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  1. uscstu4lfe

    Med error and im not even a real nurse yet!!!

    In my nursing program, I would have been kicked out. We had a 0 tolerance med error rule. Since we were the newbies coming in on board, we had to make CERTAIN we giving the right medications and dosages and at the correct times. Bottom line: it was your fault and at my school you would have been kicked out. The good part: yours doesn't really seem to care that much so hooray for you!
  2. uscstu4lfe

    Big issues with the charge RN.. what to do?

    What a rotten charge nurse! You should PM me your unit's number, and the shift she will be working. I will call her (anonymously) and let her know what a mean, unpleasant bully she is.
  3. uscstu4lfe

    Help, I can't deal with vomit.

    Well, whatever you do, don't become a CNA then. Because then vomit will become your job!!! If you are an RN you can make the CNA do it for you, so it shouldn't be a problem once you start practicing. Good luck to you!! I have had/still have that same fear!!
  4. uscstu4lfe

    Having children while getting education

    Someone asked me about my children. I'm in my early 20s and don't have any children. However, to answer your question, I will be there with them ALMOST all of the time up until the time they reach 1st grade. I will be there everyday after school, with a smile, waiting to drive my child home.
  5. uscstu4lfe

    Bright personality required??

    that nurse is a liar. still water runs deep! they are all kinds of different nurses out there and they are all nurses.
  6. uscstu4lfe

    Having children while getting education

    A THREE year old understands that mommy has to study? Are you kidding me? A three year old does not understand why mommy is spending time studying instead of time with him. I understand that people go into nursing to "better themselves." But in my opinion, there are some things that should be put first - such as young children. Just my opinion again, but I think one can not be an effective parent while working and going to school. Where is the time with your child? Parenting takes place when you're with your child - not putting him into institutionalized daycare.
  7. Well, if they need to vomit, I give them a basin. What else would I do? I just rarely do these types of things because there is no time for bedside care anymore. it's all about paperwork.
  8. uscstu4lfe

    Having children while getting education

    Thanks Jules, I am glad someone understands my point of view - agree with it or not. I never said daycare leaders are heartless people. I just believe that if YOU birth the child, then it behooves the child that YOU are the one raising him. kids needs their mommies constantly when they're young and developing... which is the MOST important part of your child's life. Having someone else raise your child is not being an effective parent. NO ONE can replace a mommy.
  9. uscstu4lfe

    Death of Child - nurse in morphine death of boy seeks bail

    i don't understand the article. was he accidentally given an overdose? intentionally? who gave it? why? don't they keep drug dosage records so they know how much a patient is being given?
  10. as an RN, i RARELY do any of the dirty work. there's no time. i give medication and do paperwork. that's pretty much it. the CNAs at my hospital do all of the dirty work - except in the ICU, where the RNs do total care. Even my manager says that the CNAs on our unit is responsible for the dirty work, and the RNs are responsible for the medication and the paperwork. It's the way it is at my hospital, and I like it that way.
  11. uscstu4lfe

    i have a medical marijuana card - can i still be a nurse?

    they do a drug test for preemployment. if you do need to smoke - smoke. but just don't smoke for several weeks before the drug test.
  12. uscstu4lfe

    Should I go to a funeral or funeral home?

    I personally do not go. For me, work needs to stay at work. But do what feels right to you. My grandfather was in the ICU for 6 months and when he died, several of his nurses showed up at his funeral. The nurses became so close to our family that we exchanged holiday gifts and cards and what not.
  13. uscstu4lfe

    Low census = shift cancellation.....help!

    Forgot to mention that at my hospital, shift cancellation is not mandatory. Meaning that they call you and ASK if you want to not come into work. You have the option to take it and stay home, or come to work and have like 1-2 patients. You should have no problem finding a nursing job. If you are, consider coming to southern california. All hospitals around here are hiring like crazy STILL (even in this crappy economy), even some with sign on bonuses. Usually it's $10,000 for experienced nurses (1+ years), or $5,000 for new nurses (new grads and those with
  14. uscstu4lfe

    Low census = shift cancellation.....help!

    why in the hell would you take a mall job for a minimal amount of money vs. a nursing job that pays a lot more? THIS makes absolutely NO sense to me AT ALL.
  15. uscstu4lfe

    Too good-looking

    Hoag hospital in Newport Beach, CA has beautiful nurses. i did a walk through tour and was really impressed with all of the beautiful, sun-kissed women walking around. I interviewed there and was hired. For the record and not to sound stuck-up, I am an attractive person. However, because of the drive time, I had to decline. I now work at an inner city hospital and MOST of the nurses that work there are NOT very attractive. I interviewed there and was hired and that's where I am working now. Again, not to sound stuck up, but I am the most attractive person in my unit. So, I was hired at an attractive hospital, and an unattractive one. I guess it just depends on who is doing the hiring??
  16. uscstu4lfe

    easy street - where is it?

    nursing sucks period. i can't wait to leave bedside care to go into administration. sorry, i see not easy streets