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As a male going into a predominently female profession, it's important for me to use the right words. Is it okay for a guy to refer to women as girls? If you hear a male nurse saying "girls" when... Read More

  1. by   dstout-rn
    Move south then you can just say "ya'll. LOL
  2. by   nursedawn67
    Actually I do say that too!! And I live in Michigan!! I get kidded about it all the time, I did live in TN (and absolutely loved it) but only for about 8 months, but I picked up the ya'll from my dad's side of the family they are all from TN.

    Originally posted by dstout-rn
    Move south then you can just say "ya'll. LOL
  3. by   mario_ragucci
    prn nurse pretty much hit it on the head.

    If anyone refered to a male as boy, it would be taken wrong in 99% of the cases. Women are different, perhaps.

    If you say, "one of the boys" then you refer to men who are in their own element and showing boy-like behavior. Sometimes its all mixed up.

    I say "women" but I stand out when I say that. Women are used to being called girls, but men don't get called girls. Macho men :-)
    Little girls. Girls have babies. Many men are absentee fathers.
  4. by   night owl
    "Ya'll cumon nouw, ya he-ya???" ~Jed Clampet

    Some people get so offended with the word "people." Why?
    We are people? Aren't we? I've worked with some "dogs," but saying, "come on now dogs" isn't appropriate and I'd get "chewed-up" for it for sure. Only kidding now...don't jump all over me. So, I like to hear Ladies and Gentlemen" or Guys n Gals, or "It's time everybody for report...cumon nouw, ya he-ya?"
  5. by   micro
    Originally posted by Renee Williams
    As long as what you call me isn't "nasty, derogatory, insulting of my character, or belittling", I'll answer to almost anything!
    :imbar :stone :roll that would be me answering to almost anything.........

    ror(aka right on renee)

    yoall come on now!!!!!!! hehehe.....southern in me saying I'll carry you on down a ways!!!!!!!!!

  6. by   Tookie
    Must Agree Jenny P.

    'I think I refer to my friends and myself as "the girls" because I still picture myself as being young and vibrant; something that "women" or "ladies" don't seem to signify.
    I look at my friends of 40+ years, and I don't see women of 50+; I see my friends: the ackward teen, the wild daredevil, the dynamic girl of my youth! I also see the beautiful brides, the caring young mothers, the car pool moms and so forth. We are still girls in our hearts, probably til the day we die and the only thing that reminds me of getting older is that dang mirror in the bathroom which shows every wrinkle and grey hair, espcially when I first get up and put on my glasses!'

    Absolutely - when l trained in the dark ages - (hospital trained) we were all females therefore girls - male nurse were generally as scarrce as hens teeth

    Now l have to be careful for two reason - not to refer my residents as 'girls'- (they are mostly 80+ in the most and not to call the male students when l am addressing the group girls-I always aplogise profusely - :imbar

  7. by   Ted
    At work, just to be silly, I call the male nurse(s) "girls" and the female nurse(s) "guys". Seems to help keep the mood slightly playful in a place where work can be quite stressful at times (I work in an ICU).

  8. by   prn nurse
    place. If you tried that in N.Y. City, I am afraid you would be set straight, joking or not, big city male R.N.'s that I work with would set you straight once and after that..... well...
  9. by   mario_ragucci
    My wife is a good girl. My husband is a good boy. The girls on the shift did their jobs well. The boys came in to help with a heavy client. Most girls who have two jobs make good mothers. A boy who works hard to provide for his family deserves respect. My grandpa was a good boy. Take your medicine like a good girl. I love my mom because she is the type of girl you can talk to anytime. My father is a respected boy in the community. The boys are back in town. Smoking in the boys room. Someday you'll be a full grown girl. Girl power. Girlfriend. Boyfriend. I asked the girl behind the desk to help me. The boy came to my bedside and offered assistance. Bozo performed tricks for all the happy boys and girls.

    Mario beat it to death :-) Why? Personal amusement.
  10. by   micro
    :roll :roll :roll :chuckle :roll

    thanks for sharing personal amusement