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I know this has been done a while back... But I think it would be fun to do.... We should all give a brief lil info about ourselves, like where we are from, working on pre-reqs or in nursing... Read More

  1. by   peaceful2100
    HI! MY name is Tonya. I will be 22 in 4 more weeks (Jan.8th), I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I am a single mother to a precious 4 year old daughter and by the way everone I finally got her on a bed-time routine and she is sleeping in her own bed now some of you know I had a difficult time with my daughter a couple of months back I mentioned but everything is much better now. Anyway, I graduated in Dec. 2000 with an associate's in liberal arts degree and in January 2001 I transfered into a BSN program at a university in my city. I am now completing my 2nd semester of nursing school and will be starting my 3rd semester in January.

    I live with my parents which is a big help as a young single mother in nursing school. I would be able to do it on my own if I was a business major but not as a nursing major.

    I am seriously interested in becoming either a Pediatric nurse or neonatal nurse and eventually on to become a pediatric or neonatal nurse practitioner I have also thought about Labor/Delivery or Mother baby nursing because those nurses inspired me to truly go into nursing. All my classmates keep telling me that I am a true peds or neonatal nurse based off my personality, I knew that before they did of course.

    I have a new boyfriend and it is going really great for those of you who know. He respects and understands I am in nursing school and even take my notes and make questions out of my notes to quiz me on the spot. We have moved from the dating stage to the commited monogamous stage. For those of you who are married, have you know from the beginning when you first met your husband/wife that they were the one. Well, this is the way I feel. I did not tell him my feelings first. He told me his feelings first and he suggested commitment/monogamy after we had been talking/going out and I agree. This is getting serious or else I would not think he would be asking when would be the right time to meet my parents and I NEVER brought up the fact of meeting my parents.
  2. by   Danielle4
    My name is Danielle. I am 24 and will be married in April to a wonderful man whom I have been with for 5 years.

    I am currently a Human Biology major, but contemplating changing over to nursing school. I currently work in a research Department at a local hospital as well as a lawyer's office to pay for school. It is so expensive!

    I am nervous about the nursing program because I am trying to figure out if I would make a good nurse. I love the clinical side of it. I do not know if I want to do nursing or P.A.

    Sometimes smells bother me so I am asking you all: do you think I will be able to get used to that?
    I hope so.

    I admire all of you nurses and any information I could get from this great forum is always appreciated!
    I am still trying to figure out what else there is in this great field of nursing.

    I would like to do research or work in a pharmaceudical company or even a school nurse or forensic nurse if I do the nursing route. I am not sure what else is out there.
    I am still looking for a mentor .

    Thank you everyone.

    Best of luck to everyone.
  3. by   Bonnie Blue
    Ya'll are soo cool!

    Age: 30 something. Don't look it though

    I'm from Indiana orginally but have lived in Tennessee for the past 8+ years and love it!

    I have a BS and MS in exercise science and now I'm pursing a MSN through Vanderbilt University's Bridge program. I will take the NCLEX in Jan 03 and graduate in Aug 03. I'm specializing in acute care. I will work for a year or two in critical care to get more experience and then hopefully work as a nurse practitioner with a cardiology group.

    Currently, there's no guy in my life but I'm not worrying about it. I have enough on my plate without a relationship adding to the mix. I do have an adorable kitty to keep me company.
  4. by   NurzofFaith
    This is such a great get to know you thread!!
    Here's my info:

    Name: Channa
    Age: 29 and I prefer to hold right here!!

    Married to a dedicated Air Force man (Joe) for a little over 11 years.
    Yes we married at 18...not sure whether I would encourage anyone to
    do that...but it worked well for us

    Children: We have 3 kiddos. Ryan 13, Mike 9 and Jessica 7. We also have
    a 2 yr old bulldog named Chief and a black smoke persian named Samson..
    but I think he should be named Shadow..he lurks entirely too much!

    Current Home: We are living in Southwestern IL, at Scott AFB (have been
    here since Jan 98 and will move courtesy of Uncle Sam in 2003) We have also lived in Tacoma, WA., Guam, and Cheyenne, Wyo. All this traveling is one reason I put any college on hold.

    Education wise: I will be graduating from a BSN program May 2002!!
    Its been a long haul but well worth it.

    Future nursing plans: I have worked at a local hospital on a cardiology floor for the last 3.5 years and will be leaving that job upon graduation. I have 2 interests OR and Critical care. I am going to St.Louis to tour a couple of hospitals that offer some great nursing internships over Christmas break., but I havent taken a job as of yet.

    Besides work, family and school there isnt much time left. But I do like to
    scrapbook. (which I havent done since nursing school began)
    I also mentor a college board on ivillage, I enjoy it so much and draw
    an abundance of motivation from the other students

    Best of luck to each of you!!!
  5. by   dgh1973
    My name is Deirdre. I'm 28 years old. Will be married 8 years in January. We have a 5 year old daughter and one cat. We currently live in the DFW area of Texas. We just built a new house and moved in at the beginning of October. I am a SAHM (stay at home mom)and have gone to college on and off for ten years, always with an emphasis on scientific coursework. My husband is a former Marine so I would really like to work in a military hospital as a civilian one day. I have a soft spot for military personnel and their families because I've been there. I am not certain as to what specialty yet, although I really enjoyed my ICU and ER rotations in school. I'm transferring into my second semester of an ADN program in the Spring. I attended nursing school in 99-2000 completing a year but opted not to go back for my second year for a handful of reasons. We have since moved so this new school is my best option distance wise. If all goes as planned I will be graduating May of 2003. Hope to get to know you all better.
  6. by   shyviolet78
    My name is Valerie and I'm 23. I've been married 2+ years, no kids, 3 cats. I'm from west Texas, but I've lived in the DFW area for the past 5 years. I'm taking pre-req classes right now; should have all of the gen ed requirements finished this summer. I'm hoping to get accepted into the ADN program at either Brookhaven College or El Centro College for Fall 2002. I currently work as a unit tech on the weekends in a cardiothoracic ICU. I like it there for the most part and will probably work there or in the trauma ICU after graduation. After graduation from the ADN program, I hope to get my BSN from Texas Women's University and maybe someday return to school to become a CRNA.
  7. by   Hooligan
    Name: Michelle

    Age: 24

    Status: Married with Pets (5 Cats...yes we're crazy!!)

    Agenda: I'm new to this board and new to the nursing program. I'm just starting an ADN program at my local jr. college. My first degree was a B.A. in English which landed me in a job where I'm overpaid to do a job that I hate. I'm actually looking forward to being underpaid (will still make more than I currently do though) to do a job that I'm pretty sure I'll love.
  8. by   Hooligan
    Name: Michelle

    Age: 24

    Status: Married with Pets (5 Cats...yes we're crazy!!)

    Agenda: I'm new to this board and new to the nursing program. I'm just starting an ADN program at my local jr. college. My first degree was a B.A. in English which landed me in a job where I'm overpaid to do a job that I hate. I'm actually looking forward to being underpaid (will still make more than I currently do though) to do a job that I'm pretty sure I'll love.
  9. by   mia
    Hi ya!

    My name is Mia and I am 32. I have lived in Texas (DFW area) for the last 6 years but I am a native New Yorker.

    I have been married to my AWESOME husband Andrew for the past 6 years (left my job as a NYC police officer to marry this prince!). No kids, but two fur babies, BooBoo and Bella who are great kitties and wonderful study partners!

    Graduating from a BSN program THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 at 7:00 pm !!!!!! Actually, thats a little premature I still need to pass one last final tomorrow which I need to get back to studying for.

    Ill start my new job early in Jan. I will be working on an inpatient Diabetes treatment unit. I am really excited but scared to death at the same time!!!

    Anyway, good luck to all of you ! I am living proof that there is light at the end of the nursing school tunnel! Just stick with it, learn alot and God Bless!!!


  10. by   Love-A-Nurse

    I hail from Alabama, 41, LPN of 10 years, 3 children, 21, 14 and 13. I am in the process of getting divorced. I work in LTC as a Treatment Nurse. I will start RN (clinicals) in Jan. I have work hospital, clinic, Agency, and LTC.