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Sunflowerinsc has 46 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. Sunflowerinsc

    Cannabis and Healthcare 2014

    Many hospitals do test for tobacco use and taking a break to smoke means leaving the hospital and the grounds also, not something easily done on your shift.And it's still not legal on a federal level.
  2. Sunflowerinsc

    Affordable Care Act Users Guide for Nurses

    A nurse is obligated to explain the ACA to my patient??? I've not seen that in my plan of care.
  3. Sunflowerinsc

    Affordable Care Act Users Guide for Nurses

    There seems to be more confusion than anger . But for hospital nurses ,there could be anger about more things put on nursing, we don't really know who has insurance or who does or how they got it. As a American, well anger about being told what insurance I must have ,want it or not. I like my my plan and my Dr. and my hospital, don't tell me I don't have it right and to go to the government to get it right!
  4. Sunflowerinsc

    Affordable Care Act Users Guide for Nurses

    Medicare part b is taken out of your SS. If your have signed up for part B. When I started taking my SS at age 65( full benefit for my age at that time , it was $ 96.00 a month.This year it's $104. You can have income tax ,federal and state taken out if you wish. I don't as we pay a lump sum for taxes every quarter. The cost of living raise may or not happen every year depending on what the government and what they give. It's biased the rate of cost of living for the past year. And it's not always increased. There was a year or so so the COLA was wiped out with the increase of Medicare Part B. I do not use the part D ,drug coverage and I'm not sure if there is a monthly fee . I am sure some one here knows.
  5. Sunflowerinsc

    Affordable Care Act Users Guide for Nurses

    I've been trying to think to a time a patient asked me (RN) about insurance. Let's see, Nope can't think of one. But I spent my whole career working on medical floors in hospitals, didn't have time or the means to know if patients had insurance or talk about it.
  6. Sunflowerinsc

    Nurses note question

    I hope you are reading notes on a patient that you are assigned . Other wise ,that is another problem, right? Of course with computer charting you couldn't see the notes on a pt that you aren't taking care of on that shift.
  7. Sunflowerinsc

    How would you approach this situation?

    Since you were going to take her home anyway, can't you do it now ?
  8. Sunflowerinsc

    should I quit my job?

    I don't think this is a good time to quit any job where you get a pay check! But I am a little confused, You said "going for my license in a few weeks for the second time". Are you a RN now, and working as a CNA? In my state you can continue to work as a CNA even tho you have your LPN or RN license if there are no openings for that. As soon as you receive your license, you have to go to HR and apply for a RN position. If you continue to work as a CNA waiting for a opening, you have to be very careful and not go over the duties and scope of the CNA position. The other thing I thought about, is you saying you are staying in a crappy job. I guess you mean the pay and hard work. But working as a CNA you obtain a lot of good experience for your RN career. You have hands on to care for your patient and learn so much. The CNA has the bedside hands on to care for the patient with caring and compassion. I am sorry to say that as a RN sometimes those traits get pushed to side with everything we have to do. I truly believe that a person who has worked as a CNA or tech has the benefit of taking care of the whole patient will always remember that those "small caring things " you do all the time ( cup of ice, clean bed,ect) will stay with you always. And as a RN you will have to know and be able to do everything a CNA does and more. And many places do not employ CNA's. I guess you can see I am "old school"and still think taking care of the patient including bedpan duty gives you the best base for every thing you need to do as a RN. I know, I hardly have time for bedpan duty but when I am called by a caring CNA that observes what is in the bedpan doesn't look right ,or the skin is red or broken, ect ,we are all ahead. I know in many parts of the country it is hard to get a job as a new Grad, but if you don't have to stay where you are, come South. You are needed "down" here !
  9. Sunflowerinsc

    Can Someone please tell me about TB testing

    Every place that I have worked ,I received my yearly PPD by employee health. They contact anyone who is positive and send you to the Health Department for medications and follow up. I have know employees who converted and took the medications. They did not have to pay for them. The Health Department provided the medications, did the follow up blood work and xrays per the Health Department Doctor's orders. I hope your employee health will put your mind at ease. I am sure you know that converting didn't mean you have TB, just have been exposed.
  10. Sunflowerinsc

    Physical Assessments: Do Any Nurses Do Them

    I also am a "older nurse" , well really old! I do an assessment on all my pt's every shift. I might not get them all done as soon as I come on but I sure do before I chart anything. I see everyone as soon as I get report, make sure they are breathing and not in pain and IV site is ok and NPO pt's know they can't eat. Then meds, insulin ,ect and then am able to finish a complete assessment. Not only heart, lungs, abd, ect also skin check . No way chart anything thing without seeing and hearing. There is no telling what you are going to find! I have worked with new and old nurses who seem to get done really fast but that nearly always comes back to get them. Like others have said lungs charted as clear and Dr. comes in and pt in CHF, ect. So keep up the good work for your safety and your patients
  11. Sunflowerinsc

    Giving NPH and Regular Insulin?

    Clear to cloudy. But sometimes you do give 2 sq's. Lantus can not be mixed with any other insulin. If pt is receiving routine Lantus and needs sliding scale cover with another kind ,it's 2 shots.