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Just for fun lets just pretend the starting wage for an RN (regardless of education just RN) started at $11.00 hr. Would you still be a nurse? Also, what would be an acceptable starting pay for you... Read More

  1. by   Ayvah
    No. That's less money than I made doing clerical work. I also know two young people who make $17 and $20 at Best Buy with no degree and only a couple years experience working there. Money plays a part in what I do - I've got a family to feed.
  2. by   kenny b
    Would you mind sharing which part of the country this is and what other types of jobs might be paying there? If so, thanks in advance!

    Quote from mom2michael
    Where I live spanning across 2 states, I've yet to see a starting new grad wage over $18/hr yet. Most are $16'ish. And no, cost of living is not that low where I live. And where I live there are 13 hospitals within 1 hour drive from me and it's the same story in each facility, low, crappy pay. I've seen as low as $14.37 to as high as $17.95 with the average, starting pay for new grads..$16-17/hr. Sure they'll do a 2:1 pay raise for your experience as an LPN and most facilities might give you 1% above for your experience as a tech...but not always.

    And no, moving is not even close to an option for me for another 10 years.

    So would I work for $11/hr, probably not, but I don't make too much more than that right now
  3. by   mammasews
    I would not work as an RN for $11 per hour. Administrative assistants are starting for $10.50 per hour where I live.
  4. by   casi
    As a CNA I'm making more than that! There's no way I'd take a paycut to carry loads more responsibility.
  5. by   Kelky
    I get less than that as a school nurse. But no, I would not work as a hospital RN for that amount, way too much responsibility and stress.
  6. by   Quickbeam
    It is an interesting question which has an odd real life application for me. I make 30$ an hour full time but my job is M-R, community health. I was looking for a part time clinical job for Fridays. A local private boys school wanted to hire me (I have tons of peds experience plus worked as a juvenile mental health worker in another career) to work Fridays for 11$ an hour. It was an easy job but I still said no. That is simply too low an hourly rate for an RN in my mind.
  7. by   chubbi
    Heck NO! I make more than then that now as clerical support.

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  8. by   angel337
    absolutely not. i don't think i get paid enough now for what i do and most of my non nursing friends would kill to get paid what i get. if they only knew.
  9. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Of course Not! My cousin's salary as a CNA is $12/hr an RN has a lot responsability it will not fair.
  10. by   jenrninmi
    No way
  11. by   StNeotser
    No. And before some nit starts saying we're in it for the money, so is everybody else. You won't get doctors working for 50K either.
  12. by   RGN1
    The starting wage for an RN in the UK is about the equivalent of that!!
  13. by   mtngrl
    NO. But didn't make much more than that in my first 2 nursing jobs (and this only within the past 2 years). Dr's office (my first RN job) paid $14.....which is great compared to the $15.25 I got at a hospital for med-surg!!!!!! Tons more work and stress and only a dollar more???? Yeah I have since left hospital nursing!!!! Nurses are not paid enough for what we have to deal with. If I can go make $15 an hour somewhere in another job and do less than half the work nursing entails then I'm sending my resume asap!

    PS My jobs were in SC and TN.