4th week and 2-3 students gone already

  1. So we started off the year (1st year) with 40. We've had 2 officially drop and a 3rd one has been missing a lot of school. :uhoh21: I talked to her, because I really do like this girl, and she seems to have a lot of excuses like "Oh, I set my alarm wrong". Then today another student and I accidentally overheard the teachers talking about her. Just from the fact that I know how much she missed, I don't think she will be able to make it up. She missed today, and we had 2 in class assignments and a quiz. I just think that it is really sad after all of the work we have gone through to get here. And there were other students that could have had those spots, but now it is too late. I guess I can only worry about myself in the end.

    How are other people's drop out rates going? Hopefully, better than ours.
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  3. by   BoonersmomRN
    Last semester in fundamentals we lost 24. 3 dropped for personal reasons. 2 got kicked out. The rest failed. We started with 63.

    So that brings us to 39 to start med/surg 1. They say we have the smallest class in years. After test one we lost 4 more.

    We are now at 35. Test 2 is next week. Sadly, I expect that to dwindle us down more.

    At this rate....yikes
  4. by   CseMgr1
    My nursing class started out with an enrollment of 120. Only 46 graduated.
  5. by   Daytonite
    beginning nursing classes are where students demonstrate just how much effort they are willing to put forward to be nurses. some people for the year(s) doing the pre-reqs just talked the talk, but when it came crunch time, just couldn't deliver the goods.

    over all the years i've worked there are a few things i've noticed that seem to be in common with all the nurses i've worked with. many have a bend toward workaholism. they are motivated people who move fast to get things done and leave few stones unturned. they are problem solvers who are effortless in seeking solutions when things are going wrong. they'll go down with the ship if they have to. nurses are strong, gritty, take charge individuals. they are leaders and will step forward to take charge to get things done.

    nursing is no place for the unmotivated, lackadaisical, fly by the seat of their pants kind of persons, although a few will slip through the cracks fooling people long enough to make it through to the end of school. it is a serious profession. someone who sits by and lets things happen to them, cries, and does nothing to help themselves is destined to failure in this profession. students who think they can skip nursing classes and get through the courses like they may have done for history or english have a very skewed attitude about work and a profession to begin with and don't belong there. i can't stress this enough. . .nursing school should be viewed as your very first nursing job. you are all being evaluated by your instructors as potential nurses for future employers. your first employers are going to want recommendations from your nursing instructors because they are the ones who have seen you grow and perform over the past few years. your character and behavior are extremely important factors and your instructors and the people running your nursing programs are very aware of their responsibility in evaluating these qualities in their students. if they graduate student nurses who are irresponsible and unmotivated into the healthcare community the school's credibility and the reputation of every single student is forever blemished.
  6. by   Achoo!
    We only started with 24. We lost 3 last semester, and so far the rest of us are doing ok this semester.
  7. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    We've been in class for just barely 4 weeks and have lost one. Most of us think it's because she didn't have a great grasp of the English language. (Basically, none of us non-Spanish speakers could ever understand her.) So, hopefully we don't lose any more!
  8. by   luvs2readlotsRN
    We've been in school for 4 weeks, had one exam, start clinicals next week and so far have lost no one. Still at 50. Let's hope it holds!:wink2:
  9. by   bmoregirl
    we started out with 60 now we have 55 left
  10. by   ShannaRN
    Our class started with 40 people.(Yeah, I know thats small.) During the first semester they told us that half of us would be weeded out. Nice huh. By the end of it all, they were right. Half of us were still there, give or take the few that had transferred in and failed out also. Nursing school is tough and tough for a good reason.
  11. by   todell80
    We have 24 in our ADN class, and so far, everyone is still there. I know that chances are, all will not be there in the end, and its easy to pick out some that probably won't make it. Its sad, but they have been late in doing everything that we are supposed to do (we were told to have our proof of liability insurance on the first day of class, and on Wed. we found out one girl hasn't even sent off her money order yet. Same girl is on either her 3rd or 4th attempt at passing physiology), haven't been studying (some are shocked that I actually read the book), and just don't take tests that well. I hope everyone makes it, b/c I like them all (well, most of them!), and most of us have been waiting 4 years to get in, so it would be sad to fail at it. We'll just have to see how the semester pans out.
  12. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    We've been in class for just barely 4 weeks and have lost one. Most of us think it's because she didn't have a great grasp of the English language. (Basically, none of us non-Spanish speakers could ever understand her.) So, hopefully we don't lose any more!
    i lost quite a few in my class because of the same.
    it was really unfortunate because these ladies worked so hard.
    but inevitably, it was the communication barrier that was their demise.

  13. by   locolorenzo22
    In my ADN program, to start we have 70 students. I know we've lost one for sure, as she had a baby 2 weeks into the program and will have to reapply and start next year. The rest of us seem to be doing ok, although quite a few were complaining after Test 1 about how they didn't know what to study and that a lot of answers came from the book. I'm sitting here going, "Yes, that means you have to read the book!"
    We got a huge outline binded packet for each subject we're covering and I have a feeling that some aren't even looking in it. If you know what's on the outline, you do fine on the test. I've already been labeled "The Smart guy". (Found that out when I ran into a study group at B&N, sat in, and we all got 85 or higher on the test.) Not that that's a bad thing!
    I'm just more worried about getting signed off on demos and my physical assessment, Need to talk to my instructor next week about not being able to find anybody to do it with.....It's just a thing of being a guy against having to assess these female students, and I can tell many of the females are partnering up, leaving us guys together, but the 4 other guys have partnered up already!....ARGGGHHH! ODD MAN OUT!
    ok, just had to vent.
    I have a feeling these next 2-3 weeks will weed out some students. We have Test 2 Thursday, and then 2 weeks of online content where we don't have to go to afternoon class...Will be interesting to see how many of us stay on top of it.
  14. by   OnTheRoad
    We haven't lost any so far, still fifty in the class. I think a few are close or were close to dropping, but our instructor told everyone that she expects a bit of confusion at this point and it is normal. We really do seem to have a great group of students. It appears through conversation and noticeable fatigue:wink2: that most everyone is doing all the reading and anything else they can to make sure they can be as knowledgeable and competent as a wk 4 going on 5 can be. Every break we get in classes we are the gals at the back of the cafeteria assessing each other or in groups of 4 or 5 hunkering down with our highlighters, texts, manuals, notebooks, binders, laptops, etc...