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I was sitting here looking at my dosage calculations book(& wondering why I decided to go to nursing school:lol2:) &I started thinking. My school requires a 100% on your dosage calculation test and... Read More

  1. by   bw358
    My school in Virginia required 100%, two retakes. I just graduated with my RN in December. YEAH! I am so glad that is behind me. I am from Colorado also, but I do miss the snow.
  2. by   jedson
    WE have a requirement of 100% on the math test for Fundamentals. We had three tries and one did fail. He didn't get kicked out of the program but he has to take that class all over again, which is pretty silly since he was aced that. Tomorrow is our first class of clinicals for 2nd semester students, and we have another test on the first day! Which, we must pass with a 100. I dont' know if we'll get retakes in that, I just know we won't be able to pass medications if we don't pass. I think if the schools are going to require this work, and the 100% they should make a 7 week class that deals with that.
  3. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from Coloradogrl
    I was sitting here looking at my dosage calculations book(& wondering why I decided to go to nursing school) &I started thinking. My school requires a 100% on your dosage calculation test and allows you to take 1 retake test.

    I understand why they require this but I was just wondering if most schools do this
    In my LPN program, and again in my RN program, 100% was required to pass the dosage calculations final, and you could only take it once.
  4. by   2jen
    My school must be generous, we have to get an 80% and we have two tries to pass.
  5. by   ena1978
    Well we need to get a 100% but we get 5 tries.
  6. by   dijaqrn
    Dosage calculations are eigth grade math; simple ratio and proportions. As an LVN or RN you are literally holding that patients life in your hands when you give meds!!! A Heparin calculation error can cause a devastating brain bleed in a premie. That misplaced decimal in your chemo order can result in your killing all of the patients cells resulting in multisystem organ failure. There are no second chances when these errors happen and they still happen too frequently. Good luck to you all on these tests, keep in mind how important that 100% really is. I am surprised there are still schools with a benchmark pass less than 100%.
  7. by   MiaKeaRN
    We just took our test on Monday night and had to get a 92% to pass, with one chance to retake. I would guess that 25% did not pass and will have to do the re-take, but there was some confusion on when we had to take it. This was our first class back for the semester, and a lot of people didn't understand that we would be tested at this first class. I felt so awful, but hopefully with a week to practice they will pull through with flying colors!! I believe that 3rd & 4th semesters we have to achieve 100%.

    The stress of these tests is just awful. I was so sick when I came home that I could barely keep my eyes open from the pounding headache I had.

    Good luck to everyone here who has a pending drug calc test. Practice, practice, and more practice will make it easy on you.
  8. by   stonerbaby703
    We have to get at least an 80% and get to dry 3x
  9. by   Carebear77
    We had our test the other day which we were required 100 %, and we all passed
    It wasn't to bad, just study and practice and you will get it.
  10. by   destiny2k5
    wow 100%? my school required that we pass our dosage exam with a 90% and above..we had two tries. the first exam consisted of 50 questions to be done in 2 hours..and you can only get 5 mistakes to pass with a 90%. and the second exam had 40 questions..and you can only have 4 mistakes. this had to be done in 1 hour and 30 mins.
  11. by   mel236
    my school requires us to score 100% each semester, we had a test the first day of classes and had to score 100% to be able to pass meds. Don't worry your not the only one!
  12. by   IndyMitchell
    I just don't get how to do this and HOW to remember all of it??
    Does anyone have any advice??

    Is there simple rules you have to remember?



    My school has to pass with a 80% or higer..
  13. by   JBudd
    In most areas 80% is okay, but if you can't do drug calculations 100% correctly, you won't be safe passing meds. Too many threads in here about the agonies people put themselves through after med errors.

    Having several chances to prove yourself works for me though! I tutored several classmates in doing drug calcs because I'd take a LOT of math in high school and pre-reqs. They all passed first time! I failed one question from not reading carefully enough and being over confident. Got it second go round with lesson learned: slow down and do it right the first time spin::icon_roll