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Lets say Jesus Christ was on earth today ,he went to school and became a nurse,and had the same attitude towards life that he ,apparently had 2000 years ago. Would he be employable? Or would he make... Read More

  1. by   nurs4kids
    one thing for sure...

    If he WERE a nurse, he wouldn't spend as much time as we do *****ing...
    he'd spend his time healing and changing...
  2. by   DelGR
    I wonder what kind of trouble he'd be in for raising the dead. The young girl and Lazarus, for instance.
    He'd probably cause a lot of alarm and concern about his actions.
  3. by   Cascadians
    Is the WhistleBlower Protection Act written strongly enough to cover what He will do? !?!?!
  4. by   finallyRN
    I think Jesus would make a good nurse. Going back to the original question about whether or not he would be able to tolerate the cost cutting and inequality of care between the "haves and have nots". I think Jesus would make a stand and bring about change in Nursing. He would not allow administration to take advantage of nurses.
  5. by   micro
    Originally posted by Cascadians
    Is the WhistleBlower Protection Act written strongly enough to cover what He will do? !?!?!

    Cascadians.....good to see you.....!!!!!

    To the original question.......
    imho.............NO!!!!! no matter how he was viewed!!!!!

    good night.......
  6. by   Cascadians
    Hi Micro, really good to see you again!

    We have to exercise restraint to not go wild on this thread since we spend a lot of time thinking about what it would be like if Jesus were physically as Himself back on earth. One of our main lines of thought ... oh boy!

    He is a radically vibrant powerful truthful being!
  7. by   alwaysthere
    now the real question is what would happen if we 'went and didnt likewise'?
    what would happen if we were Jesus at our job?
    at our house?
    what would happen if we told the truth always?
    what would happen if we counted the cost ....and paid it?
    the world would surely be a different place...maybe even a better one....

    just thinkin
  8. by   ohbet
    Since I started this,heres what I think.
    Jesus was a human being,not a God,this is historically proven,and resurrected by God,which is an act of trust,because he did Gods will. I dont believe the miracle stories,what critical mind in the 21st century could? As a nurse jesus would love God by serving his fellow man to the best of his ability,which many of us do now. He would do the best job he could,get tired,make mistakes and be human,like many of us do now. When Jesus lived on earth he was not afraid to speak his mind,he told the truth as he saw it,which stired things up and got him crucified. Jesus as a nurse today would speak the truth about the injustice of the health care system,critize if there was unjust management ,stir things up and get fired.He got crucified and hed get fired.
    How else could it go?
  9. by   Cascadians
    Just think of how much medical science alone has discovered in the last 100 years.
    The advance is astounding! Who can keep pace? Unthinkable knowledge, techniques, labs, medications, procedures, understanding is common-place now that would have been labeled one insane or a witch or mad inventor in the recent past.

    Jesus is human and divine. He is able to retain His divinity while being human. His miracles are the natural workings of the cosmic laws, with His Father's blessings, for one who has risen to the heights of the image of the Lord inherent in the human potential. They seem miracles to us, just as MRIs would be miracles to a person 100 years ago.

    The true miracle is that with all the power of heaven in Him, He remained sweet, humble, steadfast to God's will, and did not let the lures of worldly power ensnare him. Jesus is truly a Master!

    We don't think he'd be fired because he'd never get hired. One look at him and all the suits would running screaming to the risk managers and lawyers.

    Just imagine the pandemonium if Jesus were to walk into a hospital today. He is of real authority and real conscience and strong actions in tune with His Father. People in their evil ways and corruption would not be able to handle His direct Light!
  10. by   Cascadians
    And the little old lady in bed 18B, hip replacement, would say, "Honey, why didn't you try to become a Doctor?"
  11. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by Cascadians
    And the little old lady in bed 18B, hip replacement, would say, "Honey, why didn't you try to become a Doctor?"
  12. by   Gomer
    To stay somewhat on subject....if Jesus would come to earth today (as a nurse, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief, etc.) would you believe him to be god?

    I think it was in Dostoevsky's "Brother's Karamazov" in a chapter entitiled "The Grand Inquisitor" that Jesus comes to earth but no one believes he's god. Only the Grand Inquisitor (you've heard of the Spanish Inquisition....where if you weren't a believer you were tortured, killed, etc.) knows he is god, but tells him to go back to heaven because no one would believe him even if he rose from the dead.

    So, my question is....Jesus comes to earth...do you believe the person calling himself Jesus is god or not?
  13. by   mario_ragucci
    whoa gomer, you jumped to light speed quick. It's at light speed where i need to be, as it happens.

    No one would believe or not or even care if someone said they were a god, or jesus, or or fannie may or whatever.

    Would you believe in a rabbits foot if the rabbit's foot came alive and a whole rabbit again.

    i'm sorry :-(