is for action or sports, I have some Dove, I have some Mitchum, and I also have some Secret. I just kinda swap up and I've never noticed a problem with myself.
  11. by   Linz8
    Thanks a LOT!! My husband just recommended Degree too, it's what he uses, think I'll give it a shot. Actually I think I'll pick up all of your suggestions and try a different one each day. Thanks again! ;o)
  12. by   User123456
    i also think that sticks work alot better than sprays gels or roll ons. good luck!
  13. by   santhony44
    Mitchum or Degree. I switch off occasionally. I use the gel.

    Secret and so forth just don't work for me.
  14. by   DaFreak71
    Quote from santhony44
    Mitchum or Degree. I switch off occasionally. I use the gel.

    Secret and so forth just don't work for me.
    I use Mitchum in gel form and it works great! The container even says "Strong enough so that you could skip a day". I've never put that to the test on a school day, but if I'm being super lazy on a weekend and just don't feel like getting out of my pajama's, I've never noticed my own funk. LOL. Give it a shot!