Your Hairdo (long hair)

  1. Okay, this is such a weird question, but I'm giving it a shot.
    Remember in nursing school how your hair had to be tied back, in a ponytail etc? It always seemed to be a practical thing to do, but in the field with no teachers- HOLY COW! I just don't understand how people work with their beautiful long tresses grazing their shoulders!? Doesn't it "dip into" stuff? Aren't you afraid a patient is going to grab onto it? Am I the only one who thinks it's crazy?
    (Don't even get me started on false nails 2" long!!!!! )
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I always think it's unprofessional to see nurses w/ their hair hanging down. I notice it a lot when I see the nurses on "Life in ER" or "Trauma" and similar shows on the Discovery and Learning Channels.
    My hair reaches the top of my thighs, but I always wear it up in a bun when at a job.

    A few times, I've run into former pts of mine at a grocery store or mall, and have said hello to them. But, they haven't recognized me, because it's the first time they've seen me w/ my hair down.

    I worked w/ a CNA (great CNA, btw) whose long hair once dragged through some BM when we were changing a pt. I used to wear my keys on a long lanyard around my neck, but once they hung down into a dirty dressing (yucko!).
    I scrubbed the heck out of those keys.

    And I agree about the false nails!
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  4. by   CashewLPN
    hmm... either one or two braids, at perpetuum... why? easy... I have long, fireengine red hair... its less funky that way.... And, in my new job, (geriatric LTC) with res with dementia, it can become a problem... why?? easy... it can be pulled. just like necklaces, and those neck-key holders... and earrings...
  5. by   KeniRN

    I don't get it either. Is it a conscious rebellion against the rules from nursing school?!?!? It gets in the way when doing pt care or procedures so you can't see or gets dipped into something not to mention ts not sanitary. If you won't eat food that has someone else's hair in it, why would someone want your hair in their wound or sweeping across them during their bath???
    My hair is to the middle of my back and on the rare occasion I wear it down to work I always bring a clip or scrunchie to pull it back if I will be doing any procedures or other pt care.

    UGH. Let's not bring up the fake nail thing. That would be a thread in itself.
  6. by   NurseRachy
    I have pretty long hair too - ( it reaches my elbow's) and it MUST be tied back - once had it in a pony tail and people kept stroking it which drove me bonka's!! Now i always have it tied in a messy kinda bun, firstly because it keeps it out of messy things, and secondly (most importantly to me ) it absorbs less smells!!!!
    heheh does anyone else with long hair notice the smells it can absorb?? (err - it's probably just a figment of my imagination... )
    Love Rachel @}-->-----------
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    Always a braid.
    I wont go to work with my hair down...actually nobody has even SEEN my hair down at work.
    Always a braid.

  8. by   CraftyLPN
    I keep my hair up too......taught us well in nsg school
  9. by   KaroSnowQueen
    My hair is blonde and down to my bottom. I always wear it in a braid or a bun. I would wear it down when it was a little shorter, but got paranoid about someone grabbing it or getting it "in something" and decided it was better up.
  10. by   Rock
    Bring back caps!!
    Long hair can be piled up on head under a cap,
    and kept safely away from bodily fluids, etc.

    It's very unprofessional to see a nurse, unless it's
    a fantasy TV show, with long hair getting into every-

    Keep the hair up if long, and if it's short, it will be
    much more professional looking.
  11. by   melissa24
    How long is long? Mine probably falls a few inches past my shoulders, and I consider it long. Sometimes I pull it back into a clip, never a ponytail, and most of the time I wear it down. I guess I am the rebel of the group.

    My hair does not sweep across my patients or their wounds. I think it also depends on one's area of nursing and what skills one performs. My hair doesn't get in my way. I think if I had looooong hair (waist-length or below), I would have to pull it back.
  12. by   nursedawn67
    My hair is to the middle of my back, but I always have it tied back. Whether I twist it and clip it, head band and a scrunchie keeping it behind me or a ponytail. My ponytail is always out of the way, if needed I tuck it in the neck of my shirt.
  13. by   RainbowzLPN
    I have long hair too, sometimes put it in a ponytail, but most of the time, it's in a french braid at work. Tried once to have the back down, & kept hitting patients in the face with it all night! Never again!
  14. by   adrienurse
    It's jaw length now, but I always wore my hair back and up. Out of the way and feels a lot cooler too (I'm always too warm at work).