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You know you're an older nurse if: 1. You remember working with nurses who wore caps. :nurse: 2. You remember nurses (and doctors) sitting at the nurses station drinking coffee and smoking... Read More

  1. by   Sunflowerinsc
    Giving castor oil with orange juice with a pinch of baking soda to mix it for Ba Enema preps ,followed by enema "until clear"
    And I think it was 6-12 pills ,one every 5 min the night before a xray for gallbladder test. Don't remember the name,tel something.
    Counting all those narcotics ,there was Darvon 32 and Darvon 65. And Darvon compound and Darvocet plain and Darvocet N,to name a few.
    3 H enemas ,High, hot and a H*** of a lot.
    TURP post ops with rubber tubing with big glass bottles of Sterile water to irrigate with, seems like there was always lots of bleeding.
    To do a Foley cath ,had to open a sterile tray and put the cleaning solution in a little glass cup and put in the cath itself. All sterile and then close the tray back up and take it to pt's room to use.
    Lots of pt's on "bedrest" almost until discharge, didn't dare get anyone up without a Dr. written oder. Had to make beds with pt in it. No fitted sheets, pillow case opening facing away from the door.
    Starting IV's with real needle, butterflies were a big improvment! Short thin metal needle.
    No call "lights" just a bell by the bed. No matter how sick pt was wanted to pay to have their TV turned on and a ash tray at bedside!! For them and their visitors.
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    - beds that raised and lowered with cranks that always stuck out just enough to smack into your shins.
    I have scars on both shins from whacking my legs on bed cranks on night shift.
  3. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from RunningWithScissors
    Clinitest and Acetest.
    Hey, believe it or not....its still around!
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  4. by   DutchgirlRN
    I remember when they injected a rabbit with a woman's urine and if the rabbit died the test was positive and the woman knew she was in the "family way".

    Truth is the poor rabbit died either way. The ovaries of the rabbit were examined to see if they were affected by the urine indicating the presence of HCG and thereby confirming a pregnancy. Bizarre when you think about it. Really bizarre. But true! Thankfully we now have EPT's.
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  5. by   all4schwa
    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    I'm a new nurse, but old tech. I remember SMAC 20's.
    what is SMAC?
  6. by   morte
    Quote from RunningWithScissors
    Umm, I did this yesterday, only the inner cannula was plastic and on it was imprinted "not to be cleaned or reused"; but guess what? To save $$ we DO!
    been there, checked with the supplier, they WILL NOT stand behind their product if you do this!!
  7. by   smarter
    Thanks to all of you for making my day. I have really enjoyed all of these memories.
  8. by   flytern
    OLD OB RN:
    remember when:
    1. C/S, in bed for 2weeks and then sent home
    2. Vag deliveries in bed for 7 days.
    3. Babies were only brought out to mom for feedings, then whisked back to the nursery to be cared for.
    4. Absolutely, no children allowed on the unit.
    5. Dad's did not attend deliveries/surgeries
    6. Epidurals? How about twilight sleep, pudendal blocks...
    7. We were actually considered a hospital, not a hotel with "clients".
  9. by   AngelovMercy
    You know you're an OLD (er) nurse if:

    You recall ALL of the above, but couldn't come up with them on your own to save your soul!
  10. by   fetch33
    Stryker frames
    Circle beds.... gosh, ,those were huge!
    Theophylline drips were common!
    We mixed all IV's on the unit, including KCL, theophylline, insulin, heparin...
    Continuous antibiotic irrigation of infected total joint replacements- archaic and painful
    Checking urine specific gravity at the bedside by putting a drop of urine on a little hand-held device.
    Giving units of whole blood
    Taping a TURP patient's catheter to the bedrail to stem the bleeding post-op.. the poor patient had to lie in the same position until the surgeon freed him the next morning.
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  11. by   RunningWithScissors
    My OB text mentioned alcohol drips for a treatment of preterm labor.

    It also said the mother can hear the fetus cry in the uterus but not to worry because the sound did not involve air (?????) sheesh, what were they thinking?!! (obviously the sounds they are referring to is INTESTINAL GAS!)
  12. by   rnanm
    1. many of the doctors who sat smoking in the nurses station are your cabg patients today.
    2. you recognize far too many of the past treatment modalities and laugh:spin:
    3. your colleagues start asking you when you will retire:angryfire
    4. you realize you are the "resource" for the rest of the unit. yikes!
    5. family search you out because they think you have the right answers just because you have seen it all.
    6. you start dreaming about your future and realize it doesn't include patient satisfaction surveys.
  13. by   ROBIN45
    I remember some of these!