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Your loved one has to have surgery at your hospital. Let's say it's something fairly routine--a chole, a hip replacement, an appy. What would your response be?... Read More

  1. by   fgoff
    Yes, I had family at the acute care hospital where I used to work. BUT, my mother or I never left their side (except for OR).
    I would never leave a loved one alone in any hospital. Sorry guys... But I know how easy even the little mistakes can be made.
  2. by   rn_happy
    NO way.....was on DOD contract at a military hospital and I thank God I just finished my term.......with my RN license safe and sound.......
  3. by   Dianne6
    Absolutely, unless it was a MAJOR problem... :-)
  4. by   perfectbluebuildings
    Yes, if I had kids, I'd take them there... It's by far the best in the area for peds.
  5. by   yvonnemuse
    My facility is the ONLY local hospital I would allow my children to be seen at.
  6. by   PedsER-RN
    Quote from angie o'plasty, rn
    your loved one has to have surgery at your hospital. let's say it's something fairly routine--a chole, a hip replacement, an appy.

    what would your response be?
    given my choices, yes i would.....the other hosps in town are downright scary! i had a knee scope last year and everything went fine. now, if it were for my younger siblings, i'd be a little more picky (ex: wouldn't want one of the pedi surgeons....he has a pretty high post-op infection rate), and if it were anything cardio related, we'd go oot.
  7. by   GooeyRN
    No I wouldn't. (The last place I worked.) Staffing is horrible. We travel out of state to seek care. Its a pain in the butt... Especially since the hospital I worked at is only 1/4 mile from my house.
  8. by   Nurseboy1
    Sure would. My dad in fact was seen in our ER for allergic reaction to fire ant bites.

    I have been a patient here as well as my mother and brother.
  9. by   Mimi2RN
    My hb is scheduled for surgery at my hospital in the next couple of weeks. I've done my research, checked into the doc and the unit used for his patients. So far, it's all been good. I couldn't do that if I didn't work there! We could go to one of the University Hospitals, but I know this guy trained at UCLA, up to Chief Resident in Neurosurgery. He's had lots of experience since then, and his record is good with us. I know things can go wrong, but that can happen anywhere.

    We may not be in a big city, but for the most part, we do an excellent job.
  10. by   PamRNC
    Yes and matter of fact just did. Had my Dad come down from Canada in July for hernia surgery. Everything was great - he was in and out same day, had his post-op check up and then back home. If we waited for it to be done in Canada it would probably be another two years.
  11. by   danaheil
    absolutely. I brought my husband to the facility where i work after he had a terrible experience with a VA systems hospital. He was much happier, better cared for and his exact words were "I feel much safer here."
  12. by   TinyNurse
    Yes, yes yes!!! My hospital is phenominal! People come from all over the USA to be treated at my hospital. Everyone I work with is phenominal! The cultural at my hospital is second to none.

    I have worked on travel assignments in hospitals where I wouldn't send my worst enemy to.
  13. by   bluebay
    Yes,I would if I did not have the respect and trust for the hospital I work in.I would have made my exit long time ago!!