Work in pajamas!

  1. Thoughts....could you or would you want to leave the bedside to work at home?
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  3. by   Marsha238612
    I've always thought scrubs kinda resemble pajamas either way. That's one of the reasons I want to be a nurse (sarcasm).

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  4. by   casi
    I wouldn't, but that's me. I got into nursing because I'm not someone who could do a desk job.
  5. by   RunBabyRN
    I have no desire to leave hands-on patient care in the foreseeable future. No way, no how!
  6. by   naptimeRN
    I can't see myself doing that because it would probably involve being on the phone a whole lot. I hate the phone. I can never hear people. I like talking to people face to face.
  7. by   RNperdiem
    I am mostly a stay at home mom. I depend on my bedside hospital job to get out of the house and around other people, so no.
  8. by   Katie71275
    Not anytime in the forseeable future, no. I enjoy direct patient care.
  9. by   Emergent
    I would never want to work at home. I like going into the overstimulating ER where I work, work like a maniac with a smile on my face, then retreat to my home to rejuvenate and re-center.

    I think if I were home all the time I'd turn into a recluse and become even more eccentric than I already am. Going out into the world keeps me grounded and connected.
  10. by   ilikesharpthings
    I agree with the poster who said scrubs are practically PJs! I love working in my pajamas at the bedside, and plan to stay at the bedside as long as I am able to. In my pajamas.
  11. by   not.done.yet
    Nope. I love bedside nursing. As mentioned above, scrubs pretty much ARE pajamas anyway.
  12. by   RNGriffin
    Not because I absolutely love bedside nursing every day. But, I don't want my work in my home. Sorry, bad vibes. My house is a no nursing zone!
  13. by   wanderlust99
    This reminded me of when Matt Lauer said nurses look like they come to work in their pajamas.

    But no, I could never work at home. I'd end up just binge eating watching TV all day. I know some nurses who do it and love it though.
  14. by   nynursey_
    I couldn't ever leave bedside nursing, as physically helping people in their health and illness are the reasons why I decided to become a nurse in the first place. And, practically speaking, leaving bedside nursing absolutely diminishes your clinical skills and critical thinking (just this writer's opinion) and any loss of those skills can be detrimental to your career.