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I posted this on another website and am getting no's and I am really desparate. I already sent off my statement and would be devastated if they it came back denied. Any opinions or help please? ... Read More

  1. by   NeosynephRN
    Unfortunately when you are involuntarily dismissed you may not even stand the slightest chance of being rehired....I mean you were terminated for speaking on the phone after being warned...nothing else at all lead up to this decision from the hospital!?
  2. by   Keepstanding
    just a thought....why don't you start fresh and apply at the other hospital ? :heartbeat best of luck to you.
  3. by   2klkds
    I actually have applied there but got no response. I even went in to human resources and asked to speak with someone, they let me do just that but still nothing. Where I am from nursing is a very competitive field, no matter what.
  4. by   inthesky
    I'm a little bit like you =P. I represent myself in a similar emotional, passion for patients type of way. I don't think it is the best way to open up like that to managers, but I really have trouble containing it and I'm fortunate that my employers have seen past that and been happy about my actual work performance. I hope that you are given another chance; It sounds like you are ready to do a great job
  5. by   not.done.yet
    Even in regular interviews where there is no bad blood to be bridged they recommend you stick to how your skills and your talents can benefit the company and not to discuss how many kids you have or whether you are married or what your religion is etc. All of that just rings in the ears of someone doing the hiring as a person who is focused on herself and her own life and not so much on the job or on selling herself. Particularly if you have small children, you could have opened the door to a question mark in their minds of not only potentially being no better than before but also now potentially calling in sick due to childcare/sick child issues...a well known prejudice in the work force for many human resource individuals. Of course none of that will appear on paper or to your face, only in their own minds as an almost unconscious reservation about you. Your paragraph explaining things, if I were reading it, would have read as someone trying to use flowery language to camoflage a very real issue. You probably should have simply stated you loved the job, regret now what happened, have learned from the mistake and are very motivated to do well. All water under the bridge now unfortunately.

    As you said, its a competitive field. If its difficult to get work where you are doing what you do, I think it will be difficult to overcome this. Is it possible you are black balled?

    That being said, six years have gone by and perhaps most of the people involved before are no longer there anymore or have moved on to other things, and this may not seem as huge to those who are there now as it did to those who fired you.

    I would predict you will get hired if they are desperate for warm bodies, but if there is a line up of people wanting jobs there who do what you do without the poor history that you have, you will likely get passed over. You'd have better luck with another company provided you are not on a blackball list.

    I wish you luck.
  6. by   2006RNCS
    I know that I am in the minority, but most people deserve a second chance. You seem to be a very caring person from your response to your former employer. I believe only a caring individual needs to be in the medical field. You did make a mistake, but it sounds as though you have matured, and that you have learned from your mistake.

    If it is meant to be, it will happen. If not, other doors will open for you. I have never been let go from a position, but I have quit, and really, really regretted my decision. But, the way I look at it, there is a bigger plan in place for each and every one of us, and at this moment it may really hurt you to not have that job back, but there is always a reason for everything.

    Take care and God bless! I hope your prayers are answered to your liking!heartbeat:heartbeat
  7. by   2klkds
    What is a blackball list?
  8. by   ktwlpn
    Quote from 2klkds
    "To have wisdom is a gift. To have that same wisdom and help others is truly a blessing. I took that for granted and gave up way too easily many years ago. From the time I became a [co.] Medical Explorer all the way through earning my Certified Nursing Assistant status has been a true privelage. I have made many mistakes since that time, but I have also learned from my mistakes and would love the opportunity to show how I can be a great asset to [co.] and a great help to all the patients that I will encounter in my future.
    I am now married with two children and more so now than ever understand what responsibility means and just how important life is. I also understand that life is not easy nor fair for anyone and to appreciate each gift that is given to me. The smile on those faces and knowing I will be one of those that helped make everything better will be worth it. I would give anything to have that world back in my life."
    I will be surprised if you are re-hired for the following reasons-I personally found your letter to be un-professional and a bit of a turn off....Also when you stated "I gave up way too easily many years ago" you are demonstrating to me that you take no responsibility for your actions. You did NOT give up-you were warned,dis-regarded that warning and where then terminated. When you stated that " life is not easy or fair" that implies to me that you feel YOUR termination was not fair-again,you are not taking responsibility for your actions. And the details of your termination must be available to the staff now- that behavior was may seem "stalkerish" to some and it may be a big red flag.I think you should close that chapter of the book and start looking elsewhere.And another bit of advice-don't romanticize how great that job was because in reality you probably won't be getting it back-it's best to prepare yourself for that. Also -what is a " Medical explorer?" Good luck with your job search-I believe that you will read this thread and use it to help you grow-
  9. by   not.done.yet
    Quote from 2klkds
    What is a blackball list?
    It is a list that is kept and shared among employers for RNs (and maybe other professions, I do not know) of the names and information of undesirable hires. If your name is on that list you will find it difficult to get a job.
  10. by   2klkds
    I do not think I am on any kind of list like that but I am not really sure. There is a company called Nursefinders and I go back for work there occassionally, but there is no guaranteed hours. Some of the shifts I get though are through this hospital and have gotten great reviews from a lot of the nurse managers and such but that has been a while ago.
  11. by   uscstu4lfe
    i do not believe you were terminated for making personal phone calls. if you were, you must have made a lot, and on many, many different occasions. i think there is more to it!
  12. by   pagandeva2000
    I would SAY those things if asked, but not place them on paper. In any event, it is too late, it was already sent out. Just out of curiousity, what happened to make them terminate you to begin with?

    If I were an administrator, I would consider first what events lead to your termination before I decided to consider interviewing you. There is no guarentee in this world, but all you can do is to try. Best of luck.
  13. by   HM2VikingRN
    I think that you may get interviewed but I also think that you need to be prepared for questioning about how you will stay focused on your job. You have to be prepared to sell yourself and part of that is explaining how and why you want to be an asset to the organization.

    I would give you a second chance provided that you showed me that you have accepted responsibility for your mistakes and that you are dedicated to putting patients first. (eg I made a charting mistake because I was on the phone. I realize that when I am at work I need to be doing my job and that I should only have taken personal calls on my lunchbreak.)

    Have you thought about going back to school for your lpn or RN? I think that what you say you want to do with the rest of your life would benefit from additional training.

    Professionalism is the key to helping yourself get where you want to be.

    Wishing you the best.
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