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PamRNC has 12 years experience and specializes in med/surg.

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  1. How do you flush a JP drain???

    We often have pigtail catheters (blue and other colors, 8 French and other sizes) also placed in abscesses or as nephrostomy tubes with a 3-way stopcock attached between the tube end and drainage bag. If/when ordered it is usually to flush forward o...
  2. "Y" tubing and transfusion reaction

    physics & available technology... the y tubing is roller clamped directly under the blood bag and ns bag, it also cannot be used with an iv pump which may lyse the rbcs. if you do need the blood to go through a rapid infuser or warming pump, i th...
  3. all nurses pls help

    I've always stopped other IVfluids, and meds, because we're looking to find out if the patient is going to have a reaction to the blood. Anything else running might make it a little difficult to determine where the problem came from. Also, not as big...
  4. Your Favorite one liner used with patients

    Let's see...I've worked general med/surg so usually have adults and geriatric pts. When I used to start IV's and draw bloods...Thanks for your donation! When untangling IV lines...As a nurse you have to be part spider and part vampire. While giving d...
  5. Would you let your hospital treat your loved one?

    Yes and matter of fact just did. Had my Dad come down from Canada in July for hernia surgery. Everything was great - he was in and out same day, had his post-op check up and then back home. If we waited for it to be done in Canada it would probably b...
  6. Med/Surg Standing Orders

    Our computer physician order entry system (Eclipsys) has something similar... Order sets that pull up all the general standing and prn meds for a given diagnosis/procedure. All the docs have to do is click on/activate the orders they want (Tylenol, P...
  7. Use of Admission Nurses

    I am the admission RN for my unit. We recently decided to try something different, everybody took a turn trying out the role for a day or two, but I'm the only one who has stuck with it. (my idea-go figure:trout: ) I work 4 days 12pm - 10pm, try to ...
  8. Medication Reconciliation

    Have you checked out
  9. tshirt ideas?

    oh yes!!! i want a stress ball - make that twenty, gotta pass 'em out to my co-workers!:biggringi you got questions? we have answers... or bringing all nurses together... all arou...
  10. How did you hear about

    I joined in '96. I was probably searching the web for something on nurses or nursing - couldn't tell you what or why. Probably just passing time. Have to say though, I've had a grand time coming back here and reading or posting to the different threa...
  11. RN to BSN programs

    Depends on how many credits of your RN program and other prior education/experience will be counted towards the program in the school you decide to go to. Many colleges will offer you credits for life experience if you complete some kind of portfolio...
  12. RNs entering all their own orders - no unit clerks?

    I love computer physician order entry. Orders go in whether they are picked up or not. That said I've worked in other hospitals where we had to pick up our own orders or had unit clerks to pick up the orders. Relying solely on the unit clerks (except...
  13. Class

    If you are using a PDA with a recording function that should work as well. Check out the PDAs and Nursing forum, do a search and see if it has been discussed.
  14. Need a Hit Mainstream TV show about nurses!!!

    In the meanwhile, this may be the closest we get. Maybe some of our other computer savvy nurses can create and produce their own online shows? :icon_wink
  15. Computerized charting

    We use Eclipsys for our RN and ancillary documentation, labs are imported to it from the Cerner system, Physician order entry is in it and communicates to other departments including Pharmacy, lab, radiology, etc. The system is great for paperless ch...