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I was trying to sleep the other day and somebody rang my doorbell at 1130 just as I was gettting there :angryfire. Made me so mad I couldn't go back to sleep for a L O N G time. I called in sick... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    This is so timely!!! Yesterday a guy I used to work with ran off the road and got really banged up. Fell asleep at the wheel. He would work a shift then work agency for another shift. And he did this every day, sometimes no sleep at all. He is a single father. Now his kiddo is with grandma in NC and he's in the hosp with a fx femur.
  2. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]when i was in my 20s, i worked night shift for 2 years. during that time i had a few personal problems -- some days i'd get 45 minutes of sleep. this went on day after day after day. i had to go in -- i was still on probation at work, didn't dare lose my job because then i'd lose my health insurance and i had cancer. awful time.

    these days, i have a happy homelife. if i miss one day or one night of sleep (yes, after 30 years i'm rotating shifts again!) i'd still drag myself to work. i only got 2 hours of sleep the other day because i was home alone with the dog, and she had a seizure. i sat with her to keep her from rolling off the stair landing, then cleaned up the poop she'd been rolling in and gave her a bath. and then she bounced off the walls for the rest of the day, howling and head butting the door if i shut her out of the bedroom and dropping toys on my chest if i didn't. she only acts like that after a seizure. but if i missed a second sleep period, i'd call in. i can tough out one shift without sleep, but without two days of sleep i'd be a zombie!
  3. by   UM Review RN
    It really depends on the circumstances.

    Although I'm usually ok on four hours of sleep (as long as I don't make a habit of it) I don't do well on the combination of no sleep and a huge personal problem, so in that case I would call off.

    I won't work if I don't feel I'm giving safe care. Being too sleepy at work or driving is just plain dangerous.
  4. by   patchy
    It's really up to you and what you feel you can handle. Don't go by what other people can do and rate yourself to their settings. If your body is too exhausted then no, if you feel alright and you know you can handle it safely then do it. Everybody has to make the call for themselves though. Some people just need a nap, and others need more than that. If you are so tired and sleepy you cant think, then call in.
  5. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I am the kind of person who NEEDS a lot of sleep, and going in to work tired and sleepy puts both me and my patients at risk. Have called in for not enough sleep, and will continue to do so.
    I don't think the risk of a huge mistake when I am tired and foggy is worth the risk, I'd rather get an absence point and stay home and rest.
  6. by   alee836
    I would have to say how little sleep I got would depend on if I went in...If I got absolutly no sleep I would call in.....safety for the patients. If I only lost a few hours sleep I would go on in. Don't know when the last time was that I slept all the way through the night.
  7. by   DDRN4me
    Have to agree. If I had no sleep and did not feel safe driving i would not feel safe making life and death decisions!!!Even if you "feel fine" there is a strong chance that you are not functioning at 100%.
  8. by   Sabby_NC
    LOL Ummmm when I WAS younger it was party all night and go to work the next day with my nursing collegues but now if I do not get at least a few hours I feel nauseated. That in itself is not a good way to work let me say!! I HATE calling in though but if necessary I would. I am blessed that falling too sleep has not been a real problem for me. (I hope that I don't get to regret typing that LOL)
  9. by   Meganan
    I have called in for lack of sleep and almost got fired for it. The facility did not care that I thought I would be an unsafe nurse with vent patients. By the way, The ADOn told me the only reason I didn't get fired was that I was the only RN they had for that shift.
  10. by   darrell
    I rarely call in and I could likely do well on one short night, but if I didn't sleep at all, I would consider it. I guard my sleep, setting aside sleep time like I do work time and using techniques like progressive relaxation when I am restless.

    Tiredness can be chronic and would require a different approach, but fatigue related to lack of sleep in a person who isn't used to this is too dangerous to toy with. When it happens to me, some people say I act like I've had a couple of drinks. I don't drink, so the change from my baseline must stand right out!

  11. by   manettohillnurse
    I'm responding to the poll about calling in sick for lack of sleep. I absolutely would call in. A sleep-deprived nurse is a danger to her patients. Having said that, I'd try to rectify the reason for not sleeping.
  12. by   sinsay
    I have went to work before sleep deprived. I worked a 12 hour night shift and had only slept 3 hours that day. I went back to work at 7 pm. I felt horrible and unsafe. I could not think straight. It was hard for me to calculate IV drips and drug doses. I was very disorganized and forgetful. I will not do this again. It is to RISKY!
  13. by   annie4747
    I,would certainly call in if I had not enough sleep to safely care for my clients. I wouldn't want someone impaired caring for me not for all the tea in Boston.